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Nyagura suspended over Grace ‘fake’ degree


PRESIDENT-ELECT Emmerson Mnangagwa has suspended University of Zimbabwe vice-chancellor, Levi Nyagura for awarding former First Lady Grace Mugabe a Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD) under controversial circumstances.

by Staff Reporter

Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Misheck Sibanda wrote to Higher and Tertiary Education minister Amon Murwira informing him of Mnangagwa’s decision.

“Please, be advised that his Excellency the President and Chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe, being the appointing authority in terms of section 8 of the University of Zimbabwe Act, (Chapter 25:16), hereby suspends Professor Levi Nyagura as the vice-chancellor, pending the finalisation of his alleged charges of criminal abuse of office,” Sibanda said in a letter dated August 16.

He said the suspension was in terms of Section 340 (1) (f) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, read together with section 28 of the Interpretation Act (Chapter 1:01).

The suspension was with immediate effect and with full benefits.

Nyagura is currently facing trial at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts on charges of criminal abuse of office.

Allegations are that sometime in 2011, Nyagura single-handedly accepted and approved an application by Ntombizodwa G Marufu (Grace’s maiden name) to study for a PhD in sociology without the knowledge and recommendation of the departmental board and faculty of higher degrees committee in violation of UZ quality assurance, guidelines and benchmark.

It is alleged during the same period, Nyagura covertly appointed Claude Mararike and a Professor I. Chaneta to supervise Grace’s thesis without the knowledge and approval of the department board of sociology, who are mandated to accept the applications and allocate it to supervisors of students in terms of general academic regulations.

The State alleges that Nyagura usurped the powers of the senate by single-handedly appointing examiners to examine Grace’s research in violation of UZ Act chapter 25:16 and Ordinance 1998/99 volume, which gave prerogative to the senate.

Nyagura allegedly led supervisors and examiners to Grace’s Mazowe Estate, where oral examinations were purportedly done, whereas the oral examinations were supposed to be done at the UZ premises.

It is alleged during the same year, Nyagura recommended to the chancellor the conferment of a doctor of philosophy degree in sociology to Grace without the knowledge and approval of the UZ council and academic committee.

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  1. Comment…What would he have done when approached by the most powerful family? Recall in the bible, Joseph was jailed for refusing to be intimate with Portaph’s wife. He was a deadman walking because if he had refused, he was likely to be suspended on trapped-up charges

    • are but joseph did refuse and was jailed. he showed courage in the face of the most powerful family. this man did not and is now reaping the rewards. joseph later rises to prominence because he had guts. now a brilliant career is likely to end in ashes. better stand up for what you believe and be counted.

  2. Positive development, this is expected to apply to all state employees who have cases before the courts, to ensure non selective application of the law. The likes of Gudyanga, among others, who is still, if not mistaken, at work besides pending criminal cases at the courts. He may have weighed between the his interests, “acting in the manner he did and maintain his job, or refuse to so act and lose his job, but maintaining the integrity of the institution of higher, his own intergrity and that of Zimbabwean higher education”.

  3. This could serve as a lesson to all the corrupt vice chancellors in the country who abuse their offices after capturing the chairpersons of their University Councils through paying the latter heftily and involving them in shady deals. Remember, the University of Zimbabwe Council had recommended the man’s suspension only for a higher official to overturn the suspension. Some of the vice chancellors we currently have in this country (who were appointed by the former chancellor) are so corrupt and all they do is to bribe Council chairpersons then pillage state resources incessantly thereafter. A case in point is one vice chancellor who is alleged to have even appointed his wife without following due recruitment processes. It is said that vice chancellor enjoys the protection of the chairman of the Council. If the relationship that subsists between the two were to be scrutinized I am sure some evil deals could be unearthed which would render the above child’s play.

  4. Good decision there. However, i think ED acted on emotions rather than proper processes, mainly due to the fact that the Mugabes came out in the open that they do not like him.
    If they were still in good books, i wonder if it was gonna happen??!!

  5. Many politicians in munangaka’s govt have fake degrees. Why not exposing them? Are you waiting for another coup to expose them?

  6. Everything is fake in a rotten smelly nation of Zim.
    Fake election results.
    Fake economy.
    Fake judges.
    Fake currency.
    Fake politicians. Etc

  7. This Nyagura person is corrupt dictatorial and corrupt. Mugabe respected education. He would never forced him to do this. Nyagura wanted to be the life President of the UZ so he is the one who blackmailed the former First Lady. He reached retirement 9 years ago and he wanted a new contract. Right now he is building huge lecturer halls without going to tender. Good riddance.

  8. Ayaz, I agree with Nacido Rico, a fake president is sending a fake vice-chancellor to prison for awarding a fake degree to a fake citizen (Grace was born in South Africa) kkkkk. fake fake fake

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