Ncube fires Zimra board

Mthuli Ncube

FINANCE minister Mthuli Ncube yesterday fired the Willia Bonyongwe-chaired Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) board to mark “the start of reforms the government is implementing to get its finances under control”.


Finance minister Mthuli Ncube presents government’s new fiscal measures meant to enhance revenue collection at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe in Harare yesterday

Ncube announced the dissolution of the board while presenting government’s new fiscal measures meant to enhance revenue collection.

He said Zimra executives would, in the meantime, be reporting directly to Treasury until after the appointment of a new board.

“In order to enhance governance at Zimra, I, hereby, terminate the term of the current board with immediate effect. I have proposed names of new board members, which are currently being cleared,” he said.

“Zimra senior management will be reporting directly to Treasury. I take this opportunity to thank the outgoing board members for the services rendered. Zimra senior management is, hereby, directed to cease all recruitment of new personnel within Zimra until a new board is in place. This is to allow the new board to have input into critical appointments.”

The dismissal came after Zimra reportedly failed to collect over $4,2 billion from defaulting companies in the private sector as of March 2018, crippling government efforts to fund public sector programmes.

Finance and Economic Development ministry secretary George Guvamatanga said the Zimra board had overstayed its tenure.

“The board’s term had already ended and an application for extension of the board’s term had been denied by the government,” Guvamatanga said.

The outgoing Bonyongwe-led board was appointed in 2015 by former Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa.

Some of the board members were vice-chairperson Percy Toriro, Arnold Chidhakwa, Nation Madongorere, Sarudzai Njerere, Nompumelelo Mellyora Abu-Basutu, Moffat Nyoni and Betty Katiyo.


  1. Very soon we will be witnessing the appointment of the Nyembas and co. Mazezuru, aida kutonga, Makorekore aida kutonga…

  2. If this board “failed to collect taxes” shouldn’t they be individually or collectively investigated for a crime of omission to the tune of $4.2 bn…they must have been paid something by those companies to look the other way surely?

  3. The out going board did not fail. How can they collect funds from closed companies. A lot of companies closed when Zimra garnished their bank accounts.

    • Taura hako nhai. Expecting to collect $4.2 billion from struggling SMEs whose own debtors book runs into at least 365 days is not only downright stupid fantasy, but criminal on the part of the so-called Government. The country’s so-called president and his entire cabinet are the ones must be be fired Professor.

  4. Pensioners and insurance policyholders are praying that the pensions and insurance industries is IPEC Board is treated the same way as the Zimra Board – fire the entire IPEC Board

  5. In Zimbabwe control of parastatals is a key component to any administration or faction. After Mujuru was usurped, there were a lot of changes in the parastatals. Talk of Hwange, Netone, Zimra Zesa etc. Why? this is because this is where political corruption is cashed out. We just hope this change is for the better because honestly those boards that have been there have been stooges taking political instructions of encashment. Believe me ornor thats the reality.

    • Agree with you Haru 100%. With regard to the Pension and insurance industries, senior Ministry officials, with the Minister at the helm, would cash out by maintaining a weak malleable IPEC Board, upon which they imposed a weak regulatory framework founded on a permissive Pension and Provident Fund Act and a weak Insurance Act, in order to defraud pensioners and policyholders

  6. Instead of these piecemeal solutions this is why we decided to just fire the entire Zanupf in the July elections, before Priscilla Chigumba and Justice Malaba betrayed the nation

  7. Gono restored confidence in the banking sector when he fired several bank managers for dealing with black market money changers. Gono is yet to meet his match.

  8. Firing The board for failure to collect $4.2 Billion. You can not milk an undernourished cow. Reintroducing FCA accounts . Whats going to happen to the ones we currently have. Is it not that most accounts are USD ACCOUNTS? ARE USD ACCOUNTS NOT FCA ACCOUNTS???


  9. Zimra failed dismally the amount of goods smuggled through our borders facilititated by Zimra corruption and the amount of goods sold by so called ‘informal traders’ or SME’s who don’t remit Zimra even though they use Zimra linked POS machines again facilitated by Zimra corruption….I personally know of one SME who had racked up a VAT bill of over 80k but who walked away scott free after paying off Zimra guys with 4.5k….that is failure…if Zimra was doing its job those of us who DO pay taxes would have out burden eased

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