Post-election violence spirals

Clemence Hanyana and his family of Nemutenzi village in Chimanimani West ponder their next move after their house was torched by suspected Zanu PF activists recently

POST-ELECTION violence has reportedly displaced several opposition MDC Alliance supporters countrywide despite calls for tolerance, with reports that many families have abandoned their homes for fear of reprisals from suspected Zanu PF activists, NewsDay has learned.


Clemence Hanyana and his family of Nemutenzi village in Chimanimani West ponder their next move after their house was torched by suspected Zanu PF activists recently

It is understood that intimidation of opposition supporters was rife in the countryside as some families mainly from Mashonaland East and Central provinces were reportedly living in the bush after an onslaught by some known Zanu PF activists.

This came as President Emmerson Mnangagwa at his inauguration on Sunday called for peace and tolerance in the post-election period, although some Zanu PF officials were accused of running terror campaigns against opposition members.

Counselling Services Unit national programmes director Fidelis Mudimu said the situation was unacceptable and urged all stakeholders, including the police and Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission, to do all they could to stop the violence.

“This is a destructive trail. As long as there is violence, there won’t be development and this is a complete contrast to the mantra that Zimbabwe is open for business,” Mudimu said.

Human Rights Watch Southern Africa director Dewa Mavhinga said action must be taken against those who were committing offences in the name of Zanu PF.

“It’s now time for the Mnangagwa government to walk the talk on the protection of human rights,” he said.

“It’s not enough to say we are preaching peace when people are living in the bushes. There is no need for retribution. Mnangagwa must demonstrate his respect for human rights so that all those who abuse people in the name of Zanu PF are arrested. It’s now time to see action because talk is cheap. There is no need for retribution.”

MDC Alliance chairperson Morgen Komichi dismissed Mnangagwa’s calls as political rhetoric meant to hoodwink the international community into believing that he was preaching peace.

“All that indicates retribution, lack of freedom in the country. There is no freedom after voting and what Mnangagwa talks about are just words to hoodwink the international community, yet on the ground, you have examples of rising cases of victimisation. Those people have families and that abuse is affecting a lot of people. The abuses are actually on the rise and this is contrary to what Mnangagwa says when seeking recognition,” Komichi said yesterday.

Komichi urged law enforcers to boldly take a stand against perpetrators of violence.

But Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo said he does not condone violence and all such cases should be reported to the police.

“We are not law enforcement agents and we have always said on several occasions that we want unity and peace. The President has said that even yesterday [during inauguration]. So if there are malcontents, they must be reported to the police. We don’t want to hear of any form of violence pre and post elections,” he said.

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba last night said she was yet to receive the report. NewsDay yesterday, however, caught up with a group of people from Mt Darwin and Goromonzi North who fled victimisation from known Zanu PF supporters and sought shelter in Harare.

Some of the victims said they slept in the bush for several nights before they were rescued by civil society organisations and whisked away to safety.

“Last Wednesday, when the Constitutional Court was sitting to decide on the court challenge, a group of known youth officers, war veterans and Zanu PF activists started going around telling opposition people to prepare for disaster in the event that President Mnangagwa wins,” one of the victims from Chakoma village in Mt Darwin West said.

“So on Friday, when the court handed down its judgment, the same people moved around the village in the dead of the night singing and shouting names of the people they said they were going to deal with.

“Some of us were victims of the 2008 political violence and we knew what that meant. During that period, I lost my vehicle, cattle and other belongings. Personally, I reacted fast and moved to a nearby mountain along with my Form 3 child.”

Many opposition MDC-T party supporters lost their lives.

Others were tortured and maimed, while thousands lost their property and were internally displaced as political violence peaked during the 2008 presidential poll run-off campaign.

He added that in no time, the group pounced on his homestead, forcing the rest of the family members to flee into a nearby bush, where they stayed until their rescue on Sunday.

