21 polling stations ‘hidden’: Chamisa

OPPOSITION MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has claimed that thousands of registered voters sympathetic to him, among them over 40 000 teachers seconded to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) as polling officers, were disenfranchised and systematically denied their voting right while 21 polling stations went “missing” on polling day, two weeks ago.


MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa

In his petition filed at the Constitutional Court (ConCourt) on Friday, challenging President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa’s victory, Chamisa accused Zec of deliberately deploying teachers and other civil servants to polling stations far from areas they were registered to vote.

“I have established that some 40 000 teachers did not vote. A lot more other civil servants who were involved in the elections were similarly disenfranchised,” he submitted in his papers.

Chamisa said this was done despite the fact that there are clear legal provisions for civil servants on government business to exercise their right to vote and alleged this could have been a plan to steal his votes.

“There is no doubt that the attempt to disenfranchise them was meant to affect the opposition vote, otherwise they would have been allowed to vote. In this regard, I make reference to the affidavit filed herewith showing the actual numbers of State employees who were disenfranchised. I once again make the point that the numbers involved materially affect the outcome of the election,” Chamisa said.

The 40-year-old presidential contestant raised concern over how polling stations advertised by Zec just “disappeared” on election day, leaving several registered voters stranded.

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“On voting day, 21 polling stations went missing. No explanation for this exists. Further, some polling stations were created in Hurungwe… these two were not part of the list of polling stations received from Zec,” Chamisa submitted.

Given that the maximum number of voters per polling station was 1 000, a total of 21 000 voters could have been denied their right to vote.

In Hurungwe, where the two polling stations were allegedly created, Mnangagwa garnered 5 396 votes while Chamisa got nothing.

“It is interesting to note that a total of 5 396 votes is said to have been garnered by first respondent (Mnangagwa) at the ghost polling station. The figures for the ghost polling station do not compare well with those he garnered at other polling stations. There is clear evidence with respect of manipulation,” he said.

He also raised a red flag over the huge number of assisted voters, citing Masvingo which had a record 65% of polling stations having assisted voters.

“A disconcerting aspect of this election is the number of assisted voters. At 46% of polling stations nationwide, more than 26 people were assisted to vote. In Masvingo at about 65% of polling stations 26 or more people were assisted to vote,” he said.

In these areas, Mnangagwa and Zanu PF won by wide margins against the opposition.

Chamisa accuses Zec of malpractices after the announcement of the results, saying they have been harassing polling officers and moving election residue in a bid to cover up their mistakes.

“Even after the declaration of the result, Zec has involved itself in malpractices which are meant to correct the glaring anomalies that I have referred to above. Polling agents are being forced to change V11 forms,” he said.

Chamisa has since presented before the court affidavits by some of the polling agents allegedly harassed by Zec to change V11 forms after the results were announced. He further alleged that his technical team had been harassed and that affected their preparation for the court challenge.

“My technical team is being harassed amidst so many threats of arrests over trumped-up charges. The environment has been heavily militarised and shows an administration which is afraid,” he said.

Chamisa challenged Mnangagwa to maintain composure if he was confident that he won the election.

“The question to ask is, why should first respondent behave in such a desperate manner if he won the election?” he submitted.

Chamisa presented evidence of votes being counted twice in some polling stations, resulting in Mnangagwa getting 7 703 more votes than was due to him.

“There is also evidence showing that Zec collated results at some polling stations twice, that is to say polling stations were counted twice. I refer the court to annexure L.
This created an increase of 9 035 votes. Of those, first respondent was as is the case where all irregularities are apparent the beneficiary. The mathematics shows that he got 7 703, the 7 703 votes do not exist and must be subtracted from his total,” he submitted.


  1. handeyi tione makamirirei

  2. going through the litany of anomalies raised by the losing political party one wonders what the motive is about apart from concluding that there is a fifth column involved and there are getting orders to scuttle chances of the incoming administration from getting outside funding to rekick the economy, the allegations are so flimsy that the zanoids legal point man was right to conclude that at best this is an abuse of the legal system

    1. eliasha it is only sick minds like yours that think government that releases army tankers onto its citizens and kills unarmed suffering protesters with live bullets should deserve outside funding.
      The rest of the international world including some of us are civilised.

      1. and it is equally sick political leaders who unleash their members to go and burn loot and stone civilians going about their normal life in a bid to undemocratically grab power in this day and age.
        international world and others who worship this behaviour are uncivilised

        1. eliasha,umm…musoro wako wakaoma iwe. I think you are just a hired propagandist who is chronically devoid of basic wisdom. The whole world saw what happened on the ground including yourself. No matter how many times you try to twist the truth of what happened or rub it in, the truth will not change. Who is ‘in a bid to undemocratically grab power here?’You can’t even count, shame on you.

    2. Something is missing in between your two ears under the hair otherwise you would have picked that just one vote missed is too many for credibility.

