President, Cabinet vaccinated against cholera

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa and his Cabinet ministers were yesterday vaccinated against cholera at his Munhumutapa government offices in Harare, marking the first round of the immunisation against the waterborne disease that has so far claimed 54 lives since its outbreak two months ago.


Mnangagwa said by taking the step to be vaccinated, it showed that he was a listening leader.

“My Cabinet is composed of listening ministers and servant ministers, and they hear the voice of advice from our minister of Health (Dr Obadiah Moyo) that it is necessary that our people get this dose as prevention to cholera,” Mnangagwa said.

“This is the first round; there will be the second round. So by example, we as Cabinet have said let us lead by example, and when we go out and say we are listening leaders, we are servant leaders, we must demonstrate that by actually participating in the exercise now unfolding among our people.”

He said everyone would have a chance to get vaccinated as well.

At the peak of the outbreak, government launched crowdfunding to raise over $30 million and other resources required to fight the disease.

The exercise received positive response from various stakeholders among them corporates and various embassies.

Government also drew a budget to revamp the obsolete sewer reticulation system in Harare as part of efforts to deal with cholera.

Zimbabwe recorded its worst cholera outbreak in 2008-2009 when 4 500 people died, with nearly 100 000 treated.

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