Chamisa, Mwonzora square off

THE MDC leadership will today square off at the national council meeting where a faction linked to party leader Nelson Chamisa is reportedly trying to embarrass secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora, who is allegedly plotting to challenge him for the presidency at the upcoming congress.


Mwonzora has denied that he is eyeing the post in several interviews with NewsDay.

On the other hand, Chamisa’s supporters are actively ring-fencing his position, fearing that Mwonzora could challenge him and want his wings clipped before the congress.

According to sources, Mwonzora will be charged with indiscipline and undermining the party leadership with hope of recalling him from Senate and subsequently weakening him. However, according to insiders, there is likely going to be strong opposition to the Mwonzora push as some members say it would not be strategic, particularly at a time when the party needs unity of purpose.

Party spokesperson Jacob Mafume said they could discuss the issue of discipline at today’s national council, but said it will be the prerogative of the chairperson to zero down on the national leadership, if at all there is a case against them.

“The issues of discipline in a big party as ours are always a standing order item. Specifics of the item will depend on the reports of various organs that are tasked with dealing with discipline, particularly the national chairperson’s office,” Mafume said.

According to sources, Mwonzora’s accusers were working on a constitutional clause that says the national council has the power to remove any member if there was secondment from a two-thirds majority.

“The standing committee will hint on his disciplinary action and will resolve to take the matter to the national council. Already there is a crack team in the national council that will second the motion and will anonymously agree to deal with Mwonzora. Those people are there and they are known,” a standing committee member who refused to be named, said.

“They want to remove him as soon as possible and replace him with Giles Mutsekwa. To them, it will be a done deal and he will not resurrect at congress. However, the main problem is that Mwonzora himself seems to be playing to the gallery and there are many people sent to ensure that he is caught offside.

“He must at least stop mobilising at the moment because surely those people want him out. However, this will not be good for the party at all and a number of level-headed people will try to stop it. The only problem is that the environment at Harvest House (Morgan Tsvangirai House) doesn’t have room for that.”

Mwonzora and vice-president Elias Mudzuri are accused of undermining the party leadership by going to apologise to Chief Justice Luke Malaba who was jeered by opposition MPs.

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  1. zanoids have their money on mwonzora,, handetione

    1. I will vote for Zanu pf if Chamisa refused to be chalenged.This is not democracy that we are fighting for nxaaa nonsense

      1. maprocop, the fuhrer

        wakomboita muMDC rini nhaiwe, ita zvezanupf yako

  2. Please let there be democracy. If they go for congress feb chamisa will beat mwonzora. But then all chamisa’s dogs will be clobbered. Chamisa anenge aitwa stripped of dictatorship. But him being a dictator he doesnt want it……. imboitai henyu but voting a dictator at 40 kuzoona osvika 90……another 50 years vanhu vari murenje zvakare. Vana veIsrael vakava nani…..hamenooooo

  3. Emmanuel Handioni.#Manex


  4. Dzasukwa Mwana Asinahembe

    Looks like some people prefer the other as they feel he is not a threat to them. Just thinking zvangu.

  5. The truth of the matter is even if Chamisa form his own party people of zim will follow him, we all know Junt Pf have their money on Mwonzora

  6. Whose writing this in Newsday because Mwonzora explained this yesterday at the VOA meeting kuti media is causing this but no one in MDC will comment on this. The meeting is set to set the way forward for the MDC not that please write about something else. Write about the Budget not this. We spend to much time on election elections, a year before an election all the way to elections, a year after the election talk only,2 years down the line elections within political parties. Then the circle goes on and on and on. Let us now talk about things that matter dear newsday I am tired of you causing division at every level of our nation. I am now getting inpatient with you people who create stories to divide us all as Zimbabweans. Let us all united because we are tired of people who use us like you are doing here. We care about food, healthcare and a good well-being. STOP This nonsense please.

    1. Thats what G40 and Lacoste used to do. They would refuse in the newspapers.

  7. Nelson ‘MUGABE’chamisa he has leant a bagful ot tricks from the old man himself i always say you can nvr be a leader of im without a bit of vise grip or dictatorship Zimbabweans are easy to rule uchiwaitira a bit hutsinye ukawarwgerera hawatongeki

  8. Zimbos, Zimbos, please! I am actually shocked to see that you swallow these stories hoo, line and sinker. This is the usual ZANU-PF trick of creating divisions within opposition ranks. For goodness’ sake, they have been doing this forever. These so-called insiders, or national council members are nothing more than CIO operatives who are deeply embedded in the MDC, and they are the least to be suspected of such. Supporters and other party leaders are supposed to believe this and then start creating divisions among themselves. I hope genuine opposition leaders will see through this. Do you remember some time ago this paper used to write stories claiming that Tsvangison wanted Mwonzora out, and when Mwonzora beat Nero to the SG position they said that (without a hint of irony) Tsvangison had engineered Nero’s downfall because he feared him? All this was supposedly coming from ‘national council’ insiders. Stop being played guys.

    1. Why does everything always have to be instigated by ZANU PF? The blatant truth is that there is division. That is why papers like NewsDay, DailyNews, the standard are actually reporting it. These media houses are not ZANU PF apologetics, but rather mostly support the opposition. When the MDC Alliance has internal governance issues, it always blames ZANU PF.Komichi and Mwonzora clearly had different views at the rally – this was evident to all and had nothing to do with ZANU PF. Right now is just a matter of correcting public perceptions on what is happening – not necessarily saying kuti hazvisi kuitika.

    2. Everything wrong in MDC should be coming from ZANU. ah!!. Saka maMDC haafungiwo here. Ndiyodemocracy yacho, everyone should be allowed to contest.

  9. Come 2023, Mwonzora and Mudzuri will be like Khupe, instead of devolution in Mdc we disintergrate

  10. it is a real movement born on democratic principles let democracy prevail and live in harmony after congress. agree to agree and agree to disagreee

  11. Nelson ‘MUGABE’chamisa he has leant a bagful ot tricks from the old man himself i always say you can nvr be a leader of zim without a bit of vise grip or dictatorship Zimbabweans are easy to rule uchiwaitira a bit hutsinye ukawarwgerera hawatongeki

  12. Lets learn to practise what we preach.
    The last time I checked, Chamisa was handpicked among his equals to beat the election timeline.
    What is wrong in expressing interest to vie for a position already held in an ‘acting capacity’.
    Tsvangirai(RIP) remains the man to beat in Zimbabwe’s politics.
    Death is very unfair!

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