Chamisa sets Zec vigil dates

OPPOSITION MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa yesterday disclosed that their planned vigils at the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) offices countrywide would kick off next Tuesday and run until July 30, if the electoral management body refuses to accede to his demands for key electoral reforms ahead of the month-end polls.


This came as Southern Africa Development Community (Sadc) chairperson and South African President Cyril Ramaphosa confirmed yesterday that the regional bloc had received

Chamisa’s petition demanding an extraordinary summit to discuss the “Zimbabwe crisis”.

Chamisa, who heads both the MDC-T and the country’s largest coalition of opposition parties — MDC Alliance, has declared that his political grouping had the capacity to stop holding of elections on July 30 until the political playfield has been levelled.

He accused Zec and the ruling Zanu PF of colluding to rig the polls in favour of incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

MDC-T youth leader Happymore Chidziva told NewsDay yesterday they had mobilised adequately for the five-day round-the-clock vigil at the Zec headquarters and provincial offices starting next Tuesday.

“We have applied (to police) to advise of our plans for a continuous demonstration from the 25th and we are now waiting for feedback on issues that we have raised. We made the application to the police,” he said.

“This demonstration is the one where we will picket at Zec until our issues are addressed. People will be staying at the Zec offices. We will start in Harare, but we will have teams in all the provinces so that nothing will happen until we get a satisfactory response.”

To date, the MDC Alliance has held two demonstrations in Harare, which attracted large numbers as part of efforts to pile pressure on government and Zec to level the political playfield ahead of the elections.

“The people will occupy Zec offices, we are taking over. This will be a very successful exercise and we will push through to have our demands acted upon,” Chidziva said.

Ndivhuwo Mabaya, spokesperson of the South African government’s Department of International Relations and Co-operation, told NewsDay that Ramaphosa was already seized with Chamisa’s concerns.

“It is receiving his attention and he will respond soon. The chairperson is dealing with the matter,” Mabaya said.
Chamisa on Tuesday said he was pushing for a summit of the regional bloc after he declared a “stalemate” with Zec over the process leading to the elections.

Highly-placed sources within Chamisa’s inner circles yesterday said the youthful opposition leader had since changed tact and was now pushing for a meeting of the Sadc troika.

“It’s easier to get the troika to meet than have a summit. A summit would need all countries to agree, it’s by consensus. So the pressure has now been moved to Angola (current Sadc troika chairperson) to have it convene a meeting of the most important organ as regards regional politics,” NewsDay heard.

Besides Angola, other members of the Sadc troika are Tanzania and Zambia.

The group met over tensions in Zimbabwe last November during the dramatic events that forced then President Robert Mugabe to resign.

Chamisa’s spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda could not be drawn to comment on the change of tact, but said they had also established that Zimbabwe was the only country with a murky ballot design system.

“There should be a method as to where which candidate is on the ballot. It does not have to depend on which side of the bed the electoral management body’s boss wakes up on in the morning,” he said.

“Zimbabwe cannot be a bad apple. Some countries actually conduct a draw, candidates pick a ball and if the number they pick comes first then they are placed at the top of the ballot.”

Chamisa said he had flagged two important issues, the ballot paper as well as the voters’ roll.

Meanwhile, former United Nations secretary-general and chairman of the highly-respected global Elders Council, Kofi Annan, told South African media that he would arrive in Zimbabwe today.

“We will meet newspaper publishers, church groups and as well as diplomats about working to deliver clean and fair elections. Elections with integrity. Elections with integrity confer legitimacy on the winner, but it also provides security for the loser,” Annan told SABC during a symbolic walk in remembrance of the late South African anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela’s centenary celebrations.

“So we will have broad discussions with everybody and encourage them to move in the right direction, to avoid violence and to accept the results of the election,” he added.


  1. I can see serious panicking here, as predicted chamisa is wondering what had hit him, is in a panicky mode. Regarding sadc summit or troika meeting request, he is whilstling in the wind.

  2. Confused Chamisa ever changing tactics. SADCC has observers already in Zimbabwe and SADCC will rely more from their observers than Chamisa. There will be only one winner and its already pointing to be ED. Problem of MDC Alliance is that they dont have structures. They rely mostly on rallies.

    1. my friend watch the space
      kkkkk wach the space

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  4. Very Sad and this will not even change a flipping thing neither will it even bolster the number of votes for the party apart from subjecting the paltry registered voters of the opposition to the freezing temperatures whilst the Leaders will be enjoying life in the comfort of their homes, the truth of the matter is that the opposition parties are destined for a surprising monumental loss and its too late to change that now.

