Ncube unnerves Zanu PF bigwigs

ZANU PF youth league has come out guns blazing against Finance minister Mthuli Ncube, accusing him of being used by external forces in an effort to destabilise and discredit government programmes.


Ncube was fished from Europe, where he was running a consultancy firm and hoisted as a technocrat with solutions to fix the burning economy.

But since coming on board as a Cabinet minister, he has been tripping on political landmines, with the latest being the appointment of chairperson of communication taskforce, William Gerald Mutumanje, also known as Acie Lumumba
Politburo member and youth league deputy secretary Lewis Matutu called Ncube to order, telling him to be sober and avoid advancing the agenda of pro-former President Robert Mugabe’s remnants in government.

“Corruption should never be tolerated at all levels of government and society in general and it is every Zimbabwean’s responsibility to fight the cancer. However, the Finance minister Ncube, through his ‘spokesman’ Mutumanje, has decided to directly criticise government,” he said.

Matutu, who is currently out of the country, said he had noticed an attempt to scandalise Sakunda Holdings when the company was the backbone of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s command agriculture programme.

“The attempt to attack government programmes, particularly command agriculture, under the guise of exposing corruption at the RBZ [Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe], is unacceptable,” he said.

“We are very much aware that there are a lot of people who believed in the old dispensation, but are still in government, while others are not in government or outside the country influencing what is happening in government.

We call upon Minister Ncube to be sober and responsible in difficult economic circumstances like these, to be mature and to remain focused on the revival of the economy.”

In a show that real power resides with Zanu PF and not government, Matutu said it was foolish to think that government needed a Facebook live video to act on corruption at RBZ.

He said, instead, both Ncube and RBZ chief John Mangudya should take responsibility and not attempt mudslinging tactics.
Ncube yesterday refused to take questions on Mutumanje during a media briefing held after the Cabinet meeting.
But government has already sought to distance Ncube from Mutumanje, saying he was yet to fully assume his role as the spokesperson of the ministry.

“Minister of Finance Hon Ncube would like to inform the public that he doesn’t have a spokesperson outside institutions of government. Regarding the communications taskforce, he is yet to operationalise it as he is dealing with requirements of the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe and Civil Service Commission,” Information ministry permanent secretary Ndavaningi Mangwana said.

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  1. May the wisdom of God be your guide for the benefit of the whole country.

  2. Here we go again! The hyenas are on the hunt.

    Britain, please show us that scarf? This country is truly captured.

    I’m leaving!

  3. Ndururaniindururani

    Comment…Dayi zvichibvira, Samasimba matora vose varikuita HUWORI. Iniwo kana ndiri mumwe wavo, Jehovah handirambe. Zvimwe tingasiirawo vedu vana nevazukuru NHAKA YEUCHI NEMUKAKA. KWETE NHAMO NEMATAMBUDZIDZO, KUSIIRA VANA NHAMO YEKUPONA NENHOKO DZEZVIRONDA KUDAYI. WeDenga muripi? Samasimba, inga ndimi MUWANIKWA, TANGAKUGARA uye CHIDZIVACHEPO wani. Tirakidzeyi SIMBA renyu HWAI dzenyu tatambura muno munyika yamakatipa imi.

  4. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwimayivepi Mazivazvangumhakayakora

    Comment…VaMtuli Ncube makabvunzawo vamwewo musati masiya zvamayiyita kwamakanga muri. Ko wenyu mudzimayi makambobvunzawo dzakewo pfungwa musati mati DZEPFUNDE? ZVINO. DAYI NDAKAZIVA HAYITUNGAMIRI. Vamwe ndovakutiyi NDOMENE HAYICHEMEDZE. CV renyu richange rakamira seyi mberi uku? Zvisineyi, ZVIUYA ZVIRIMBERI. Asi ini andisi kuwona ZVIUYA zvakajeka mberi kwenyu.

