Mnangagwa retains Chiwenga, Mohadi as deputies

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has retained his two deputies from the previous government in a move analysts yesterday said did not inspire much public confidence ahead of the unveiling of a new Cabinet probably next week.


Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga and Kembo Mohadi each took the oath of office before Chief Justice Luke Malaba, a first under the new Constitution.

“This is a requirement of the Constitution that the Vice-Presidents be sworn-in by the Chief Justice and I am here to perform my constitutional duty,” Justice Malaba said.

Political analysts Maxwell Saungweme argued Mnangagwa was stuck in former President Robert Mugabe’s modus operandi of running government business.

“It exposes Mnangagwa as still being imprisoned by Mugabe’s need to balance Zanla-Zipra (liberation war armies) and Ndebele-Shona dynamics in the presidium,” he said.

“Any senior minister can act as President in the absence of the latter.

So if Mnangagwa is still trapped in the need to play a delicate balance of placating and rewarding comrades, we are likely to see the same playing out with his Cabinet appointments.

This is sad and points to no transformation and a likely more of the same.”

International Crisis Group consultant Piers Pigou said Mnangagwa’s choices thus far did not inspire confidence.

“I suppose the real concern is that if he has the same VPs, he might as well have the same Cabinet.

That will not be very impressive and I don’t think it will send a very positive message,” he said.

“It would be good to see who the Finance minister and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor will be and that if he does not think it of rewarding (Patrick) Chinamasa and (John) Mangudya for having stayed the distance so far.”

Political analyst Sithembile Mpofu said there were different considerations used in the appointment of Vice-Presidents and Cabinet ministers.

“When the President assigns government posts, he has two main considerations.

The first is the fact that he must balance power,” Mpofu said.

“Stability within a political party and government does not just happen, it must be constructed.

The second consideration is the technical expertise of individuals being appointed.

The VP posts consider power balance issues while technical expertise is a subsequent consideration.

His cabinet posts must be biased towards technical expertise and have less to do with power balance issues.”

The two immediately said the Zanu PF government would honour its election promises to turn around the economy.

Chiwenga said the new Zanu PF administration would not tolerate any deliberate bottlenecks by both Cabinet and the civil service posts.

“It cannot be business as usual and we will not accept any lethargy.

This applies to colleagues we are going to have in Cabinet as well as the whole civil service.

Time for politicking is over, the elections are behind us,” the former Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander said.

Mohadi, who has been nursing injuries sustained in a grenade blast in Bulawayo two months ago, said government would deliver on its commitments.


  1. good move now its time to deliver remember 2023 is around the corner give us all you have got

  2. Wezhira Wezhara

    Balancing of power is always required not that Mnangagwa has stuck to Mugabe’s way of doing business. Parties that fought for the liberation of this country recognize their need to continue working together the way Zanla and Zipra operated. That is very commendable unlike what Newsday want to portray. Remember Chamisa lost in Matebeleland because of that failure to maintain that balance.

  3. Comment…@wezhirawezhara, Pastor advocate Nelson Chamisa lost in Matebeleland but won in Byo and similarly lost in Mashonaland but won in Harare. Did he also need a muzezuru vp? He is from Masvingo but lost big time in both Masvingo and Midlands.

  4. Moment of truth upon us

    Mashaya ari competent wechidiki here. . . . The problem with liberation parties is appointment is not based on goint to war not brains. Look at VP CC tonyarirepi?

  5. Apes on the track of destruction.

  6. Chiwenga hake haana govt position which is best suited for him but since musingade naye vaPresident madii henyu kungomuita minister of defence. Chiwenga anongoziva zvemaBOMBA pfuti and 10 000 ways to kill a human being. Even if we go to war i doubt chiwenga is capable to make rational decisions. A simple jihad muslim army can be more disciplined than chiwenga

  7. I wonder if there was any harm in us just not having VPs altogether, just a president & his ministers, would have saved us some dollars

  8. Your Name (required):Special Black

    The problem with you is you dont want to see a person who played a role during and after the liberation struggle. Why ? because they defeated you. No wonder why MDCA supporters obeyed stupid instructions that ZEC pens fade away therefore every voter should bring a pen, take a photograph of where he put his/her x. Why taking us to the old stone age, aiyaaa , handisati ndazviona zvakadai. saka dai makawinner maizotonga sei nepfungwa dzakadai. Those VPs are tried and tested.

  9. tried and tested? Where,when and on what? I wonder what our barometers are.

  10. Is there any problem with Vp C Chiwenga? What is it? Why do you think it’s not okay to make him Vp?

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  12. There is a Constitutional requirement for Devolution. We are sick and tired of 38 years of a top heavy central government that serves no purpose other than to give jobs to comrades. We need only one Vice President and it doesnt matter which tribe – even if the President and the Vice President are from one tribe, it doesnt matter as long as the social ministry powers have been devolved to the provinces under elected Governors.

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