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Live Updates: Mugabe endorses Chamisa


NewsDay brings you live updates of the media briefing the former president Robert Gabriel Mugabe at his residence in Harare.

Updates by Ronald Magweta 

Mugabe says he wanted Dr Sekeramayi to be his successor

says those tanks that were across the country, who were they fighting, we are the enemy of ourselves, I say this was wrong, this is the greatest damage to be done after independence

Is this the Zimbabwe that has become so undemocratic

Let the people go and vote freely and I’m glad. Even ED has said people will be allowed to vote freely & the result will be recognized, fine we appreciate that –

There are 23 candidates & people ask what is your choice & no one has said what is not your choice. I can’t vote for those who have tormented me –

I work with Mai Mujuru, I work with Khupe. There’s Chamisa, I’ve not worked with him & I’ve seen him work with the late Tsvangirai & he seems to be doing well –

I hope the voting which will be done tomorrow will reform, will thrash away military form of govt & bring us back to constitutionality –

We must have a democratic constitution, that is what we fought for –

says let tomorrow decide, there should be a big no to guns directing politics. We shall never again experience a time when an army is used in politics

says congrats to whichever party wins the & let us accept that verdict, let’s pray that tomorrow brings us good news, good news to everyone is that we get our freedom back

says when you’re put in a high place where you’re a leader, a president of the country, you have rules that guide you, you must obey the rules

I say so after I had resigned, I had to go to the pension office to ask what I’m entitled to, financially the amount was $467k but people talk about $10mil

I say so after I had resigned, I had to go to the pension office to ask what I’m entitled to, financially the amount was $467k but people talk about $10mil

says today is a better day, I hope it will still be a better day tomorrow. I’m sure the good Lord will help us to bring a better day tomorrow

says our neighbors were made to believe that all is okay, it was not a coup, you do not deploy the army. If it’s not a coup why would you do that

Responding to BBC says I’ve not met Chamisa unless it’s Tsvangirai we were together in the GNU. I have not met him, I wish to meet him if he wins.

Responding to SABC says it was not the army that ensured I remained in power. I was defeated at one time but Tsvangirai had no enough votes to rule.

says I wouldn’t vote for either women because they do not seem to have much support

says we should be free as a family and I do not support the denunciation of my wife everyday. I think those who write in the herald especially

Replying to the 15Bil question We got nothing from the diamond companies, one was Chinese & one was Lebanese & they didn’t show us what they had got from mining

Replying if he would prefer an opposition win or ED says he can’t vote for Zanu PF, so it’s just

I can’t vote for those who’ve caused me to be in this situation. Mai Mujuru & Mai Khupe have less to offer so there’s just Chamisa

Replying to says the army did not intervene, we lost the election & Tsvangirai did not have enough votes that why went into the GNU

Replying if ZEC is captured says I’ve been reading in the papers & I those these are views brought up by people & I don’t think ZEC is captured

Replying to the Itai Dzamara abduction says I’m also worried, I didn’t know who he was & if we can get info to get factual position as to what happened, who took him & where they took him

Stating his view on the president says he’s a good worker, but it’s not always that he told me the truth so in some cases I did not believe what he told me

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  1. We really don’t care what former President Mugabe thinks or doesn’t think anymore. If you so vilify his 38 year rule why then do you seek his opinion. If you danced in the streets when he was deposed why then do you care what he thinks or eats for breakfast.
    Good riddance to a bad joke.

  2. the definition of stupidity is voting 4 the same party into power over and over again expecting to get different results.(Malcom X)

  3. I do not belive Mugbe’s endorsement of Chamisa is of any benefit to Mdc alliance. It has actualy done a lot of harm. Izvi vamudhara zvekuti hamuna kuonana naChamisa murikunyepa vakuru. Chamisa munoita naye business kubva kare and the Mdc Alliance is acualy your baby yekudzokera nayo mupower through the backdoor but it will not work.

  4. ZANU PF Chiororo yakonzeresa Mugabe kuvhotera opposition. But dont be too excited, this is not a blessing!

  5. Do not blame mugabe for what he said. he has the right to vote for his choice. one man’s meat is another man’s poison. why hating mugabe for endorsing Chamisa for presedence.

  6. Comment…#####,Anything that Mugabe says is poisonous to do. Zimbabwe should vote for ED Mnangagwa and once we do that, we will be connected to business. ED chete chete.

  7. Comment…Mugabe failed to realize that the new dispensation has brought democracy far much ahead of his time. he too blind to fail to reason that he deserves house arrest and has been receiving fair treatment since Nov when he left office. he said he can’t vote for people who led to his present situation. which situation is he talking about? to be relieved,?. For Mugabe to vote for Chamisa will be to protect his business empire, maintain his political position is another fact. Zimbabwe vote ED Mnangagwa today 30 July 2018 election. Zimbabwe will be working again.

  8. Nero finally unmasked, that dude is mugabe’s baby. Voting for Chamisa is bringing Marujata back then some years leta we will certainly need a brave army general n committed vice-president for a repeat of Nov 2017.

    Ed is the man Zim needs at the moment coz he had proved to be far much better than mugabe, jus imagine the peace towards elections to mention jus but a few of Ed’s good governance.

    ED pfeeeeeeeeeeeee



  11. ED has brought freedom in just 8 months. Mugabe couldn’t do that in 38yrs. Rinonakirwa richakweva rimwe chokwadi, nhasi makuchema neHerald kkkk. #ED has my vote.

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