Rowdy ‘Zanu PF activist’ nabbed

POLICE in Harare have arrested one of the six suspected rowdy Zanu PF activists appearing on a video clip circulating on social media making threatening statements before discharging a gunshot.


One of the suspects in the video clip uploaded on social media over the weekend is donning a Zanu PF campaign T-shirt emblazoned with President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s face.
The six are seemingly high on drugs.

This comes as tension is reportedly rising among political parties contesting in the July 30 election as the poll date draws near.

In a statement yesterday, national police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said such behaviour was deplorable.

She said people must heed Mnangagwa’s call to maintain a peaceful environment during the election period.

“This type of criminal behaviour will surely be dealt with in accordance with the law. The process of identifying the criminals with a view to arrest them for drug abuse and discharging a firearm in a public place is already underway,” Charamba said.

“They are also abusing the campaign regalia of His Excellency, Cde ED Mnangagwa.

“We want to warn the public against wanton behaviour that may compromise the peaceful environment ahead of elections. The full wrath of the law will certainly take its course,” Charamba said.

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  1. People must stop acting, that is the reason why Zimbabwe always have obstacles when it is taking a development journey.
    ZANU PF is mature enough it never encourage such activity – and its motto is “Vasingazive Ngavadzidziswe!”

  2. Hayiwa wo…….the only reason they have been nabbed is that the clip is in circulation and they have to be seen to be doing something. What about the other happenings of people parading guns which are happening elsewhere and are not on social media- are they being apprehended? How did he get the gun in the first place and only to nabbed because he has appeared on the social media…..cry beloved Zimbabwe.

  3. The full wrath of the law will certainly take its course, ingori public indecency iyi..achangobhadhara fine ye $30 zvatovharana

  4. Violance has always been in ZanuPf’s DNA the violance and behavior shown by the youth is what they have been breeding and grooming the last 38 years

  5. charamba iwe uri mutauriri wepolice wapresident ndigeorge wezanu ndikhaya moyo iwe ziva zvekumirira police

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