  5. The moment of truth is coming. Hypocrisy will be exposed to the fullest and it will be very evident to those who pride in using their brains whether this govt should even last the next 5 months or not.

  6. tendai chaminuka

    Is Zanu (p.f) Youth League principled.Only 7 days ago u were saying u are 100% behind Ncube’s policies nhasi zvachinja Ncube uya has become the enemy of the people.That is the problem ne fake leaders.Students are being chased away kuSeke Teachers College whilst you are driving ma4x4 you can not even fight in the corner of the students.Chamunogona kuti ED PFEE muchinyepa.

    1. It is very unfortunate for Mthuli. The man is in a difficult situation and is trying to wade a crocodile infested river. He may not get to the other side i bet my last bond note!!!!!

  7. appointment of the porn star was just perfect and infact it has shed light on a number of things which have been troubling the nation for too long

  8. Get the pop corn out ! The action thriller is about to start. Remember the Sakunda guy who was allowed to import diesel duty free for use in the generators power plant? He was protected by RG Mugabe through some elaborate network. Exit Mugabe and enter ED, he is back with Command agriculture!

  9. Dwayne Williams

    Supporting government programmes is not a licence for corruption. And, yes, it did take a Facebook live video for the RBZ to take action on corruption. Government had been denying RBZs involvement in the black market for ages, so that you can fund luxury lifestyles.

    Matutu is out of the country doing what? Where does he get forex for his needs from, whilst we are struggling with basics in Zimbabwe.

    ZANU PF must also stop pointing at third forces when they are displeased. Provide proof and names, if you allege that Mthuli is being manipulated. We are still waiting for the ZANU PF bigwigs that you threated to expose, if they didn’t stop black market activities after a week.

    We want actions, not words.

  10. Kkkkkkk…let’s thank the porn star. It had to take his rant for action to be taken. 1) Gvt to realise the ban on imports through SI64 haishande..2) suspension of corrupt RBZ directors. Kana Va Ncube vakakanganisa nekupa Acie basa how come Gvt yabva yafuma ichiita what he recommended in his rant. Mmmmm ah porn star akabvondora zvinhu zvevanhu.

  11. Havaguti kuba vanhu ava. Rambaimuchidya Meya nyika ndeyenyu muri vashoma vamwe vese hatisi vanhu. One day, one day muchazvimbirwa…

  12. Farai Johnson Nhire

    Madhuve, you can say that again and again. Matutu should be reminded to revist Ed’s column in the latest edition of the sunday mail and meditate thoroughly on the contents. Ed himself alludes to the fact that there are some in the party who are involved in forex speculation activities cokniving with some Rbz officials and I believe him. I am most impressed by the fact that Ed and the minister of justice and the attorney general are taking concrete steps to deal with the individuals. So Mr Matutu, it’s not about the party, companies or government programmes. It is about the morals and ethics of those leading the party and whatever companies and government programmes. Ed is the leader of zanu pf, yess, but more importantly, he is the leader of all Zimbabwean citizens regardless of their political afiliation. So let us all cooperate with the president as he takes whatever steps to discipline wrongdoers and nation sabotouers. Tirikuda Kutovaziva Queen Bee vacho. Saka Mugombi chimbodzikamai.

  13. Matutu’s comments are disgusting to say the least, this clearly shows he is also corrupt to the hilt. President must deal with such people in his party.

  14. This country is cursed, for sure. The thieves are celebrated in the name of protecting the party from G40. There is indeed, a state capture by the cartel/ mafia while the majority are suffering. For how long shall this be? God hear the cries of your children! God save your children like you did to the children of Israel in Egypt. ED, please, stand up for the poor people. Your job is more risky than you thought. Take decisive action and the time is now! The Youth League, Women’s League and the Main wing is made up of wolves among them. Beware!! Anytime they will pounce on you! Lumumba told the nation the whole story. Whether he is killed or disappears the truth is known. This country is captured by the so-called ‘super patriots’ most of whom were nowhere near the war zones. They have groomed their sons and daughters in the name of the Youth League, who will not hesitate to attack anyone who is not on their side. Matutu, are you speaking for the people or the cartel?

