Outrage over Magaya Aids claim

DOCTORS and HIV and Aids activists have warned that Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries leader Walter Magaya risks rolling back progress that has been made in the fight against the scourge through anti-retroviral treatment by claiming that he has found a cure for the pandemic.


The church leader, who commands a huge following and is not new to controversy, stunned the nation on Sunday when he told his congregants during a church service that he would soon release a cure for HIV, which he said he developed from an Aguma herb with the help of his Indian partners.

The revelations, however, have torched a storm as, by his own admission, the “cure” was still to undergo clinical trials by regulatory authorities.

Aids activists and health authorities said the youthful preacher had no medical right to claim that he had found a cure for the disease as that required clinical trials before going public.

Secretary for Health and Child Care Gerald Gwinji yesterday told NewsDay that such discoveries have to undergo the requisite regulatory processes.

“While the ministry values and looks forward to new discoveries in all areas of disease, including therapeutics, thereof, we are forced, for safety, quality and ethical reasons to demand that such prospective discoveries or developments are subjected to well designed and appropriately regulated processes before a product is put out for use on humans,” he said.

“Neither the medicines register nor the register of clinical trials kept by the ministry has a record of the cited medicine. Herbal medicines now require approval by the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ), and the produce has not yet been submitted for review and assessment.

“The relevant authorities are urgently looking into the matter and the ministry will soon advise the nation on the said claims.”

National Aids Council (NAC) spokesperson Tadiwa Pfupa yesterday said the council was not aware of any clinical trials that have been conducted to buttress Magaya’s assertions.

“NAC is not aware of any such clinical trials locally or globally that have been conducted showing efficacy in the management of HIV. Those that claim to have discovered a cure must provide sufficient scientific evidence and regulatory approvals before going public with their claims,” she said.

“Zimbabwe currently has an estimated 1,2 million people receiving life-saving ART (anti-retroviral therapy) and it is important that we do not unnecessarily endanger their lives by claims of a cure that is unsubstantiated.”

Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights (ZADHR) said, while Magaya had his right and liberty to freedom of worship and entitled to his beliefs, claims to cure Aids must only be made in the presence of irrefutable scientific evidence that is obtained through proper and ethical research methodologies.

“Such unverified claims have the potential to increase the number of anti-retroviral therapy defaulters, increased risky behaviour practices and exposure to potentially harmful side effects of the herbs,” the association said in a statement.

“ZADHR calls upon Prophet Magaya to publicly reverse his claims that he had a cure for HIV and Aids, as there is no empirical research that proves his claims… the minister of Health Obadiah Moyo to publicly censure Magaya and also institute an investigation into the safety of the herbs he is claiming to have.”

Magaya said he had submitted his herb to medical tests and was ready to work with government.

People living with HIV also joined in the attack, saying Magaya had no clinical authority to make such “bold claims”, as this exposed many antiretroviral drugs takers.

Pan African Positive Women Coalition co-ordinator Tendai Westerhof said she was very concerned with such claims from Magaya and other healers before any clinical or laboratory tests were conducted and approval given by the MCAZ.

“We are concerned with such claims from many spiritual healers and prophets who claim they can cure Aids, and this misinformation has seen many people living with the disease default their treatment. We do not want to give a false hope and make them believe they can be cured with a drug which has not been proven or tested,” Westerhof said.

“Prophet Magaya is a highly influential person in society, who has many followers and his utterances have a danger of derailing gains made in the fight against HIV and Aids in the last three decades. Therefore, we hold public figures responsible for the utterances which might lead to loss of life as they create a false sense that they have found a cure for HIV.”

Zimbabwe People Living with HIV/Aids board member Evelyn Chamisa said: “As representatives of people living with HIV, we are lobbying the government to enact a legislation to protect our people from such shenanigans,” she said.

The Retail Pharmacists Association weighed in, urging patients to continue taking their medication.

They said medicines derived from plants should be subjected to independent verification under the guidance of MCAZ and the Medical Research Council, which they said has not been done in this case. “In as much as some plants have shown medicinal properties, it is imperative that any claims to their effectiveness be made after an acceptable independent verification has been done. In Zimbabwe, we have competent authorities in the form of the MCAZ and Medical Research Council of Zimbabwe, who handle such. It is, therefore, worrisome should a claim be made before the said bodies have registered the medicine or complimentary medicine,” the statement read in part.