Others said they left their young children behind and they were fearful of consequences that could befall them. They said they hoped the culprits would be brought to book and abide by Mnangagwa’s pledge for peace.

In Goromonzi North, losing opposition local government candidate for ward 13 Tongogara Machimbidze said he almost lost his fingers when a soldier attacked him.

He said at one point, he was ordered to disembark from a commuter omnibus and assaulted in full view of other passengers over his opposition stance.

In Muzarabani North constituency, 40 families were said to have fled from their homes amid fears of threats and intimidation by suspected Zanu PF militia.

Some civic society groups battling to provide safe accommodation for the victims who spoke to NewsDay yesterday said the victims of post-election violence were mainly polling agents in the just-ended elections.

“We have people who fled in different places after Zanu PF thugs threatened to torture MDC Alliance polling agents and their families. Some have gone to Harare, and some have even crossed the border into Mozambique,” the officials said.

NewsDay also heard that some MDC Alliance supporters could have fled their homes as a precautionary measure.

“We attended Muzarabani North after hearing that people fled although no formal report has been made and we figured out that the alleged families fled after seeing a social media message on WhatsApp that threatened them with torture, but we are yet to know where it originated from,” the civic society organisations said.


  1. Violence is in ZANU PF’s DNA,the illegitimate Mnangagwa was Mugabe’s chief enforcer and he is now back to his self…the international community must help these victims of violence and speak more about it but before it spirals out of control

    • How can you cry foul on unproven facts and moreover you are insinuating that the international community should look into these unproven facts? I am beginning to wonder if you are really Zimbabwean without doubt you are not a Zimbabwean because you cannot cry for the sun to scorch your fellow citizens. If the international community that you loud so much gives Zimbabwe more sanctions are those sanctions going to spare your family? Come lets stop all accusations and look forward to creating solutions to the current problems and future problems if possible

  2. Most of these stories have been proved wrong by facts on the ground and at times half truths are told lets be responsible in reporting as putting across issues without corroborating evidence is just damaging to the credibility of the tabloid

  3. Chiwenga and ED do preach peace during the day but when night comes they practice a different story. ZANU PF and all its members and the security sector mainly warvets hates MDC the one led by Chamisa to the core. Their hatred started way back when Mugabe lost elections to Tsvangirayi, there was/ is bitter and anger in them, they feel let down by people. In them they have been brainwashed by Jonathan Moyo and Mugabe that MDC is a party of sellouts. A good example was of Joice Mujuru she could not stand working with Chamisa before elections. So this issue of violence its main source is of the hatred that Mugabe sow in these zanu pf guys. They will kill for power, I remember very well when one member of the MDC T died in 2008 some senior Zanu pf guys and other members in the security sectors where actually celebrating but when they go to be media they start to preach peace. ED and Chiwenga these guys are evil, they enforced all the evil that Mugabe did. They were Mugabe dogs while Musorobhangu provided the intelligence

  4. Its very odd that Zanu Pf would be involved in violence now when its in their best interests not to. What do they gain from this? They gain nothing at all and lose quite a lot.

    All these issues need to be thoroughly investigated and quickly.

    • It is clear that Chamisa promised violence as long as he is not the president, “this country will not be governable if I am not declared a President” so it stand to reason that MDC-Alliance is victimizing its own supporters in the name of Zanu-Pf.

    • They are punishing the people for not voting for them. If people had overwhelmingly voted for Zanu there would have been no need fot Chigumba to work overtime, changing results 3 times. Next elections everyone should just vote Zanu for the sake of peace

    • ZunuPF is now preparing for next election. all those people being haunted by 2008 situation are forced to vote for ZANUPF. during pre Election the violence was by just reminding people of what happened before. On another hand the call for Peace and fairness during election almost cost the ruling party this election.. they will never do this peace thing again.

