Zec sets up ‘shady’ polling stations. . . one centre to serve 2 voters

INDEPENDENT biometric voter registration (BVR) and data science experts analysing the voters’ roll, yesterday claimed they had unearthed another suspected vote-rigging loophole, where the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) has set up eight “shady” polling stations, with one of them to cater for only two voters.


The experts raised a red flag over a polling station located at Kudzwe turn-off in Mudzi North constituency, Mashonaland East province, which has two voters on its roll.

The analysts, who have chosen to remain anonymous, yesterday said they would present their findings to Zec on Friday.

It has emerged that that particular polling station is among the 241 stations with less than 500 voters, of which eight have less than 10 voters each.

An average polling station is expected to have a maximum of 1 000 voters and covering a radius of at least 2km.
“Nevertheless, despite the average number per polling station being slightly above 500, 241 polling stations had less than 100 voters,” part of the experts’ report shown to NewsDay yesterday read.

“What is more worrying is the fact that of the 241, eight of the polling stations had only less than 10 people ascribed to them, the least being Kudzwe Turn-Off Tent with only two voters, Savuli Compound Hall (Bikita East) with six voters, Pagati Primary School (Matobo) seven voters, Ruminya Secondary School (Mashava) seven voters, Mabalauta Camp Shed (Gonarezhou) seven voters, Mbizingwe Pre-School (Umzingwane) eight voters, Gunundwi Compound Hall (Bikita) nine voters and Mukore Compound Hall (Bikita) with nine voters only.

“In total, among those polling stations with the least number of voters, 63 polling stations had 50 voters or less.”

This came hardly 24 hours after Zec chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba told journalists that the commission had also subdivided oversubscribed polling stations to ensure easy management of voters and to avoid queues.

The Zec boss claimed on Monday that there was no minimum threshold on the number of voters per polling station.

“Having done the registration and coming to the end of that process, we then realised that we had some polling stations which were oversubscribed and by oversubscribed, I mean certain polling stations had over 5 000 registered voters,” Chigumba said.

“We them made a recommendation through the Minister of Justice to create sub-polling stations at polling stations which we had already mapped to avoid having long winding queues on polling day and that amendment gave us permission to create new polling stations.”

Her team yesterday reached out to NewsDay seeking the BVR experts’ report.

MDC Alliance spokesperson Welshman Ncube said the creation of “shady” polling stations was meant to rig the elections.
“That must be insane. This BVR was supposed to correct anomalies because you are using fingerprints. These are some of the examples showing how chaotic the roll is because there is no place where you can have two registered voters living in a 2km radius. It is caused by an attempt to manipulate the voters roll,” he said .

Linda Masarira, spokesperson for the Thokozani Khupe-led MDC-T faction, said it was shocking that Zec could deploy an entire polling team to manage two voters, while still purporting to be protecting the secrecy of the vote.

“When we find a polling station with only two voters, it means that these are the polling stations that are used to rig elections,” she said.

The report also indicated that Zec had disenfranchised thousands of potential voters who were allocated polling stations outside their constituencies, in violation of the Electoral Act.

Dangamvura constituency has people residing as far as Marange, Zimunya and Mutasa, who are registered to vote in a constituency they do not reside in and might not be able to travel to vote on polling day.

An example being that of Zingani Fungai ID: 29-174931-F66, whose address is Mutare Farm Prison, in Marange, but is registered to vote at a polling station in Chikanga.

The same applies to Maparura Collins, of Chief Mutasa, and Gwizo Todd, of Zimunya, who are both registered in Dangamvura-Chikanga constituency.

In Bulawayo, Senator Michael Cater, and wife Janet were posted outside their Bulawayo East constituency to different polling stations despite registering to vote using the same address at almost the same time.

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  1. These anomalies are not there by accident but because one party has decided to use zec as conduit to rig the elections.

  2. Do your research.Mutare Farm Prison is in Chikanga not Marange

    1. its not a research but what is there given by zec

  3. It’s the ‘experts’ and their ‘research’ that are shady. Newspapers are proving to be lazy by depending on such sources. What really stops newspapers from doing their own analysis of the voters’ roll?

    1. because they are not experts;its not always that easy;the summaries in the newspaper report makes an average man think its easy for a journalist but of course they ca cross-check after receiving such information before publishing.

  4. there was no minimum threshold on the number of voters per polling station kkkkkk even zero voters is a minimum imika

  5. What makes me laugh is that ZPF is is going to rig the election by stuffing 2 ballot papers there and 10 ballot papers here. So how many votes would that be cde reporter and your opposition analysts, at most 24100 if 241 stations had less than 100 voters. Is that worth the effort of ZEC or any party going through all those lenghts to rig for 24000 votes in a voters’ role of 5500000, really? That’s clutching at straws, there is no harm in you pointing anomalies or errors in the process, not every anomaly or error is out of malice. The problem with Zimbos is that our lives have become one big conspiracy theory, we cant see think clearly anymore.

    1. We have been cheated twice before, remember…

    2. What if the idea is to stuff these 241 virtual polling with an average of 5000 votes? Isn’t you get 1 205 000 votes attributed to these non-existed polling statations?

  6. these bogus polling stations is where zanu needs to go and smuggle their rigging ballot papers the nikuved ones

  7. These are the same polling stations that you will hear thousand voted at that same polling station & then you wonder where the rest of the people came from

  8. Takesure Zvazviri

    Why is it this article is only published by Newsday, i doubt the credibility of this article.

  9. SecularSkeptic

    Lets not sensationalise issues. I thought in terms of the law parties are allowed to have their agents at each polling station.The agents are to ensure that ballot boxes are empty at the beginning of the poll.They are not to lose sight of the ballot boxes until after the votes are counted.For as long as we focus on petty peripheral issues and ignore the big picture the status quo will persist indefinitely. Let us be guided by critical thinking and not superstition.

  10. musi watova pedyo vote yangu achataura zvayo

  11. Well done to those exposing these ruses. As the ZCC survey reported by the latest Standard suggested, the majority of the public will not be surprised by these ongoing revelations. God knows what other shenanigans are in store for us during the actual voting and (most important of all) the counting stages.

    1. muzepete for sure

  12. Why is it the herald say observers speak on Chamisa only ,why not news day or daily news kkkkkkkkkk we want free and fair elections.

  13. kid marongorongo

    if you want to be zec then go and be employed there ZEC is doing the best

  14. Chisa Mbama Chisa

    Chero vakada kubirira chibullet train cheAllience ? chave kumberi mberi. Tohwina chete. #ccc

  15. I dont see an rigging done at polling station with less than 100 people if polling agetns are there and alert. The actual number of people who registered at the turn of in question was 7. It appears people did not want to register at their nearest station and oughted for the nearby school. Dai mati vakanyoresa vashoma vaitya victimisation zvaive nemusoro not any other reason. kana muchiti maticha also need change do you think they will allow rigging at a polling station? Kana muri mafavourites why do you think all civil servants involved in elections will promote rigging. Please campaign not kurota kwamuri kuita.

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