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Mnangagwa a big pretender: Ex-US envoys


FORMER United States diplomats have described Monday polls as a mere political charade and urged the world’s biggest economy to be wary of deeply engaging President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


In an article published by the US Council on Foreign Relations titled Zimbabwe’s Upcoming Election Is a Political Charade: Why the US Should Be Wary of Engaging Mnangagwa, Michelle Gavin and Todd Moss said after visiting the country, they were left convinced that Mnangagwa was “a big pretender”.

“We hoped to find signs of genuine progress that would justify a significant change in US policy and new commitments to working with Zimbabwe’s government,” Gavin and Moss wrote on Wednesday.

“Unfortunately, we came away convinced that what we witnessed was more political theatre than good faith and that the United States should be deeply wary of engagement with Mnangagwa.”

Gavin served as senior Africa director at the National Security Council and as the US ambassador to Botswana in the Barack Obama administration while Moss served as deputy assistant secretary of State in the George Bush’s administration.

The two visited Zimbabwe as part of an independent delegation of former senior US diplomats with long experience in the country in order to see for themselves what had changed since former President Robert Mugabe’s departure.
Mnangagwa, a long time Mugabe enforcer, took over from his former boss on the back of a military-aided power transition last November and has been promising to usher in free, fair and credible elections to make a departure from the country’s past of gross human rights violations and disputed polls.

The 76-year-old leader had also promised to end Zimbabwe’s international isolation and has since launched an international public relations campaign to end Zimbabwe’s status as an international pariah and attract foreign direct investment.

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  1. And Zimbabweans are fully wary of greedy racist Americans seeking to influence their voting

  2. one thing we shld knw z patience mu politics, had Biti bn patient wt Tsvangirai he cld hev been d pres. of Mdc now, had Ed questioned d R.G earlier his chances of presidency wldnt hev dawned, had Cyril Ramaphosa cn neva be held account fr J.Z corrupt yrs n office, so nothing wrong wt E.D he ws cjus learning d ropes, wc he dd

    • The ropes of how to be a crook for life? Unless he is a very slow learner, he would be a completely certified thief after 40 years. He should be behind bars for life, in fact.

  3. How are the American going to influence our voting nhai

    Shinhay Toendepi and can Loyalist tell us which ropes did ED learn for the past 38 years.
    Let us all go out and vote peacefully on Monday my fellow Zimbabweans.

  4. The Americans are the biggest pretenders themselves. They walked out on the iran deal, killed Gaddafi and saddam like dogs, destroyed Afghanistan, ruined Syria… The list of their crimes is endless

    • But at least sewage water and potholes aren’t the order of the day. It’s a functional democracy with strong institutions. Same can’t be said about our Zanumabwe.

  5. With just a day to go to election date, nothing much have changed other than political violence which is only sported on some places of the poitic devide. Vote rigging is rife scintifically and practically that the pretender ED is just waiting for the throne and legitimise himself as a voted or elected leader yet NOOOO!!

  6. They have been defeated in 1980, failed to remove bob through their front party MDC and on monday they will be defeated again. The concept of intimidating voters through sanctions will not work again. it has failed to produce their desired results. sanctions only worsened the lives of even insane supporters of MDC supporters. They will be defeated again and again. So I hope there are other people in America who will discover that sanctions will not change governments. Sanctions worsens the plight of even Mdc fanatic supporters. they dont only target Zanu supporter’s supporters. Mdc has only one weapon, the suffering of zimbabweans. In zimbabwe we have people who have eyes to see the causes of our sufferings and we know very well who is the devil. Monday people will vote for their party. and again they will cry foul and cry again.

  7. The very interesting thing about these American chaps’s accusations is that no evidence was given whatsoever. Let me inform these guys that if there is a biggest pretender in the world, it is non other than The United States Of America. They pretent to be champions of free and fair elections when their own electoral system grossly undermines the votes of blacks in America. It is not a secrete that the states where blacks are the mojority are alloted the least number of electoral college votes and only God knows why. The United States pretends to be the champions of free and fair elections but they are a closest friend and a business partner of Saud Arabia which does not hold any elections, let alone free and fair ones. They also pretent to be the champion of human rights but they give financial and millitary support to Israel which violates the rights of Palestinians day in day out. The palestinians have their homes demolished and their land grabed civillians being shot dead. The least is inexhaustible.

  8. And as far as the threat of continued isolation by the United States is concerned, President Mnangagwa should not be frightened by a rubber snake. The United States is no longer the only game in town any more. I am very hapy the president attended the BRICS summit in South Africa and I urge him to work towards the prospect of Zimbabwe being a member of the grouping. Do not forget, your excellency, that The Chinese Yuan is now a reserve currency also. You can also make an effort to adopt the yuan as a means of alleviating the liquidity crisis while our industry is still growing. The americans can keep their dollar as we keep our natural resources and Yuan. So those hypoctrites who pretend to be messengers of freedom while armtwisting zimbabweans to support their pupets can go hang. Appoint me minister of foreign affair one of these days and I will teach those shameless raicist yunkees an unforgatable lesson.

  9. Comment…vanhu vezanu modeiii panewspaper remdc go to hell murikudya hatifi takakutererai imbwa dzevanhu

  10. Ndihwo hunhu hwenyu machinja zvese naChamisa wenyu. Kuwanda simba pamuromo kunge pinjisi, basa nderekungogwauta chamisa chetechete chinozikanwa hapana. And you seriously believe such a beautiful nation can be lead by such shameless immoral minions as youself.

  11. The definition of stupidity is voting into power the same party over and over again , expecting to get different results. (Malcom X)

  12. Chamisa never brings jobs to the people instead he makes people dismissed from their work like what happened in 2015 ZUVA CASE vote for him mabasa enyu anopera

  13. These are just views of 2 usa citizens who once been in previous gvt systems,thisZ not the USA gvt’s official position which must speak for the whole country(THE USA)

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