Chamisa ‘inauguration’ party gets police thumbs up

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has finally given the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance the greenlight to hold its long-awaited 19th anniversary celebrations at Gwanzura Stadium in Harare this Saturday.


Police have twice stopped the celebrations last month, citing a cholera outbreak amid claims by the opposition party that the government was blocking the event fearing that it would be used to stage a mock inauguration for Chamisa who narrowly lost to President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the July 30 presidential poll.

On Wednesday, Chamisa threatened to defy a police ban and go ahead with his anniversary where he promised fireworks.

He also alleged that Zanu PF was running scared and trying to put spanners into their anniversary celebrations.

In a letter dated October 23, Harare South district police boss a Superintendent Chiroodza gave a litany of conditions to the anniversary.
“Your notification to hold the meeting has been noted subject to the strict observation of the following instructions,” the letter read in part.

“You are expected to control the behaviour of your political party members before, during and after the celebrations.

“You should not alter the venue and time of your celebrations and should confine themselves to Gwanzura Stadium only and no other place.
Your political members shall not intimidate passers-by and those who have nothing to do with your celebrations.”

Chiroodza also said the MDC Alliance should not block the thoroughfares and roads around the venue of the celebrations.

“Your members shall not be involved in toyi-toying, convoying of motor vehicles of people chanting, singing and disseminating hateful and defaming speeches,” the police boss said.

Among other conditions, police asked the MDC Alliance marshals to dress in uniforms easier to identify and ensure there would be peace throughout.

Police also asked for co-operation with government agencies and that no dangerous weapons must be carried to the venue.
They also asked that there be no intruders at the venue and that in the event of violence, Rhino Mashaya, who was cited as the convener and party’s organising secretary Amos Chibaya will be held accountable.

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  1. no violence please we need peace

  2. shaolin kung fu master

    Bho zvekuti

  3. Chamisa pakutungumirira

  4. As long as we get to party it’s alright, even Ginimbi’s parties have a ‘strict’ all white dress code but zvinofaya chete zvakadaro

  5. What are u afraid of, let the opposition celebrate in whatever way they feel like as long as there is no violence.

  6. Runyararo-ooo, Ngaruwaaande, MaZimbabwean

  7. wainzwa tsvangi achitaura vakomana fambai gwara rimwe

  8. Newsday what “inauguration” are you referring to? Ndipo panotanga nyaya when we have a whole newspaper which does not report responsibly. There was only one inauguration lawfully recognized in Zimbabwe and it was done on 26 August. Iyi yamava kunyora yava yekuda kuInciter violence but watch the space. The security sector will not fold hands to watch the country disintergrate into chaos.

    1. Naka Dhula Dhaka

      Thank you Wezhira Wezhara. Talk of Agenda Setting, the guys at AMH seem to be good at doing that. You clearly mentioned that this is an anniversary and it boggles the mind when your misleading headline insinuates that its an ‘inauguration’. You have reduced our historic 19th anniversary to a mere ‘mock inauguration’. Such irresponsible journalism is uncalled for- is this the reason why you hiked the price of your newspaper from $1 to $2. Itai mushe imwi!!!

  9. Everything to be done peacefully. Regai vanhu vasangane vachipanana mazano panguva yakaoma zvinhu kudai. The results of the Anniversary will benefit even the police, so need to deny the opposition from holding their Anniversary. If Zimbabwe is free, the freedom must be enjoyed by every citizen.

  10. It is all about power and Chamisa is desperate to be president!

  11. Azvinandaa Mabiribobi

    You have nailed it, Wilbert!!

  12. tendai chaminuka

    At least this illegitimate leader Chamisa should carry on with his circus by providing a bumper crowd kuti vanhu vangoona kuti mbeva zhinji hadzina arise

  13. Mbeva shoma dzine mashe ndedzipi manje? Zvatiri kungo tambura tese wani nhai Tendai. We used to queue for cast at banks in November 2017. With the ‘New Era, New Dispensation’ now we queue for everything. Hanti Tendai.

  14. Wana Tenmdai ndimi mukutiza mhuri kudzimba dzenyu uko makuda kutaura zvisina basa bt mukungotambura

  15. he should just stick to the guidelines he was given by the law enforcers. it’s not about him, but upholding principles and the hopes of many.

  16. Zimbabweans have cried out foul through the mishaps that the zanu pf lead government has brought up through the years.Some might view CHAMISA as someone who is desperate to lead but the honest truth is CHAMISA should stand firm with his decision of getting into join venture with zanu as they will only use him the same way they did to save.Its high time we stand as Zimbabweans and say no to oppression and use of force by those whom we call leaders

  17. Comment…team let CHAMISA be the President

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