ED sent in killer soldiers: Mpofu

ZANU PF secretary for administration and former Home Affairs minister Obert Mpofu yesterday told the commission of inquiry investigating the post-election violence of August 1 that the soldiers who allegedly shot and killed six civilians in the capital were deployed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


Testifying before the commission, which is chaired by former South African President Kgalema Motlanthe, Mpofu also claimed that opposition MDC leader Nelson Chamisa had personally admitted to him in a telephone call that he had lost the presidential election, and suggested that unknown “elements” had planted snipers in Harare’s central business district to kill civilians in a bid to tarnish the government.

He said he had recorded his telephone conversation with Chamisa and promised to avail the recording, which he said would expose Chamisa for lying to the commission.

Mpofu, one of the Zanu PF old guard who were shifted to the party head office when Mnangagwa named his Cabinet after the elections, said he had observed the build-up of the demonstrations from the Zanu PF headquarters, which he referred to as the “citadel of power”.

The protestors, he said, seemed sober, but as the demonstration went on, they turned violent, leading to the police requesting for military back-up.

He said all the legal elements were complied with, adding Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga wrote to him as the Home Affairs minister and he, in turn, wrote to the Defence minister, who then requested the President to authorise the deployment.

Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga was Defence minister then.

“We sought permission, I wrote to my counterpart, my colleague, about what we were requesting and that process went up to the principal, and a report back was given by government to pursue with what the police had requested, and that was done. I think there is a record trail to that effect,” he said, adding he was involved in the process and feedback was sent to him, which he relayed to the Police Commissioner-General.

He said in the build-up to elections, he tried to encourage a spirit of peace, but some opposition leaders had engaged in inflammatory language.

Mpofu, who was cheered up by Zanu PF supporters, now constitutes part of the pro-government witnesses who have thrown in several conspiracy theories into the circumstances around the August 1 shootings.

He alleges there were snipers planted on tall buildings around town, with the sole aim of shooting civilians in a bid to soil government’s credibility and cause internal disturbances.

Mpofu said accusations that Zanu PF was involved in the violence were misplaced, because there was no reason to demonstrate, particularly in Harare, where Zanu PF has already accepted the opposition’s dominance.

“This was predetermined action, which was clearly planned,” he said.

“Why, after 38 years, will we start shooting at our people, especially when the results are being counted? I was the chairman of [the Joint Operation Command] and the message at every meeting was that these elections should be peaceful, and (that there) shouldn’t be any loss of blood.”

Mpofu said if Zanu PF had wanted to hit back, “the perpetrators would have learnt a lesson and would never do a similar thing in their lives.”

He said he spoke to Chamisa once on the day in question, reasoning with him to stop the protests and that Chamisa said he was going to enquire and come back to him.

Chamisa never called back, Mpofu said.

Motlanthe, however, pleaded with Mpofu to use his influence to nudge the police into giving useful details, citing an example where injured people who drove a bullet-riddled vehicle to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals gave chilling details of the account of them dumping a dead body, but claimed he had not taken registration details of the vehicle.

Meanwhile, another witness, Pure Simango, gave an account of how he was shot by the suspected soldiers on the thigh.

He said he witnessed someone dying from another shot as he was fleeing.

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  1. If Mpofu told me the time of day, I’d have to get a second opinion..

  2. Barbara Lane-Mitchell

    Big fat lying toad!

  3. Chamisa needs to realise that he is getting himself in a mess nobody will be able to vetrieve him. It’s not only the voice call with the evidence. Time shall tell. Nyaya dzako Nelson dzawanda. There is also an issue of training rebells in neigbouring countries! Your days a surely numbered Nelson.

    1. @ FARAI zanu pf’s accusations against chamisa are baseless its a conspiracy of desperate people.there should give valid details about the training of rebels when and where instead of being dogmatic

      1. Maphozho Saruchera

        Don’t stick your head in the sand when it comes to politics, if you didn’t partake in the rebel training it does not mean that it didn’t happen – learn to keep an open mind to avoid disappointment the day you will realize that Chamisa munhuwo.

