Chiwenga fires pot shots at Chamisa

VICE-PRESIDENT Constantino Chiwenga yesterday fired pot shots at the youthful MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa, describing his pledge to introduce spaghetti roads as day-dreaming.


Chiwenga was addressing Zanu PF supporters in Chamisa’s Kuwadzana East constituency, where he challenged the opposition leader to complete his community library project before dreaming of building national roads.

“The city has been destroyed, we no longer want people who rush to say we want to build spaghetti roads when you have failed to even build a library or dig boreholes,” Chiwenga said.

Zanu PF has struggled to break into urban settings since the opposition MDC emerged at the turn of the century and Chiwenga yesterday pleaded with residents of Kuwadzana not to be “enticed by temporary things”.

“If you are given beer today and forget that the very same person will not come back, let us do the right thing that will see our country going forward,” Chiwenga said.

Earlier in the day, Chiwenga addressed the Asian community at Belvedere Teachers’ College, urging the normally conservative community to join mainstream national programmes.

“One of the major problems with the Asian community is that you were being taken as aliens with the zeros denoting (your district of origin). Those zeros are no more because I checked the law and there is nothing like that. We are all Zimbabweans,” Chiwenga said.

“It is our intention as the new dispensation that we interact with everyone in Zimbabwe, so that together we come with a way forward for Zimbabwe,” he added.

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  1. DOFO

  2. Ndoshaya pekusvodera. Zuro ndinhasi, I remember very well how zanu pf blocked any member who is or was not a member of zanu pf to do any developmental issues. I happen to work for one local NGO we wher not allowed by zanu pf structure to even hand out goods to the disadvantages instead we were forced to hand over to zanu pf whom in return will do it as if they are the ones. Mr Chiwenga nyaraiwo mava munhu mukuru, kokungotaurawo chokwadi kunouraya here. Tell me Mr Chiwenga what has zanu pf built for the past 38 years in power, I gues you will give me an endless list of all the wrong doings that you have done. We are not fools lest we forget

    1. get away Okocha NGO ipi yawakashanda iwe ax the VP on Army related issues wch he managed kwete kuvukura kwenyu uku ….. zibvanha chamisa rakasiirwa library naJongwe kubva kare nanhasi kana chidhinha 1 chaiswa

  3. Farai Johnson Nhire

    If you feel Vp Chiwenga has contributed nothing for Zimbabwe, then its not my duty and responsibility to correct that amount of ignorance in your thick head. I am hapy however, to know that Vp Chiwenga never called for sanctions against our country from George W Bulshit.

  4. All progressive and developed countries were built by people who dared to dream. If Chiwenga thinks Zimbabwe having modern roads is a dream too far then I have no idea what they can offer to the country. He is too negative in his thinking, set in his old ways and lacks imagination to be catalyst of change this country desperately needs. We need visionary leaders who can modernise the country. Asian countries are prime examples of what can be achieved with the right leaders.

    1. the problem is tt this dare dreaming in particular is a hallucination hatisi vana vanoudzwa kunzi bullet train within 2months ndapinda spaghetti roads within 6 months imii…… @Munhumutapa please visit ED’s vision 2030

      1. @Chihera.I don’t know why people like you fall for such flimsy propaganda and i have no idea where you are also getting your ridiculous timelines of the bullet trains and spaghetti roads. I also have no reason to visit ED’s vision 2030 because he does not have anything to offer to this country but empty rhetoric. What has he achieved in 100 days as he had initially promised? Yeah, thought so…nothing but sweet words to the gullible.

  5. We the people are our worst enemies whilst politicians continues to use us!

  6. Regai timbonzwewo manyepo manyowani eMDC,enyu eZANU (PF)taneta nawo. President goes an extra mile of comparing his government with that of heaven vachiti “kana kudenga hakuna gvt yakanaka kudai” kurally yekuChipadze Bindura. Pliz don’t play with God by uttering such blasphemous statements. ” The voice of people is the voice of God” is it true?

  7. pasi nekurota pamberi ne reality,reality being the truth said by guveya we dont want blue lies here chamisa is just trying to bargain peoples favor through lies but never the less zimbabwe is for isu vana vevhu ndikokuti zanu ndiko kuti hutongi hwejekerere mugabe takamubvisa tese zimbabwe yese because grace ive otora nyika kunge yake nhasi uno chamisa oti ndomuda ndomuita vp nekuti akapuwa mari yekucampainesa to hell with that pasi nemhanduuuu ndini dombo fon number dzangu idzo 0716143253

  8. chiwenga is unfolding the truth that these kuwadzana people were not even aware of,chamisa believes in his own capacity to enjoy all the political benefits alone at his own personal interest tirikumuziva ini handichadi nezvake ndakamusupota zvakakwana.

  9. no political maturity in chamisa we dont want to encounter new fresh problems from him chamisa came open that he is a pastor let him open churches in zimbabwe ngaasiye politics

  10. Have been going through these letters and wonder why we end up at each others throats. We have matured enough as citizens of this country to the point that we should never be carried away by politics to the extend of calling each other names.

    To those of you who keep on referring to age when it comes to Chamisa, go back to 1980 and see how old most of these guys in top leadership were then. What matters most in politics (government) is the material around you. If surrounded by crooks you end up a crook. I think Chamisa has enough and capable personnel to see us through if it happens that he wins.

    On the other hand ED must have realised the mistakes from the past and is bound to correct them. So let the better candidate of the two win.

    Aluta continua. Asante sana. My vote is a secret.

  11. Why is Chamisa working with the Mugabes? You want us to have temporary freedom then we are back to suffering


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