Zimbabwe Aids Network and its partners, the Zimbabwe National Network of People Living with HIV (ZNNP+) as well as Zimbabwe Young Positives, however, appealed for patience so that the relevant authorities could ascertain the validity of Magaya’s claims.

“We naturally welcome all efforts to identify a cure to HIV, as this will bring relief to the over 1,4 million people living with HIV (PLHIV) in Zimbabwe; particularly PLHIV who have been on treatment for a prolonged period of time. We urge PLHIV to exercise patience as we engage PHD Ministries, Health ministry and other researchers to verify and authenticate the claims made. We urge PLHIV to continue to take their antiretroviral treatment as prescribed to prevent an upsurge in their viral load and potential treatment resistance,” they said.

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  1. malume Makhovula

    If it was UK or USA Zimbabwean doctors and AIDS activists who have been earning from AIDS would have praised GOD…but now that it has been said by a fellow zimbabwean it torches the storm …to hell with thieves you want to steal WALTER’s discovery he is right to shout or else some one steals his right to the cure…

    1. Very true and well said Malume. When are we going to embrace our own discoveries and have the whole world running to Zimbabwe for treatment ? What impact it will bring to our Economy his claims are proven to be true ?

      1. Isaac Newton (1643–1727): Prominent scientist during the Scientific Revolution. Physicist, discoverer of gravity, and an alchemist and an obsessed Christian apologist, was obsessed with trying to discern the date of the Rapture from the Bible.

    2. Dofo iwe nyarara mhani, indava uchiita kunge wakadyiswa naMagaya? Ati arikuda kumubira ndiani? All that the authourities and everyone one else is saying is that Magaya should take his drug through the necessary scientific and clinical tests until it is proven that it is the real deal. Where did he test his drug to see that it indeed does cure HIV? On who did he conduct the tests? Show us previous medical records of those people to prove they were indeed HIV+ and show us the current records showing them to be HIV-. Hatidi vanhu vakazungaira kunge iwewe nevamwe varikubvumirana newe avo. Moda kuuraisa vanhu here? Nxaaaaaaa.

      1. Right on point Hellaz. Everyone is not against the idea of one of fellow Zimbabweans discovering the AIDS cure. All we are saying is let due process take course first, then herald the news to the world.

  2. Malume i dnt thnk you zimbo as your name suggest but the fact of the matter is “herbalist prophet”is counting his chicks already. Bt with high level of gullibility in zim we clapping , ululating already.

  3. right here you see the curse of being African, because NAC you want to keep on getting the millions you really do not want Aids to bbe cured you lose out same as doctors who stand to lose the workshops on AIDS. Instead of attacking him why not support him and see where it fails. You wanted trump to have the cure.

    1. Munhu, you have emotional problems? What makes you believe his claims and what does that have to do with Trump? Don’t have hatred against people who have nothing to do with your problems.

  4. Just because this so called NAC benefits from people living with HIV they are dismissing it without even allowing benefit of doubt… pamuchaona South Africa yaendorser ndopachasara makuona kuti yu have missed millions

  5. Just because the so called NAC is benefiting from people with HIV thats why they are dismissing the allegations just like that without even giving benefit of doubt
    Manje ana S.A pavacha endorser the productvmuchasara makanyenama

  6. Why just attack Magaya without proving him wrong. I would suggest that take his herbs, test them without bias and prove your null or alternative hypothesis. If his herbs does not work then have him arrested. If it works let’s clap hands for him for raising the Zimbabwean flag very very high. Millions of people are dying of the Pandemic. At least he is trying to help the situation. Let us not be always negative. Zimbabwe might be the first country to make such a discovery.The claims are something that could be tested, proved and regularized if need be. If the claims are proven to be true, then that will spell the death of the so called NAC hence the attack. NAC is proving that it does not have the people leaving with the condition at Heart. They just want to make money from donors while people are dying. I clap hands for you Mr Magaya at least for trying and showing concern to the pandemic.

  7. I am not sure were the storm is coming from, this s just an art of coning and there got away with it during the days of Mugabe and its not only him but all prophets are into this , but this time around the ball game has changed and in developed countries such fraudsters are sent to jail for raising unnecessary alarm for something which even by his own admission may not stand the basic test of any amateur laboratory, its very sad and thank you the medical fraternity for protecting the public and the hiv patients from this con-artist and no wonder why in your field only top academic brains with straight As at advanced level are admitted to undergo training in the medical profession, a big thumbs up.

