AMHVoices: Seeking healthcare in other countries should be a thing of the past

Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga and his estranged wife Marry

THE story on Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga’s treatment in South Africa refers. The nation wishes the VP a speedy recovery. The air-lifting of ailing VIPs to foreign hospitals has, however, become a costly national embarrassment. Proceeds from the 2% transaction tax must be used to revamp NatPharm and all central, general, provincial and district hospitals. By the end of 2019, these airlifts to South Africa, India and the Far East for healthcare services should be a thing of the past.

By M Anoyera,Our Reader

Accordingly, the Health and Child Care ministry should have a budget of US$1,2 billion in the fiscal year 2019, with top hospitals like Parirenyatwa, Mpilo Central and Harare Central having solid allocations of US$25 million on average.

Salaries, too, for consultants, nurses and other healthcare staff need at least to equate to half the South African equivalent, that means a physician or a surgeon should be paid a salary of US$3 000 to US$5 000, depending on their experience.


  1. Please let the Honourable Vice president of Zimbabwe take care of his health in the best way possible. Don’t you people run away to the diaspora on the slightest of challenges that arise in Zimbabwe. Trevor Ncube should shut up. He was amongst the first to register a media house in South Africa at the height of Mugabe terror against private media. And now your South Africa based media house is the first to denounce Chiwenga for seeking specialist treatment in South Africa. Unopengaaaa. In your five senses you think health care standards in Zimbabwe can be uplifted overnight. That’s not possible you dreamers. You spent more than twenty years Trevor promoting and strongly advocating for capital flight from Zimbabwe merely because you feared Mugabe. Where do you think resources will come from to improve the socioeconomic situation in our country. Call upon your cohorts to bring back capital into Zimbabwe so that we rebud health infrastructure. Idiots. Leave our Vice President alone. ED is trying his level best to rebuild our country and you are even thwarting his efforts through mobilising workers against tax reforms. Your noise paper is crying at tb top of your lousy voices slamming police for banning the illegal and costly demonstrations. Are you helping in building our country? Are you people not terrorists who should never write about us? Do you honestly think we don’t know how you are abusing media freedom to degrade our nationhood. Nxaaaaaaaa. Leave our leaders alone please

    • Where have you been all along Mr Nasuradin. I last read about you in the Grade 3 English book.

    • Wamahaso behave as if Chiwenga and ED are not responsible for the Zim mess we have experienced for the past 38 years, they should eat their own medicine. You think Mugabe was a one man show all this years, your new dispension is still the old dispension, the inforcers of evil, decay, deaths and poverty in zimbabwe.

    • LOL Trevor is just trying to bootlick them to up his business probably when things go wrong for his business he will up and return to SA

    • Flipping moron, what has Trevor to do with an unelected military junta running an economy that is in free fall because of lacking strategic thinking and planning

  2. Lolliest Lollypop,
    “Salaries, too, for consultants, nurses and other healthcare staff need at least to equate to half the South African equivalent” US$3 000 to US$5 000 from what source.
    They have killed even the productive capacity of the economy. Salaries and wages must come down to what the economy can afford.
    Go right down. Kugara pasi chaiko, mombonyatsozviwongorora pachenyu.
    Mogeza nemvura inobva mugomo, yakasanganiswa nemazai enjiva, makatarisa kumavirira.
    Panovira zuva nemiwowo mobvamashaikwa pamap yezvematongerwo.
    Pozobuda zuva idzva vana veZimbabwe vachiimba kuti Chakachaya.

  3. l was admitted at Parirenyatwa hospital 2weeks ago and l was discharged a week later. l must say l got professional treatment and lame now doing quite well. People have a tendency of criticizing without information. l haven’t been to a South African hospital but l want to say lam very proud of Parirenyatwa hospital. The nurses are fantastic. the doctors are diligigent and extremely helpful The food is reasonable and the rates are fair. Thank you guys at Pare. You are the best. Darlington Zimbudzana

  4. Time to stop complaining. lets not worry much about what happened. lets worry about what should happen, be positive and take the country forward. each one of us should be positive and strive to be a winning country

  5. politicians go out for treatment coz locally they think their enemies will finish them off working in cohorts with local doctors period.

  6. They are ashamed to get medical attention locally becoz Zim is a SH!THOLE nation. They made Zim to be a SH!THOLE nation thru their rampant looting, greediness and incompetences. AS LONG AS ZIM IS UNDER ZANU, MH@TA IDZI DZICHANGORAMBA DZICHIENDA FAR EAST AND SOUTH AFRICA IN PERSUIT OF MEDICAL HELP. THEY ARE ‘SPECIAL’ AND THE POVO WHO VOTED THEM IS ‘STUP!D’.

  7. The whites they chased here went on to settle in SA where the opened medical facilities. The same Zanu fools who ironically chased the whites are rushing to SA daily in search of medical treatment from the clinics that are owned by former Zim whites. KUSANYARA MUFUNGE.

  8. They are not ashamed to seek medical help in SA where the whites they chased from Zim are proud owners of medical facilities there. They go straight to clinics in SA where former white farmers, doctors etc are owners. HAVANYARI.

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