  5. Zec should release the Biometric Voters Roll. What is the commission hiding? We know that Zanu PF has hired people to push its rigging plot on social media. All we want is a free & fair election

    1. I do not want my biometric information being made public. I will sue ZEC if they release it without my permission. There is more to my identity than voting. kindly be guided accordingly.

      1. Why didn’t you sue it now since they say the data base has been hacked unongovhukuravo owe

  6. Security forces get ready pronto for this muted anarchy.

  7. Wezhira Wezhara

    The ballot paper cannot be secured by all and sundry so why did we establish an Independent Commission in the first place? Its bad for politics if someone enters a race for political office expecting only one result. When Chamisa first held rallies, he was charmed by the numbers but he punicked when ED started his own. The numbers at ED’s rallies doubled and that is the reason why? Initially when Chamisa went to town about his half numbers, Zanu PF was pushing its supporters to regsister as voters. At that time I remember Chamisa was crying foul that people should not be asked to produce voter registration slips. Audios were awash in the Social media so my question now is, If Chamisa found it wrong for Zanu to ask for slips from its supporters, why does he think its right for ZEC to give him a voters roll with our pictures? Double standards indeed.

    1. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

      Very good analysis Cde. We are tired of this thing called chamisa. Its true that he is panicking seeing ED’s rallies. I remember they were splashing youtube with chamisa’s rallies showing a low levelled camera to give the impression of well attended rallies now real rallies are taking place panick is gripping hard to content on him.

  8. Esteemed readers do not waste your time reading or responding to some of the negatives being directed to Chamisa here. There are people who are being paid to mud slide. Leave them alone.

    1. Wezhira Wezhara

      Dont be blinkered my friend. Never expect people to give credit where it is not due. Chamisa is trying to tell everybody that only him has the right to win. Everybody was given the same type of voters roll and sample ballot papers and they were satisfied. So what is so special about Chamisa. Even if Mnangagwa behaves the same way we will tell him the same way we criticized Mugabe. I once highlighted on this platform that Mugabe was the G40 leader because he was indeed basing on the way he pumpered Jonathan Moyo and crew. Therefore everyone should be subjected to criticsm because the way Chamisa behaves is a pointer that if he wins, he may end up abusing anyone who does not dance to his tune. That is dictatorship

      1. wezhara ,remain with your poverty as for the intellectual and bold, we wont allow a circus of an election,,,

        1. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

          Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkky intellectual?????? Are you serious you are one? An intellectual who cant even see the dirty game being played by chamisa? Even if it is a fact of how you hate ZANU PF yu cannot be blind to such a level. Chamisa’s campaign ticket was based on the suffering and unemployment in the country. Now he knows it very well that this is his last chance of ever dreaming called president bcoz the pace being set by ED will render any opposition irrelevant. People are going to enjoy in this country being led by ED. This is the reality and truth which an intellectual like you could have seen before writing your circus election thing.

    2. True that, we know them here. They defend the Zec and Zanu coz they are being paid to do so not because they are talking sense,,,NOOO.IMBAVHA.

    3. Andrei Mafeso, thats typical blindness you are displaying. We are not all as blind as a bat. For me I represent a level headed section of our Nation. From where you u stand nhai Andrei, how do you know with certainty that if I dont agree with Chamisa I have been paid to do so??? Why must I not question Chamisa? Its a pity with this kind of thinking you want me to vote for MDC Alliance. You will not find my name in an political party database be it ZANU PF or MDC (Chakadaro) what what, but surely Chamisa and the whole bunch of Advocates and Lawyers, senior and junior, have lost it. As I sit on my couch now I can tell kuti thats the end of the road for them into political oblivion. History has a tendency to repeat itself. All the picketing, demos and marches wont get Chamisa votes. Mind you it is public knowledge that Harare is the stronghold of MDC, but Harare is not Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe is not Harare.

      1. Siyananazvo, we are in same boat. I will never join any political party for this reason. It puts blinkers and people dont see the reality. Picketing and demonstrating doesnt earn one votes and votes win elections. At some point I saw Chamisa as the person to voye for but to me he has lost that credibility. His supporters have turned violent. This violent characteristic was also displayed against Khuphe. To them, only Chamisa is the right candidate. If you don’t agree with them you are paid by Zanu PF. We dont have to be on the payroll to see reality.

  9. its impossible for regional bodies to support any opposition as it is pronounced as facilitation of regime change.its foreign police is not to help someone to be on power but to facilitate for good governance and democracy , that i think even the alliance has failed within its part by abusing women and youths.

  10. its impossible for regional bodies to support any opposition as it is pronounced as facilitation of regime change.its foreign police is not to help someone to be on power but to facilitate for good governance and democracy , that i think even the alliance has failed within its part by abusing women and youths.

