Mugabe could be offside on diamonds

In response to Zim will not recover missing $15bn diamonds revenue: Parly Mgobhozi Wezintabeni says: Is it possible that Zimbabwe could produce $15 billion worth of diamonds yet the entire global diamond sales amounted to $14bn in 2017?

Lest I be misunderstood, I don’t dispute theft of diamonds, but that figure is highly-distorted. A thorough audit should have been undertaken, instead of being carried away by former President Robert Mugabe’s unsubstantiated accusations, which were driven by factional agenda than anything else.

If he cared enough for the economic welfare of the country, the moment he received that information he should had ordered a thorough audit surrounding the production and sales of diamonds in the Chiadzwa and Marange Diamond Fields.

In fact, it’s likely that he was part of the diamond looters. Where did his wife former First Lady Grace Mugabe get the money to buy numerous immovable properties abroad?

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  1. Zimbabweans are fond of big numbers so excuse him. Even when suing each other they do it in millions yet in other countries it maybe in hundreds or thousands.

  2. We dont care about your analysis, we just need our 15 billion.

  3. 15 bidza iripi, ndiwo mubvunzo

  4. We need to know the truth. And we do not need ZANU PF investigators.
    We need to put a team in there that can get the job done.
    That those guys stole, is beyond doubt. I am also tired of hearing that Mugabe is to old and should be left alone. He is a crimminal and should pay for his misdeeds. If people elsewhere in the world are prosecuted for their past, so should he be. He is responsible for a lot of criminal activity. And without concern seriously and knowingly mismanaging Zimbabwe for his own advantage!

    1. Not only that but if a company sells diamonds for say 30 million, the government will not get that amount. It will get a fraction say 1 million as most of the money covers costs

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