  15. Has since been fired? After RBZ who was next? So a few feathers have been ruffled @govPF. But should this end there?

  16. this guys must go down the party belongs to all of us who gave the mandate to control it the way you want. imi ma youth musashandiswe regai vadonhe vese zanu pf must survive and to put every one to book. mufana uyu chamisa anoshaiwa chekutaura

  17. The Zanu PF porn star is a super star we need more like him in this cursed county. I cannot speak shona but mupfana uyu kuseri

  18. nothing lasts forever,let this be a lesson to these guys
    You take 10 million people for granted and hope to get away with it??

  19. Ndagura Ndapfidza

    Comment…Ini zvangu ndoshuvira kuti Mwari vatore avo vose varikuita HUWORI. Kana ini ndiri mumwe wavo, Jehovah handirambi. Tangayi neni Tenzi wangu. Zvimwe tingasiyirewo vedu nhaka yeUCHI NEMUKAKA. Pane kuvasiyira NHAMO NEMATAMBUDZIKO vachipona neNHOKO DZEZVIRONDA. Samasimba
    ndokumbirisa, torayi vose vane HUWORI kusanganisira ini kana ndiri mumwe wacho. Mwari ndomunyengetero wangu kwamuri.

  20. Ncuebe is right, some cries we hear today we never heard of them since independence, why now, vabatwa panofema

  21. This guy is not a Thief or Shona, so his good intentions will attract criticism from the culture of Thieves. The countries problems will never solve themselves nor will the beneficiaries of the current chaos accept change from anyone who is not part of them both tribal, cultural or racial. Individuals who do nothing for the benefit of the country will be praised along tribal lines regardless of their incompetency.The likes of eg Zifa, Reserve bank, Army, National airline ,Police boss and a President who can afford to hire private jets using taxpayer funds at the expense of a Cholera outbreak and critical foreign currency shortages will still enjoy undue praise. If these people who pride themselves tribally instead of ethical cannot find it within themselves to work towards improving the lives of the next generations then Zimbabwe will never recover again. Those who have means will leave for other countries and most likely outside Africa. How could people like Chinotimba who solve economical problems by equating 50+50 bond cents =US$1.00 be allowed to have a valid vote to make national policies? If he was not of a certain tribe he definitely woudn’t receive any media coverage but he does, how good is that for the country? I don’t see how prayer will get the country out of this mess because God doesn’t make policies nor does he do economics for any country. Zvichanaka chete? How? If you do nothing, nothing changes except natural phenomenons like sun rise, economics is not natural.

  22. Vanhu vanongozhamba zvichingoenda zvakadaro nguvanenguva hazvichinji chinhu izvi,kungorega kuvashandira ndoozvinoita tione kuti pakaita mewdzi vanhu vakagara kudzimba panezvinoshanda here kudziirwa kwese kwavanoita uku kuona tichizhamba tichivashandira zuva nezuva ,vanongoti magariro avo kungoitazviripo vachingo zhamba ,nyika inindeyedu tose hainakuzvarwa namai vemunhuka iyi asikungoti takanyanya kuvata nezamumukanwa.

  23. If ZANU PF is complaining then the minister is on the right path for all of us because it means the status quo has been challenged. I wish Acie hadn’t been fired. I wish Ncube had just stood his ground. Maybe this crisis would be over sooner. Pamberi ne Zimbabwe, pasi nemhandu dzeZimbabwe dziri muZanu Pf.


  25. No political party in this world is as diabolic as Zanu pf. The have been looking money for decades but still want to loot.

  26. we need justice no body is above the law.we need a better Zimbabwe without coruption we don want a situation we by the minority dominates the majority enough is enough.

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