  11. All CIO and ZANU newspaper crawling troglodytes and thugs here be warned.You are chasing the wind. Singing shrilly again to steal these elections, as you have been doing since 2002. This time you are going to have a hard time. We know how elections are conducted cleanly throughout SADC. It is going to be so hard for you. Even if you go ahead and steal the elections, they will be disputed. Your guy will be illegitimate. He will sit in the terraces again at AU summits, while waiting people justice back home.You will be in a catch 22 situation, all bluster and no delivery. Hot air. FDI and much touted investors will be nowhere. While poverty and cash shortages and all other ills bite deeper. You have no capacity to deliver. You will never have.How can you, with tired and doddering old men? This is a very enlightened electorate, this time around. We don’t need ZANU TV and radio to dispatch distorted information. We have facebook, whatsapp,twitter, instagram. You are going to have blisters typing to misinform and counteract forces of change and progress. Thieving and murdering is your business.

    1. Abishai mwanawevhu, you are raving and ranting and this poison is eating you up. This game is too big for Chamisa. Be frank with yourself and ask intelligent and sober questions. Just look at the MDC Alliance structure, does Chamisa have a deputies or a vice- president? There is no clarity in this monster called Alliance. If this Alliance win the election, God forbid I pray, I foresee some serious baboon in-fighting among the leaders from the 13 different parties that make up the Alliance. Its also alarming to now discover that RG Mugabe is bankrolling the Alliance and secured the Vice President for his NPF project. This is not the MDC that stood for democratic change, its a whole new monster with different values and myopic vision. Of all people Chamisa must stop discrediting ZEC when he himself the internal process of primary election was littered with imposition of candidates and rigging. So tell me, how does that happen for Chamisa to be picketing at ZEC Offices with such “filthy, dirty hands”? PEOPLE OF ZIMBABWE lets go out and vote to make sure MUGABE Dynasty does not come back thru the back door in the form of an Alliance. Its time to shut this whole circus.

      1. Siyananazvo, we are together unless Chamisa grows up overnight and become mature. If he were to die today or some happens, what happens to this alliance? It will be a dog fight.

  12. end of an era, give us the signal papa we ready

  13. Comment…If zec was independent why print ballots at gvt facility which is controlled by zanu pf which is a interested party in the elections .Those who went to view the printing process where made to watch from distance.Police where caught voting without parties knowledge .What do u call this.Mnangagwa is giving villagers cows but could not build a single road that will benefit the generations to come

  14. Comment…If zec is indeed independent why print ballots at a gvt property controlled by zanu which is a player in the elections.Those who went to view printing where made to stand at a distance.What do u call this. Mnangagwa is going around giving villagers groceries but . build even a single clinic or a road that will benefit generations to come

  15. Esteemed readers do not waste your time reading or responding to some of the negatives being directed to Chamisa here. There are people who are being paid to mud slide. Leave them alone.

  16. Esteemed readers do not waste your time reading or responding to some of the negatives being directed to Chamisa here. There are people who are being paid to mud slide. Leave them alone.

    1. lik you

  17. “A strong perception is solidifying that she is a small house if one of the candidates. I strongly support Chamisa on his stance on ZEC. Zanu pf and ZEC are twin evils. They must be exposed

  18. wainzwa tsvangi achitaura vakomana fambai gwara rimwe

  19. Not everyone is paid to comment on this platform. Some of us we are neither MDC nor ZANU PF, not electorates but jut Zimbabweans who love thier country and was to see to prosper.We just look at the fact we are give and analysises it and use our brains and make comment.We an’t paid by anybody. We happen to have day jobs.

  20. kumberi nebhora, hatitambe defensive isu machinja

  21. I believe there are many Zimbabweans who aren’t party members. Let us make an informed decision and vote to take Zimbabwe forward. Don’t worry about party members giving you all sorts of labels. Let’s vote for sense.

  22. If Chamisa wants his stoogies to stage a vigil then let it be. Some people will never learn. Chamisa is calling for a vigil while he sleeps in his bed and the poor unthinking folks will meet the icy weather, shame on you Nelson. Where were you all this while not standing up like you are doing now? These changes you are agitating for could have been done using right channels but alas you thought you were winning and now the cards have turned red. If you think that your vigil will win you an election, then go on and do so. However, we are not going to be stopped by anyone from taking our rights as Zimbabweans, one of which is to freely chose a leader we want. We will never be intimidated by your ranting and threats of violence. Remember that you are not the only Zimbabwean we also can even take you to court if you dare us. We are going to vote on the 30th of July 2018 and I repeat, no power under heaven will stop this process save for God Almighty in his wisdom. So please shut up and prepare for your imminent defeat by ED. Pamberi nekushandira Zimbabwe.