  3. Chamisa aripama1. Convincing the courts to remove ED’s 30000 votes is hard enough as it is. How much more convincing them that they should award him 300000 more votes for him to be crowned president.

    1. They don’t need to go that far. They just need to prove that there are anomalies that compromise the integrity of the election. The court does not have to re-do ZECs work, they don’t have to adjust and reconcile all the numbers all over again. If the opposition proves that there were material anomalies, then E.D cannot be declared president based on a compromised election. The court would then rule that a new election has to be held in 60 days.

  4. Whoever was hired to do the rigging for zanupf sure did a poor job, I suppose that’s what happens when God is about to change things

  5. Uyu anonzi Truth anopenga uyu

  6. Comment…So if the 40 000 or so civil servants did not vote how sure is he that they were going to vote for him coz a vote is a secret

    1. It is a constitutional right for all eligible voters to vote (if they wish to). Just as ‘the people’ of Hurungwe in the report above ALL voted for ED, so could the 40 000 have ALL voted for CCC. What is good for one goose my friend, MUST be good for all geese. Not so?

  7. The country is enveloped by a dark cloud, where losers and the winners need to come together for the betterment of Zimbabwe’s poorly managed systems. The main losers are the poor, the sick, the old, the youths except for the few rich and greedy leaders who have a history of abandoning the democratic trajectory.

  8. Tichingotonga Vachingovukura

    This seems to be more suitable for an academic research proposal than a court application

  9. God helps those who help themselves. Those at the top have been helping themselves to everuthing they can lay their gubby hands on.

    1. show us where the Bible ever said that?

  10. Its amazing how the usual ED boot lickers now want to behave as if they are legal experts as well posting silly opinions here. Just shut up & leave the courts and judge to decide for themselves

  11. @ABC we have a right of t
    Freedom of expression. Why are you afraid of divergent views.

  12. Tichingotonga Vachingovukura

    At first the MDC A was telling the whole word that ZEC was printing defective ballot papers which would allow marked ink to flow from other candidates to ED. As this lie could not be sustained they came up with another story.

    This time they were saying they have 79 % of the V11

    1. Tichingotonga Vachingovukura

      Now they are silent on those issues and in their court Application they are actually saying they won according to information hidden in ZEC servers and are going to Subpoena ZEC to release that info. On one section of the same application they are saying they were deniedaccess to infomation from ZEC servers

      Whats the truth now

    2. ZEC went to plan B (Ballot stuffing)

  13. its now water under the bridge,nyika haihwinhwi ne court se maintainance’ ED PFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I’m not convinced by this Chamisa’s arguments. .at one point we were made to believe the rigging was in V11 forms where simple addition was needed since Biti had claimed they had done the counting. now u start to wonder whether their counting was including the 40000 or so teachers who were supposed to vote for them.

    1. Tichingotonga Vachingovukura

      Actually at first they were saying the rigging was on the quality of ballot papers which were going to allow ink to flow from other candidates to ED. Later they told us that they have the correct total through collating V11 & V23 forms. Now they are silent on the above in their Court Application they are actually saying they got the information from ZEC servers as if they hacked the ZEC system.

    2. Danayi Pazvagozha

      kikikikiikik. They were including the 40000 teachers who did not vote

    3. You are not the CONCOURT so your view is largely academic but irrelevant and inconsequential.

  15. The Junta can’t even realise they are already a laughing stock to the whole world,stealing an election then caught the next day.Pitching the tents for inauguration then stopped by a court challenge.Zvakapresera kumusoro setsvimbo.

  16. Zimbabwe will never head anywhere as long as zanu pf people thinks zimbabwe only belongs to themselves,take my previous words of vision.

  17. If the MDC proves that even 0.8 percent do not belong to ZanuPf then a rerun will be orderd goodluck to ZanuPf defending that vote because already the number of voters is higher than those registered to vote even a child can rule this case

  18. Its only Mnangagwa and his military thieves like Chiwenga and SB Moyo who are shivering with fear after losing the just ended election not ZANU PF simply because the majority of ZANU PF sympathisers voted for their ZANU PF MPs and resorted to “bhora musango” against Mnangagwa. You are alone Mnangagwa, no one is supporting you. Chamisa akupinzai busy chikara.