  8. I am not sure were the storm is coming from, this is just an art of coning and there got away with it during the days of Mugabe and its not only him but all prophets are into this , but this time around the ball game has changed and in developed countries such fraudsters are sent to jail for raising unnecessary alarm for something which even by his own admission may not stand the basic test of any amateur laboratory, its very sad and thank you the medical fraternity for protecting the public and the hiv patients from this con-artist and no wonder why in your field only top academic brains with straight As at advanced level are admitted to undergo training in the medical profession, a big thumbs up.

  9. All those praising Magaya, consider the other side of the coin. It is the Prophet who stands to benefit immensely through sales of this scientifically untested herb. Why did he not subject it to the medicines council of Zimbabwe tests first? Are we not seeing the same phenomenon as anointed oil, anointed bricks, anointed maize cobs?

  10. tendai chaminuka

    Zimbabwe is Open for Business saka chii chanetsa ipapa.Problem is we have people who live in a box.Best thing was to set conditions for Magaya to partake his project.For instance all participants to be paid US$100,000.00 by Magaya himself.At least people will benefit and then make sure no charges are paid by clients.If we say Zimbabwe has 1,2 million people on H.I.V treatment let Magaya take 10% of that and put them on the project.Not this rubbish yekuti 70 000 people are to benefit in Hurungwe.

  11. Lizwi Alpha Ntuli

    Those panicking most are those in the lucrative AIDS industry who have all-terrain vehicles, off-shore accounts and shop in Paris. They are scared that if AIDS is cured, they will lose business. Hypocrites. Let this thing be tested and then we take it from there.

  12. I dont understand this did Prophet Magaya said if you want the herd you will get it from his church or kana mushonga wacho wave approved unenge wave kuwanikwa muma phamacy kuti titi wangofanana ne inointing oil handioni sekudaro kana dai tanga tichisimudzirana tingadai tanzwa veutano vati we are now testing the herd and see if the Prophet is talking the trueth.
    Zvinhu zviedzwa veutano they know how to do it ma ARV haana kungomuka avepo.

  13. Allow the herb to undergo the necessary testing to prove if it can serve as it is claimed to be, thereafter that’s when we can either appraise or condemn Mr Magaya and his discovery

    1. Ba mwana its the other way round. Magaya was suppose to get his guchu tested before waffling beans so thus why hes getting so much stick

      1. Very true. If he was sincere, he should have done just that and announce to the nation.

  14. Lizwi Alpha Ntuli

    The ones shrieking most are those in the AIDS industry who drive all-terrain vehicles, have off-shore accounts and shop in Paris. Why not let this thing be tested and if it works, good. If it doesn’t, then we arrest this guy and charge him with fraud. Simple

  15. Understand it now whether the herb is going to be available in or from heaven or wherever that pronouncement on its own was scandalous and scientist are pouring over this day and night and for an opportunist cum-conman with a record of fleecing unsuspecting citizens the announcement becomes improper and borders on puree undiluted fraud.

  16. DR StopiT (PhD-Fake)

    Idiotic magaya and his foolish followers. To hell with you. Zvi annointing oil hazvichztengwaka. kikikikikiki wapera nánga iwe


    1. Karibha Zongozo

      Harris you sound idiotic. you sound like one of Magaya’s goons.

  18. why are doctors making a lot of noise? everything has a starting point and Magaya is starting it now and this will benefit everyone. God revealed it to Magaya so why those who did not get the revelation try to shot down the revelation. Go ahead Magaya with the tests and the very doctors against it will still use the same medication.

  19. The outrage has come from people who are concerned about a premature announcement of a cure when this has NOT YET been verified. The premature praise is coming from simpletons with very shallow analytical skills who are ignorant of the process any drug must go through before “shouting from rooftops” about a cure. What’s the hurry?

  20. Hapana munhu ashora Magaya asi nzira yashandiswa handiyo. Aifanira kutanga ayenda kunoti makwenzi ake aoongororwe zvapera izvozvo ozomira pamberi pachechi yake otaura hake. Kwete kumhanyira kuti ndine mushonga ipo pasina ongororo. Vanhu vatema hatinzwisise kwete kungotsigira nekuti zvaitwa nangana

  21. This fake Pastor must be locked in Jail for breaching the medical ethics.If I were the President He wouldn’t spend a day in the streets.