    2. Accusations without evidence are for madofo. MDC does not have arms of war, armed soldiers were roaming the streets on Aug 1 and 6 people were shot dead. This is a no-brainer, the army is the first suspect. Only nincompoops cannot see this.

    3. all our fate lies with God not human thinking and opinion

    4. Get lost bro

    5. Farai you have such a nice name but what you are trying to prepare us here reminds me of one Ari Ben Menashe, hopefully it is nothing like that. We are being told of snipers from tall buildings yet ballistic evidence was that they were shot from the same level and you want us to believe the doctored evidence you have, bring it on now please!!!
      Why are the rebels only in the papers and not arrested, do not forget Zanu once tried this thing to say MDC was training people in Botswana and I hope you know what happened, such politics do not work any more. There are v11s of soldiers everywhere but none of you and Mpofu…

    6. Comment…stupid. uchakwara nenhamo iwe

    7. Uriduzvi iwe d u have evidence to that stupid

    8. u r a fool, stupid

    9. unotopenga iwe

  4. this shameless bullfrog dzetse lying pachena kana kumbosvoda saga remunhu

  5. One would think that Mpofu has been following proceedings of the Commission and coming in at almost the very end would have wisened him to be factual but alas the tut is just dumb. The post-morterm report on the victims as well as the ZRP ballistics expert testimony does not exonerate the Army at all.

    1. Pple cant u see the bigger picture here?the former home affairs minister has just put to rest the saga as to who deployed the soldiers,evidently stating he got the request frm police which he forwarded to the powers that be,ED who then deployed the killer soldiers,boom,ED is so busted,so how dare he set up a commission at the expense of us tax payers to investigate himself???

      1. Just a cover up – who gives them orders it is not rocket science LOL

  6. are you sobber Nhire?

  7. are you sobber Nhire?

  8. There’s no chance in hell Chamisa would confide anything to do with electoral victory or defeat in Obert Mpofu of all people. Mpofu is notorious for taking serious matters of affairs & turning them into a comedian’s circus

  9. in what basis would advocate Nelson Chamisa admit to obert mpofu of all people that he had lost presidential elections?dont be fooled zvimwe hazvidi a grade 7 to understand this

  10. Stop tell lies to whole world u fatty Piggy!

  11. I am very much sober. The former home affairs minister said he has a recording of his conversation with Nelson and we will certainly get to listen to it. Linda Masarira said she has evidence that Mdca trains rebells in neighbouring countries and this also matches Chamisa’s threats perfectly well. These are the facts that you and me heard and saw yesterday which can only be news this morning to a drunkard. Nelson should be very carefull though. Ed is a seasoned inteligence suprimo and he already knows much of his shenanigans than he realises. Mfana Nelson, unofira mujeri.

    1. Lets not lose focus on the really issue here. That the demonstrators were incited by Chamisa, or were planted by Zanu PF in their bid to steal the vote or they were spontaneous uprisings by citizens who were anxious for ZEC to do justice, all this is beside the point. What ever was the cause of the demonstrations, no one has the right to shoot these citizens. The commission should focus on finding who shot at the civilians and under whose orders. These killers according to the testimonies so far, are either snipers located at high rise buildings (Mpofu) or Vanguard militants (Army General) or ZNA soldiers. It should not take a rocket scientist to figure out which is the true answer.

  12. Overall this commission has exposed the incompetence of Zanupf as a serious party. Their amateurish & fairy tale testimonies just showed incompetence in leadership of the highest order which can never take this country forward in any way. On the other hand Chamisa & Biti rose to the occasion & brought some decency to what was almost a total waste of time of an inquiry thanks to zanupf

  13. this heading is in bad taste because the commission has not concluded as to what transpired and who fired the fatal bullets, lets be a bit responsible in reporting

    1. ELIASHA, I agree with you that the headline is in bad taste. It shows NewsDay is unprofessionally taking sides.

  14. ZANU PF is a cult of moronic barbarians. The party is suffering from a deficiency of refinement. As a government of despots, it is responsible for the heinous upheaval that killed the six.