  19. Comment…Emerson nd his party are dirty minded we dont need them and we didnt even voted them its nw tym for chamisa to change everything…zvaiwana ngwarati

  20. chamisa imbwa

  21. ummm the Mdc alliance has a weak case here .of those so called 40 000 plus civil servants how do you know that they were going to vote for you and in any case how does the courts declare one a winner when he (she) went into the election in bad faith and declared that he does not have faith in the referee.
    one can not decide for people who willingly did not apply for postal voting although they new they wanted to do so well in advance.
    okay to my understanding the Alliance is channeling its herculian efforts in challenging the presidential ballot what about the parliamentary ballot .indeed it is not possible to win the presidential ballot and loose the parliamentary one .of course the mathematical chances are there but they are next to zero and Zanu pf will not allow it .you see the problem with Chamisa is that he is not clever.the alliance could have stood a better chance of winning if MOrgan Tsvangirai was still alive and leading that coalition because Tsvangirai was more mature politically than Mr Chamisa .the manner in which you discarded Mrs Thokozani Khupe split the alliance vote and certainly gave Zanu pf a golden ticket to rig the election.The so called alliance does not even know how the election was rigged and is banking on sympathy from political fores ,how pathetic!
    My last words to you all is that we must grow up I mean we can not encourage disorderliness after we loose and although Zanu pf stole the election we must value human life and not make profane gests that results in unnecessary loss of human life.
    to think that the Mdc alliance alliance is now appealing to the same courts that it said were Zanu pf wimms of power and expect to the same courts to overturn a victory by their supposed golden boy is not only a destitute of common sense but worse than a face without a nose!

  22. They don’t need to go that far. They just need to prove that there are anomalies that compromise the integrity of the election. The court does not have to re-do ZECs work, they don’t have to adjust and reconcile all the numbers all over again. If the opposition proves that there were material anomalies, then E.D cannot be declared president based on a compromised election. The court would then rule that a new election has to be held in 60 days.

  23. Elections in Zim do not work. Whats needed, brother Chamisa, is war. Find bases and train the multitude of youths. A mere pen can not win the country. KUSIRI KUFA NDEKUPI, IPAI VANHU PFUTI. PERIOD.

  24. Part of the Chamisa / MDC case is speculation, the other part the courts will deal with that to derive a judgement.

    Secondly, if the MDC’s contestation is about the Presidential vote and we have a re – run and say Chamisa wins what governance are we going to have with the MDC having a minority in parliament? How is he going to move motions to repeal and change some Acts against the 140 Zanu PF MPs? Will he exercise his presidential powers – how different will then be different from the dictator Mugabe? Under section 104 of the Constitution, Ministers must be Members of Parliament with the President allowed to appoint five non-members of parliament – what then will be the criteria for appointing ministers?

  25. Chamisa, bullets are needed here and not ballots. This Zanu national army thinks its indomitable.

  26. Chamisa, bullets are needed here and not ballots. This Zanu national army thinks its indomitable.

  27. Some think war is like a soccer match with a referee who occasionaly blows the whistle to halt the match to allow the one who has fallen time to recover and then resume the game.

  28. all we know is that Godisinit

  29. Pakaipa boysComment…

  30. KO ED zveakatumira masoldier kuuraya vanhu vasina pfuti,ko moyo yekuuraya yaivo iyoyo hnditi ihondo?

  31. @Daniel a rerun of the entire election will be made because of discrapencies in the entire election itself hell they may change the way elections are made in Zim

  32. I think Chamisa is simply exercising his right,everything else is for the court to decide.

  33. mwari dai mando nyewenutsa wo ye concourt isapindwe ne mweya wekuba honai nyika
    yatambura kana nemiwo tenzi munhu anotadza kuzadza national sports stadium even when he bused people anozodiwa sei musi wekupedzisira tenzi tivanirei wo nyasha

  34. Comment…Lina elithi izanu irght amakhanda wenu agcwele amasimba hw many years ibusa yini enkwenzileyo u mst use yo medulablankata

  35. Don’t get emotional Khamisa neAlliance yako Ngirozi neMasvikiro eDZIMBADZEMABGWE vakavhota according to my Knowledge

  36. Terrence Bhebhe

    l am sickened and worried to death by the behaviour of a party thats supposed to be led by lawyers, or liars whatever one takes it. Chamisa would have been presidential candidate material 10 years from now, maybe but first he must acknowledge that
    1/ women in any place in society must be respected regardless of race, political affiliation etc
    2/campaigning wins you the electorate
    3/elections are won in the ballot box on voting day
    4/grandstanding and show off to tarnish the image of the country will make you the biggest looser
    5/cases challenging the winner of an election has but no chance of success

    and after l am sure you had learnt this you decided to go the violent way to try and force for a unity government with comedians like Biti doing all sorts and Lawyers like Mpofu, loosers in South Africa seeking relevancy and oh, the chicken licken boy, Doctor Sibanda kkkkk all becoming a unit of laughing material, you will develop and hopefully move away from this gang and then maybe you will get more votes and win an election and then bullet train Zimbabwe to greater heights, not now.
    you were beaten to the game, you never really expected free and fair, l knew you would loose cause you have never wanted fair anything.
    Those funding you will surely turn against you, Zimbabwe will remain and will move on with those who want to move with it. Grandstanding to tarnish our image will make you loose what you could have gained, respect…. especially from genuine Zimbabweans,
    Free Advice

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