  22. josphat mugadzaweta

    sungayi mbavha iyi mhani

  23. Lets wait and see if the herb does work this man should be interrogated for his motives.

  24. Of all the medicines you use is there anything produced from Zimbabwe which you want those boards of yours to analyse, all the drugs are from outside and medically checked and proven there so how can we be sure that our NAC whatever they call themselves can do to prove that they have produced a drug that can be sold globally A PROPHET WAS NEVER ACCEPTED IN HIS HOME COUNTRY that is why he used outsiders to test and prove the herb whatever you do is secondary because you are used to use second hand things that is you norm LEAVE OUR PROPHET ALONE go and find your own discoveries otherwise walala walsala

  25. Maybe Magaya has found the cure, maybe he hasn’t, but the important thing is for health officials to talk to him, so that the clinical tests may be done. After that we will know if the drug is safe and effective. It doesn’t help anyone for people to shout abuse at Magaya, but then I know the primitive residue in the human race, because the first people to suggest that the earth was round were arrested for that suggestion.

  26. 気難しくない

    I am surprised this fake prophet and now fake doctor is still walking freely. Arrest the conman as he will cause a lot of Aids related deaths. Raid his offices and confisticate any stock that he wants to start selling to his gullible followers.


    1. Theres no “glodly” hand apa. At first he laid a hand on the gullible and said “in the name of Jesus you are healed” today he has shifted goalposts to “herb”. Zita ramave kutamba nar

  28. If read well, Magaya said he was not asking people to stop taking ARVs but that what he claims to cure HIV has to be tested first. Remember, God chooses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise, 1 Cori.1.27. So do not rush to condemn the man as he says he got this from God. God works in mysterious ways.

  29. a wise man once said “an empty vessel makes a lot of noise” you r making noise nezvinhu zvisina basa the main reason why zimbabwe will never develop is because we dont support each other n rather we r jelus of each other. let the doctors test first then totangira ipapo. everything has a starting point and Magaya is starting it now and this will benefit everyone. God revealed it to Magaya so why those who did not get the revelation try to shot down the revelation. imi mose vari kungowukura did you make any effort in trying to make such discoveries a big fate NO right so shut the hell up. concentrate mukutsvaga mari yemafuta

  30. Let him taste his own medicine

    The problem here is that this is a man who commands a huge following in the country and abroad, and whose word is gulped as gospel truth by several thousands of sycophants who see him as their idol. As such, there is a great probability that several HIV positive people may suicidally start defaulting on their life-saving ART treatments. Imagine the negative impact it would have the government and the private sector in terms of losses in productivity due to sickness and death should the ‘drug’ turn out to be ineffective. Research and development is very welcome regardless of race, color or creed but it must be backed by ample empirical evidence and not irrational exuberance!

  31. Infect Magaya with the AIDS virus then let him heal himself

    1. True that if he is sure of it let him agree to that

  32. ini hangu handisi a Magaya Goon, but amutsa Tsuro ndeyake. Dai ari murungu ataura kuti awana mushonga muri mawoko mudenga mawoko mudenga. Ndava zvaitwa naMagaya a Black Zimba moti heeeee heee chiii chiii. Vachabatsirikana vachabatsirikana, he is not pushing “his” Medication down anyone’s throat!


  34. Prophet Walter Magaya, keep on pressing, abhowekana hamheno hake, what the Lord has given do not let anyone take it away from you. Vanotenda regai vatende, iwe kana usingade hapana anokurambidza pane kuwukura Prophet vachisimuka, muchingowukura vatevedzeri vavo vachisimuka, muchingowukura vanhu vachipona, eishhh ndarwadziwa nevanhu vasingade kuti munhu mutema akafanana navo asimuke, dai aive murungu inga dai iri imwe nyaya. Vakataura kuti havasi Doctor ndokusaka vaka batana nevekuIndia vaive willing nekuti success yeZimbabwe ivowo vadyawo. Mbiri kunaJesu, chimbonyararai maface, its time for GOOD OPEN GATES and to be recognised for good.

  35. Comment…Ngaatange atora wekuDZINZA KWAKE arikurwa, oenda naye kuchipatara. OWONGORORWA kuti ane chirwere, omurapa. Kana kuti, wekumusha mari yapera zvino wava kukwashazve. Zvisinei, vana vesangano vanotenga, nyangwe kukafiwa seyi. Vanofa vachitenga chete profet. Kana vakadzidza “PROFESORS” vacho vanouyawo kuzotenga.

