I’ll lead demos from the front: Chamisa

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has said he will lead from the front in the party’s planned demonstrations against the “stolen vote” and the state of the economy.


Speaking at a “thank you” rally in Chinhoyi yesterday, Chamisa said his supporters countrywide were impatiently waiting for the signal to demonstrate in Harare.

“I’ve been moving around the country getting views from the people who voted for us on the way forward and it is very clear that they are eager to demonstrate … if I see that there are people backing me, I will lead from the front,” he said.

This comes after the MDC leader told a Press conference last week that the decision to participate in the August 1 deadly protests was “stupid”.

“It was very stupid even for people who demonstrated, to demonstrate for the results to be released. It was stupid because they then opened themselves for attacks and for manipulation,” he said in Harare last Thursday before he later apologised for the gaffe.

Yesterday, Chamisa said demonstrations were rights enshrined in the Constitution and no one could stop the will of the people.

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The youthful MDC leader, who was in a combative mood, took a swipe at the army for taking sides with Zanu PF, saying the army and police were for the people and should help the voters to protect their votes.

“I’m concerned with the behaviour of the army at the commission of inquiry of the August 1 shootings,”he said.

“It shows that they are far from being neutral … they should desist from supporting Zanu PF because the problems that we have in the country were caused by Zanu PF.”

Chamisa seemed to make a U-turn on the issue of appearing before the former South African President Kgalema Motlanthe-led commission of inquiry, saying he would first make consultations before deciding whether or not to attend.

MDC national organaising secretary Amos Chibaya said the planned protests were earmarked for this month, since November is now known for demonstrations.
“As you know that November is now considered a protest month, we are going to demonstrate this month,” he said.

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  1. We certainly need to demonstrate and send a clear message to ED that we are not happy with the way the government is treating its citizens by allowing us to continue suffering without end in the land of our forefathers like this

    1. After demonstrations, you are then called stupid and you continue to say I am demonstrating. God have mercy on the people of Zimbabwe. What are you doing to improve yourself, vamwe vari kurima isu muno mu Harare we wake up very early in the morning kumira muma street corners kutengesa mari. And who determined that November is the month of demonstrations. I will never understanding Zimbabweans, because kwadzinorohwa matumbu ndokwadzinotizira. Some of our loves ones are dying through accidents and you have people who do not value their lives, who want to languish in prison or be maimed for life because the gullibile Chamisa who has crafted the art of lying wants to rule at all costs. Shame on you. I hope you will have a face and demonstrate openly. Why not demonstrate on your own instead of waiting for Chamisa who never shows up, inga wani Biti akange ave kutiza wani? Tambai nuhupenyu at your own peril.

  2. Lets wait and see who will be so ‘STUPID’ to join you but it won’t be a surprise for there are so many ‘STUPID’ people out there.

  3. Chamisa should be preoccupied with other activities before he totally exposes his ‘other’ side and regrettably loses relevance.
    He should better use a diplomatic approach to remain relevant at the expense of trying to resuscitate a dead horse.

    1. Chakachenjedza ndochakatanga!!

  4. “if I see that there are people backing me, I will lead (the demonstrations) from the front,” Chamisa said.

  5. Am beginning to hate this good-for-nothing fella. MDC MUST GET RID OF THIS CHAMISA. HE IS THERE TO CAUSE CONFUSION IN THE PARTY AND MUST GO!!!

  6. kkk ndumurwe idzi saka wa demostrator zwogodiii unofunga ED ochikuti tonga nekuti watakura placard mu street zuro rino hanzi ma STUPID mangwani pindai mu street this is a disgrace kuita sebhinya rinoti rarambwa negero roti ndoita zwenharo uriwangu just accept kuti you lost

  7. I’d rather join Chamisa on a demo any day than continue being financially raped and socio economically abused by ED and his blood sucking vampires from independence to eternity, taneta

    1. because you are “stupid” kikikik

  8. Chingoma chiririsi chava pedyo nekubvaruka, leading in front of who, commission of enquiry haisati yapera motangazve zvimwe, demonstrations at this time will never be peaceful and i think organisers should take oath and be responsible for any outcome of those demos

    1. Iwe Wat are oath are u talkin about in ZimPF courts?havent u learnt kuti that process doesnt exist muno here?Zanu swears & lies under tht very oath tht u talk about

  9. only “stupid” people will demonstrate with you chamisa

    1. And only the STUPIDIEST believe in rubbish called new dispensation under ZanuPF

    2. And only the STUPIDEST believe in the “new dispensation” rubbish under ZanuPF

  10. What is needed are systematic sustained persuasive peaceful demonstrations by all starting with women ONLY demos (coz there are affected the most with the economic downturn) then civic society churches civil servants trade unions then opposition political parties in that order. By the time it gets to opposition parties it will be game-over. No matter how trigger-happy they maybe our security forces will not shoot at women demonstrating or church organisations or fellow civil servants.

  11. mainzwa tsvangi achitaura vakomana fambai gwara rimwe

  12. Thank you rallies are a worst of resources. They are like those ‘youth rallies’ for they all talk against ED. All efforts should be on rebuilding the nation guys. A demo led by a political party against another political party and we all expect something out of it, lets not fool ourselves, nothing will come out of it. If it was a social organisation, I was going to understand. LETS SEE HOW ITS GOING TO COME OUT.

  13. we love you Mr Sir,but please for the sake of people,lets not demonstrate,siyai Mwari aite ega zvaanoda .Do you think the family members of the deceased would want to join this,please sir.If you were annointed by God,let God finish what he started,inga wani David was annointed but akadzoka kunofudza mombe haana kumboita demo,please sir.

  14. please mr sir,we love you,lets not demonstrate,we dont want more innocent souls dying.God is in it,lets pray sir

  15. fight for the people Chamisa, not for your relevance. now demonstrate, now gun for opponents, now call demonstrators stupid. What confusion is this. Be wise young man leave politics to politicians

  16. Stupid mdc A president stupid chamisa

  17. Siyana nazvo zvedemo izvo zvakauraisa vana vezimbambwe nyika haisi yako ndeyababa kudenga

  18. fuck everyone who opposes chamisa fuck you

  19. Chamisa’s stance is now just useless and he sees that he is losing relevance.

  20. rosahchikowore522@gmail.com

    It becomes more useless when one fails to evaluate the daily life of his supporter, He is non other than Chamisa who whilst had audience coverage spoke nonsense and did nothing.

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