August 1 demos stupid: Chamisa

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has vowed he would not appear before the commission of inquiry on the August 1 shootings claiming the probe was misplaced and described as stupid the demonstrations over the alleged delay in announcing the July 30 presidential results.


Chamisa, his deputy Morgen Komichi, deputy chairperson Tendai Biti among others have been subpoenaed to appear before the commission led by former South African leader Kgalema Motlanthe.

But the party leadership said it was unfair for the commission to subpoena Chamisa and others, as securocrats who testified embarrassed themselves by presenting “lies” that sought to incriminate the opposition.

Chamisa said President Emmerson Mnangagwa must give his testimony first as he also denied sending protestors into the streets.

“It was very stupid even for people who demonstrated, to demonstrate for the results to be released. It was stupid because they then opened themselves for attacks and for manipulation,” he told journalists in Harare yesterday.

“I think those who demonstrated have their rights, but I feel that it was uncalled for and that is my view. I am not insulting them but I have a right just like any other because it was premature. It was not strategic and open to be manipulated by the enemies of the people, the enemies of peace, the merchants of violence, the archbishops of violence.”

Chamisa said the commission of inquiry was working on a script to destroy the MDC.

The MDC leader said he had no time to mobilise protests at the time because he genuinely believed that he was the winner.

“We have said we have no time for these shenanigans. We know that this is choreographed and they are working from a conclusion. Once you said you want to know what necessitated the use of violence, you are already saying the violence was necessary,” he said.

“Once you want to say who sent the people you are already assuming that the people were sent. What about if they were not sent? It’s clear that they are working from an answer and they have a script which is to decimate the opposition, the script is to destroy the MDC.”

Chamisa claimed that there was a conspiracy to make some people give false testimony before the commission that it was the MDC that provided people with guns with instructions to shoot.

He said threats to arrest him were cheap talk, insisting he was not worried at being persecuted just like his predecessor the late Morgan Tsvangirai.

“You can arrest Chamisa, but that is not arresting the problem. This nation is deeply divided and in fact there will be no need for a commission of inquiry if there was no crisis in this country,” he said while accusing Mnangagwa of failing to engage locally yet claims to be wanting to engage the international community.

MDC secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora chronicled various violent and ugly incidences instigated by Zanu PF since Independence in 1980.

He also took a swipe at the securocrats for trying to shift blame on the MDC leadership and expressed disappointment at the subpoenas targeting his fellow leaders at the Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House.

Mwonzora said there was unparalleled evidence that the authorities had everything to do with the August 1 shootings.

“The evidence of the commanders is clearly uninformative. What is clear is that there is State capture in Zimbabwe,” he said.

“What is happening at the commission of inquiry is a situation where people are moving from the answers to the workings, for those who know mathematics.”

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  1. Excellent move by Chamisa, given the childish denials we have heard from the police

  2. Why is Chamisa so timid if he is inocent? Just go to the commission and say exacly what you are saying to the media but under oath. Tell the commission everthing that you want including your complains and that ‘s exactly what the commission is looking for. Everybody else who stood before the commission was free to say whatever was in their minds. I am afraid to tell you that refusing to stand before the commission is not an option for you as one of the main actors in this game and that could as well pave way for your arrest. Please Nero, stand before the commission and prove your innocence.

  3. Politicians will ever be politicians. Never trust your life with politicians. I can’t believe this. The army refused ever shooting anyone while Chamisa denies his role in inciting violence. Ndapererwa…….

  4. by Chamisa… was very stupid even for people who demostrated to demostrate for the results to be released,it was stupid because they then opened themselves for attacks and for manipulation he told journalists….kkk wakafa wachiti tirikufira chamisa would be rolling in their graves,i said it mwana uyu pa politics dzake idzi ndedze pa desk not dzekuzwarwa nadzo se Garwe

  5. Comment…So Chamisa brands mdc-a supporters stupid? The childish leader attacks everybody and given the chance he will blame his own biologically parents.

  6. No sane human being has time to appear before that useless joke of an inquiry

  7. This is not surprising in politics even after a war many soldiers start to realize that leaders no longer appreciate their in put especially when they go for reconciliation.

    Also to those stupid people who participated in that demo even if it were to happen that Chamisa becomes president one day he wont dish out freebies to you nor will he treat you different to the rest of Zimbabweans.

    Instead of being used by these politicians pursue your education,start your companies be there for your families kwete kunofira vamwe wako vana vachisara dziri nherera.

    Sometimes l wonder if people still have brains up in their head when just support for the sake of supporting, one need to analyse first before acting.

    Chamisa should attend the commission and say whatever he is saying under oath otherwise uchazodemba kuti dai ndaka enda.

    Yesterday ED said the findings of the commission are going to be made public, personally l think he has another joker over and above the generals’ denials.

    1. The key point in your message is that everyone must focus on developing themselves whether academically and entrepreneurial to that they can better fend for themselves and their families, rather than being used.

  8. In simple Chamisa is saying MDC supporters are stupid. Chamisa declared that i will not accept anything apart from victory. If he is not declared winner then they will make Zimbabwe ungovernable. You are right Chamisa, vanhu vanosupporter MDC matuzvi chaiwo. they are happy to see Zimbabweans suffering but we are buying from the same shops. Zvese zvamaronga about development tinozvikusha ivhu

  9. In the history of mankind, there is no STUPID insult to the people of Zimbabwe and the entire world bigger than the Govt setting up a Commission in order for it and its military to deny responsibility for shooting unarmed civilians.

  10. Chamisa wenyu uyu, takambozvitaura, hanzi muri ma saskam , mastupet and tiri kufira kuti tine mutungamiriri Chamisa. iyaaaaaaaaaaaaa, ndapererwa

  11. He said the DEMONSTRATORS WERE stupid, why is the writer trying to chnge his words

  12. This is the moment to see if Jim Kunaka and Mashayamombe are not double agents.

    Kuchanakidza ku commision ikoko.

  13. kkkkkk, masupporter eMDC adigwa jecha naWamba!!

  14. That is not the main issue here, the main question is who opened fire on unarmed civilians, chete?


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