  23. matebele warrior Chamisa CC

    some guys are just supporting nonsense , SADC has election guidelines , watch what is happening in zambia right now , you will feel like going to vote there because evrything is transparent to the bone .
    ZANU and ZEC – same same

  24. Kamisa kamisa katsotsi kakapinda pachigaro thru backdoor! Very afraid of elections, you imposed yourself on MDC and now what’s nextn is to impose yourself on the Nation. Go hang young moron! Go hang! You are foolishly thinking that since you are canoodling with the renegade fossil Mugabe then you are untouchable! Word of advice bhururu, don’t continue to provoke sleeping nekuti you will run faster than your bullet train when they wake up! Tobo!!!

  25. I feel pity for the MDC followers sitting cold and hungry waiting for..NOTHING! It’s a total waste of this space.

  26. Civil servant

    if chamisa get 34% of the votes anenge arwisa.truely speeking his stil an amauter in the political arena.he has no vision

  27. Masvingo a Govere

    Give him the space, that is the reason why you do not want a free and fair election. Ndosaka muchihwira ZEC urombo because you know kuti mukame mukaka wakakora kare makajaira kubira gwendo guno makanyangira yakaona

  28. Lloyd Chigodora

    zimbabweans are idiots , imbwa dzevanhu

  29. Those who witnessed the 1980 elections will see some echoes, with Zanu PF now playing the role of the regime in power and government operatives seemingly believing their own propaganda and mocking the opposition’s claims to have popular support. Smith and Muzorewa, after initial fears that they would rig, followed by fears of a coup by Gen Walls, were eventually talked into accepting the “shock” results of the UANC defeat. Let us hope this regime does not prove to sink lower than that.

  30. ZANU PF’S VICTORIES OF ACHIEVEMENTS IN DESTRUCTION: 1990-zANU PF’s primitive policies were the causes for zimbabwe’s AID suspension by the IMF and WORLD BANK. 1998- High interest rates imposed by Zanu pf government caused Zimbabwe’s Economic Crisis. 2000-Farm invasions by zanu supporters were authorized by Mugabe,ED Mnangagwa,Mujuru, Zimhondi,Mohadi,Bonyongwe,Shiri,Zvobo,Muzenda,Mahofa and all zanu pf stakeholders. 2001- Starvation caused by Food Shortages because of Zanu pf’s farm invasions.To be continued

  31. ZANU PF’S GREATEST VICTORIES OF ACHIEVEMENTS IN DESTRUCTIONS: 2OO2-Commonwealth countries suspended zimbabwe. 2003-Economic meltdown and rising inflation forced companies to closed down. 2004-Due to unpaid overdue funds by zanu pf government,zimbabwe was expelled by the IMF 2005-kwachu kwachu, destruction of houses and business properties by zanu pf government 2006-Zimbabwe’s annual inflation rises above 1000%,hence the introduction of Bearer cheques by zanu pf government. 2008-Prices and wages freezes were implemented and 300 MDC-T supporters murdered by zanu pf government. still to continue

  32. ZANU PF’S GREATEST VICTORIES OF ACHIEVEMENTS IN DESTRUCTIONS: 2009-GNU was formed and abandoned Zim dollar and a period of positive economic growth for the first time in decades of destruction by zanu pf was attained due to the MDC-T’s
    sound economic policies and its presence in government. 2013-2016-Again,poor economic performance cause by huge arrears because of Zanu pf’s inabilities and shallow policy implementations and as usual governing alone,zanu pf went on to introduce the now Bond Notes. 2017- The fall of dictator RG Mugabe, but ED Mnangagwa in his 7 months of governing Zimbabwe,has dismally failed to arrest the CRISIS of CASH up today.

  33. Zanu pf can keep on governing and governing disgruntled zimbabwe by force,but kare haagari ari kare. Zanu pf hatichaide,ngaibve yakaba,yakauraya,yakaparadza zvakakwana zvamakaita hapana chisingaperi pasi pano.

  34. We will teach murderers, Gukurahundists, 2008 killers a lesson this time, we wont vote for you, enuf is enuf makatisiirei tirivapenyu rwendo rwuno shiri yabvuta rekeni. handei tione, Game on.

  35. May the Lord do justice to the Zimbabweans…. there seem to be miscarriage of what is true and honest..

  36. If SADC did not save Mugabe, it would be interesting to see it serve Chamisa. Then we know where there bread is buttered .

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