Confusion swirls over Zim crude oil discovery

CONFUSION swirled yesterday around claims that Zimbabwe had discovered crude oil a day after President Emmerson Mnangagwa addressed a Press briefing announcing exploration of the product would be done in Muzarabani.


While media reports interpreted Mnangagwa’s statement to mean confirmation that there were deposits of oil in the country, the Australian company behind the exploration, Invictus Energy, yesterday sought to play down the claims.

“At no time did President Mnangagwa state that an oil discovery had been made in Zimbabwe, but that the exploration activity being undertaken by Invictus had positive indications and that an exploration well would be drilled to confirm the potential of the Muzarabani prospect,” Invictus Energy said.

While the company’s management attended the Press conference in Harare on Thursday, they did not comment on the issue.

But yesterday, the Australian firm said a discovery could only be confirmed after drilling.

“The company wishes to reiterate that an oil or gas discovery has not been made and the prospective resource estimate for the Muzarabani prospect relates to undiscovered accumulations, which have both a risk of discovery and a risk of development,” the company said.

“Although the Cahora Bassa Basin possesses all the elements for a working petroleum system, a discovery can only be confirmed through drilling of an exploration well.”

Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba said there was no discord between the Zimbabwean leader and the Australian company.

“Far from discordance, what we are getting from the company is a measured statement which we fully understand. As a matter of fact, the minister will issue a statement because we have realised there is already confusion,” Charamba said.

“This in business terms is called a cautionary statement. They, Invictus Energy, don’t want the market to beat the Press conference, the minister (of Mines, Winston Chitando) said what has been analysed is data accumulated over time by Mobil Oil and could not be interpreted at the time. We now want to link the data to what we will see from drilling that we said will happen in 2020.”

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    God does not accept such prayers. I think you should now concentrate on mending cracks in your MDCA Mentally Deranged Children and Arsonist. Stop calling our President EDiot so that we call each other good names.

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  9. the oil is there i know the area sometimes some wells you cant drink the water because it taste can also see oil colored water.its all a mater of time to get the oil

  10. Comment…God loves our nation and he is just showing his everlasting abundant love upon our nation.Let’s not pray for negative things for our country and leadership but let’s us pray that God may grant success and prosperity for our nation during the reign of this current leadership.Opposing politics will not bare any fruits but enlong our suffering as Zimbabweans but only the will of God may reign supreme.Dai Ishe vaida kuti Chamisa atonge angadei achitonga izvozvi ” for there is nothing too difficult for God”,asi vakasiya va Mnangagwa vachitonga.Haisi nyaya yemazita avanhu inogadzirisa nyika asi Zita raMwari ndiro rinozvigona.

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  15. Seek facts before claims, just like the AIDS CURE guy. Having a little oily water doesn’t translate to a viable oil industry, this kind of desperation is only exposing the greediness and stupidity of those meant to be guardians of the helpless. This behavior is consistent with exploiters.

  16. A little oily water doesn’t translate to a viable oil industry. Greediness and exploitation is what lead people to make claims before facts, just like the AIDS GUY. These are the people meant to be role models for the helpless? What a shame, even if the claims turn out to be correct, procedures/ guidelines have to be adhered to before seeking self glorification.

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