  5. The individuals who are committing those crimes must be people who are not strangers to their victims. They surely have names. Why don’t you supply to the police the full identity and the whereabouts of these criminals? If what is being reported is true, the culprits are actualy criminals hiding behind politics. They must be dealt with openly and efectively. I do not think President Mnangagwa has anything to gain in leading a disorderly society. On the other hand, Chamisa has a role to play to minimise such problems because he must stop preaching violence and rebellion. He is still threatening to use his strong support in urban areas to subotage Ed’s government through protests and this kind of behaviour can create a lot of problems for his supporters in Zanu Pf strongholds.

  6. i doubt komichi if he is in his normal senses, he is the one inciting violence, right now he has to answer his case before the courts but he is saying its Zanu pf, no sacred cows if you perpetrate violence don’t expect people to fold there hands while you do whatever you wish. 2008 images

  7. Vanhu ngavasati kana vasiya zvibani zvichibvira apo vanorara,dzimba dzotsva voti tapisirwa neverimwe bato,ngatitisaramba tichidzosa nyika mumashure .

  8. Sad when others are preaching peace and inviting investors to do business here when all this political retribution is taking place. Sounds like double standards. Is Zim open for business?

  9. These are false reports from an MDC mouth piece meant to further the interests of its masters (MDC). You once claimed victims of violence in Mozambique were beaten by Zanu thugs last week or so. What are you trying to achieve by publishing falsehoods? I think it is high time the Police descend on you because you are portraying the country in bad picture. To hell with you.

  10. The govt needs to investigate this thoroughly as it could be victim of opposition machination. How can there be violence after election for what gain? It could be manipulation to attract attention and sympathy to rationalise for the loss and bank for the future. The buck stops with govt to bring truth to the fore. We are tired of lies.

    • You have not experienced it that’s why you speak like this. If the big guys can send the army to shoot to kill, (what is Gukurahundi?) what more can the smaller guys do? It has been happening ever since Zanu Pf has been in power. Democracy is about divergent ideas but Zanu Pf has no respect for human rights, period.

  11. Haiwawo hamunyare Newsday matanga manje mabasa enyu. Shuwa vanhu vakuru semi going to all those lengths to demonise your own country with such lies. Shame on you. You have always done this sort of thing but what you hope to achieve ndozvinoshamisa.You are a complete disgrace to the nation of Zimbabwe. We have our own challenges an a nation (which one does not have) but other nations only differ on policy and NOT principle. The democrates will never demonise their country just because the Republicans are ruling. NO Neither of them will ever fabricate lie just to please say the Russians. Newspapers in USA are always fighting with Trump but not one day will you ever hear them fabricate lies about America to please the Russians British or Germans

  12. We are sick and ired of this cheap politicking of yours. If your Chamisa promised “kudira sadza jecha” and you were celebrating on this then these are the results. The MDC Alliance is devouring its own “goats” as seen by Chamisa.

  13. Zanu is a party full of barbarians. MDC members should arm themselves with machetes, arrows, axes etc and retaliate. These Zanu cowards must be told that, Mugabe is gone and the time for intimidating opposition supporters is past.

  14. Please dont be western puppets and be so desperate tp please your handlers. this is utmost rubbish to want to stage an ungovernable state. Yu are the violent ones who burnt cars and broke into offices claiming unproved vote rigging. Chamisa the fake pastor disowned his own. Ndimi muri kupisa dzimba dzenyu. MDC are barbarians sent by the handkers

  15. Tipeiwo mazita evanhu vacho nema police station akaripotwa nyaya dzacho nhai vamunyori. Zvichida tingabatsirana navo

  16. You have not experienced it that’s why you speak like this. If the big guys can send the army to shoot to kill, (what is Gukurahundi?) what more can the smaller guys do? It has been happening ever since Zanu Pf has been in power. Democracy is about divergent ideas but Zanu Pf has no respect for human rights, period.

  17. Psalm PS 128:1-2, 4-5
    R. (1) Blessed are those who fear the Lord.
    Blessed are you who fear the LORD,
    who walk in his ways!

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