  15. Mpofu’s testimony does not add up. How could Chamisa admit to him that he had lost the Presidential vote when the results were not yet known? Dhara iri harinyari chokwadi. The problem is these Zanu PF people aren’t taking the issue (Inquiry) seriously because for them killing civilians does not matter. Mpofu goes further to expose himself by saying and i quote,’ how can we after 38 years kill our people’ when there is Gukurahundi,Marambatsvina and 2008 June Presidential run-off? Something is just NOT right with Obert.

  16. So this headline??? Did I miss something or is the headline completely off from what is being discussed in the article. Mpofu as much as I loathe the guy did not say ED sent killer soldiers.

  17. Madhogodhogo Bikaz janana

    The fat boy is a blood damn liar!Believe whatever he says at your own peril.If he had such information and evidece against Chamisa,with zanu pf’s record of brutality,they would have arrested him soon after the demos,especially considering the fact that they were told that there would be MDC snipers in tall buildings.He is not even ashamed to cook up such blatant lies.Typical of zanu pf mafia bosses.Surely if they had the information that there would be snipers,the whole city would have been codoned off by the security,and the faceless snipers would have been arrested without much effort.He says Mnangagwa is the one who deployed soldiers and yet Mnangagwa himself called the commission to establish the person who deployed soldiers.What a contadiction.

  18. If you believe that MDC has snipers who are roaming free you must be delusional. Owning an ordinary gun in Zimbabwe is one of the most difficult things to do, what more owning those firearms used by snipers. With the intelligence at the CIO and police trust me those people would have been known even before leaving for training and apprehended and arrested. How come the police is not arresting the snipers or even looking for them and putting them on the wanted list?

    1. spot on. even a single docket has been opened since the gothic day. surely God is watching

  19. Dr O Mpofu exposed how the MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa want power and his intentions to get into Govt through back door. Chamisa lost the election to President Mnangagwa and according to Dr Mpofu he admitted but still wanted to be VP..

  20. Pple cant u see the bigger picture here?the former home affairs minister has just put to rest the saga as to who deployed the soldiers,evidently stating he got the request frm police which he forwarded to the powers that be,ED who then deployed the killer soldiers,boom,ED is so busted,so how dare he set up a commission at the expense of us tax payers to investigate himself???

    1. The Commission was not set to investigate who deployed soldiers. Soldiers were deployed to maintain peace against the violent demonstrators whom the Police reported as were overpowering them and burning down property. You are missing it there. Go back to drawing board.

  21. where was it said in the report that ed ordered the killing of civilians. I don’t get it.

  22. this enquiry has so many version. In my own view the Mdc caused the demostration and Zanupf and its government caused the August by deploying the soldiers, which beyond set standards according to the constitution. zvimwe zvese izvi kunyeperana, no one is clean both parties.

  23. pawanda nhema apo. mpofu to say Ed sent killer soldiers, chamisa told him he had lost the elections when the results were not yet known. who do they think they are fooling..

  24. pawanda nhema apo. mpofu to say Ed sent killer soldiers, chamisa told him he had lost the elections when the results were not yet known. who do they think they are fooling..we are not such stupid

    1. bullets fired from above in sky scrappers …this can be easily ascertained by looking at the wounds inflicted. the flight of the bullets through flesh would determine the level from which bullets were fired.

  25. Mpfofu ibofu

  26. To en-friend a snake, you must know how to slide and hiss. Mpofu needs a closer analysis.

  27. Speaking from a pragmatic approach, the whole circus is an exercise in futility-accusations and counteraccusations.
    Why should we spend millions in an exercise whose findings will never be implemented?
    What if we share the same money among the affected families at the expense of awarding salaries to people on things that are already in black and white?
    Without fear of contradiction and I am ready to stand guided, the inquiry will revolve around the political divide and end up gathering dust on officials shelves as usual.
    To our short and to the point,we are just being treated to another hoax- merely moral and political posturing.