  36. Comment…Ngaatange atora wekuDZINZA KWAKE arikurwa, oenda naye kuchipatara. OWONGORORWA kuti ane chirwere, omurapa. Kana kuti, wekumusha mari yapera zvino wava kukwashazve. Zvisinei, vana vesangano vanotenga, nyangwe kukafiwa seyi. Vanofa vachitenga chete profet. Kana vakadzidza “PROFESORS” vacho vanouyawo kuzotenga.

  37. This man has made his money claiming he is a prophet he is just a BSmaking money the easy way he should have been banned like many other fake prophets claiming to be messengersof God

  38. all has to start from somewhere a thousand mile journey is started by a single step forward.Not to take away anything from Magaya, but there was first the not yet proven but was saving lives then.Those of the Shangani tribe whom were circumcised had less HIV infection rates than those uncircumcised. So there you have it , NGOs are now pouring in millions of dollars for circumcision to be done on all willing males but when that was not known before a lot of people ridiculed it because it was an african way.But that african way saved lives.

  39. Lets have clinical test and prove him wrong.Magaya is right you have shifted all focus on this shame on you.Only God can heal if send by him man will be saved

  40. The good thing is kunoenda maskamu, mhombo, mbavha, nenyope vasati waziwa kuti these are fake profets. Vanoendako vachiziva kuti mafake prophets they are going there for money vari kuno spinner vachitorera vasina meso.

    Another anointing oil tricky uye muchapera zvenyu mari.

    Chero dai iri genuine discovery semunhu wamwari asishambidzira sezvaari kuita. Nyika yaizongonzwawo nemkuhwa kuti pane ari kura HIV kwete attention seeking iyi.

  41. It is actually true but our own gvt and zimbabweans at large have programmed their minds to receive discoveries from the USA, EU etc and not Africa. This is the biggest syndrome in Africa. What then Zim gvt shld be doing is to support the vision until we reach the world

    The gvt mustnt down play it coz its true. Prophet Magaya has tried we must rally behind his vision. Actually gvt of Zim must fund him until we reach the whole world. We failed it on Benjamin Burombo (HIV cure), Daniel Chingoma(Helicopter), Chamunorwa Madakadze(Rifle n Helicopter)

    Lets rally behind his vision and support it big time. One day we may earn forex. If we would have supported Banjamin Burombo’s vision, Daniel Chingoma’s vision, Chamunorwa Madakadze’s vision, by now as a country we wouldnt look to West to get HIV cure, neither to import aeroplanes nor rifles. We would actually be earning forex from such big visions and ideas. So instead of attacking him guys, he has tried, lets support him even if it shall fail.

  42. The whole point of saying one has a cure for such a disease as Aids lies in that whenever a cure is found it has to be within the confines of safe practices. People forget history very fast. Contraceptives were tried on Africans before they could be approved to be used by whites so that if there were any side effects they would show in the Africans first. Some medicines which were approved years ago are only being seen now to have certain side effects e.g blood pressure medication. The whole world would like to see a cure for Aids and once discovered, it is not something that people should make money out of (A case in point is the INFLUENZA, BUBONIC PLAGUE, and even Malaria). In their heights these diseases killed millions and when cures were found it was more important to save lives than to make money. People always take things out of context as well as being emotional if there are certain individuals involved. It does not matter who finds the cure for Aids what matters is that it is done in the manner that all other cures have been found. i.e. scientific methodical and systematic clinical trials. The world does not need a new strain of Aids which has been mutated by people who do things in the name of cures without being level headed about it.

  43. What’s wrong about Magaya claiming to have discovered the HIV and AIDS cure? Drs must and pharmacies must rush to him and try to prove if Magaya has really discovered that medicine. They should not just criticize Magaya. Magaya will earn a lot of forex for the country if his medicine is genuine.

  44. His claims are not a fact until proven,there is no need to be praising or insulting him at this stage, whats the point? Facts have nothing to do with nationality,religion or race, just get the proof, problem solved.

  45. Instead of insulting the guy, why not advise the bloke on proper clinical trial procedures. Zveshuwa deno ari murungu adero maitorumbidza but becoz mutema aaakutoshaudwa. Shame on us black people.


  47. Hope this is not another similar story that Diesel have been discovered in Chinhoyi.

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