  28. “The Submissions Of The Most Obedient Son” should be swallowed/accepted with a 26-wheeler truck (Gonyeti)supply of Salt.
    Remember he is on record of claiming that, he can’t identify the difference between a Diamond and Ruby etc.

  29. mpofu dofo rakadzidza

  30. There is no way the so called snipers could survive the intelligence of our CIO and police in this country. Mpofu is trying to downgrade our security intelligence. He should have not even went to the commission to testify. He is just a shame to our beautiful country. He must be expelled from ZANU PF right now. He is considering the commissioners dull people for sure.

  31. ED okayed the deployment of soldiers and unless proved that he ordered the killings, it all remains speculation. Regai commission ipedze basa rayo

  32. Can’t wait for the Dr Obert Mpofu – Nelson Chamisa call recording. The recording will expose all Chamisa lies to the August 1 Inquiry Commission.

    If you check Chamisa’s Twitter timeline today he is running scared. Let the truth come out!!

  33. A Lot of conspiracy theories of what transpired on August 1 have been flown all over yet the truth is all in the open its clear that the Army shot and killed innocent civilians the government should honor up and compensate the families of the deceased victims this toomfoolery that is taking place wont help.The Sooner they apologize the better it is for Zimbabwe

  34. Sending killer soldiers? I thought the Commision was set up to establish who killed the demonstrators and who incited them into the streets. Now this headline shows the stable has already made conclusions which in my view is prejudgement. It should be left to theCommission to establish if they are killer soldier

  35. Is that what Obert Mpofu said really? Are you not afraid of being sued?

  36. Phunyukabemphethe

    The Nkomo and dissidents narrative, where no arrests are ever made appears to have survived to this day, 2018. So MDC also has dissidents?

  37. But politicians should respect people. Both zanu nemdc are using this occasion to play their game of chess. Yet innocent lives were lost. How can mpofu say there were snypers on top of buildings. If its true did police open a docket to look for the snypers. I think makudherera vanhu vakuru imimi

  38. didodraper0@gmail.com

    Comment…Obert has come a long way. He’ll say anything to please his benefactors. Jus try to remember how he’d call himself Mugabe’s loyal son, yet when the latter fell from grace, he turned on him just to gain the favour of the current occupants of State House.
    If people like him epitomise leadership in a country, then the said country is in trouble. Tough luck Zim, still a long way to go!

  39. Zigosho rako Obert dumbu rizere tsvina need to be flushed mari dzekuba

  40. Don’t mislead your readers. The Motlanthe Commission is yet to make a finding on who shot the protestors, if ever they were shot. What Dr Mpofu clarified is that the Constitutional provisions on the deployment of the Army were followed. That does not imply that it is the soldiers who shot the protestors. Your propensity to mislead readers in pursuit of narrow political agendas is decimating your credibility.

  41. Letty Mabhena utori zungairwawo zvako.What makes you believe the fat boy is telling the truth?In your warped mind do you think Chamisa would call fat boom boom to tell him that he had conceded defeat when the results had not been announced?The country is in dire straits because of sick and brainless people like Letty.Zanu pf leaders are blood damn liars.

  42. Comment…Paragraph 1 ne2 azvisikudyidzana apa. Masoja here kana vanhu vaChamisa vakaura vanhu? Uye vakaurawa vayiratidzira here kana vayifambowo muguta. Ngatidzidzidze kutaura chokwadi, kunya mushure mukutora mhiko takabata Bhaibheri. Nekuti Mwari avadi anoreva nhema. Zvakanyomo muBhaibheri.

  43. chamisa you better watch out.The chaos you are causing in this country will one day catch you.

  44. Best view you can finde , in this side of world!

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