Latest: Kasukuwere in court

Former Local Government minister,Jo who was one of the key allies of former President Robert Mugabe and fled the country during last year’s military intervention, on Friday appeared before Harare magistrate Josephine facing charges of illegally exiting the country in November.
Kusukuwere pleaded not guilty and was remanded to 11 June 2018 on a $300 bail and he will be reporting to Borrowdale Police Station once a week.

Report by Desmond Chingarande

More details to follow

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  1. is Kasukuwere called jo? what is this sickly charge for?

  2. Ah sei muchitamba nevanhu?ndiyo mhosva chete

  3. Chen Chikezha

    ED jumped the boarder but was never charged for it, he still talks about it at rallies…nxaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  5. Luke Munya Mabika

    Zanu pf pfutseki wenyu,zvivanhu zvisina nyadzi.Hindava muchingotiitira circus.Pliz spare us the agony of listening to your sick jokes.

  6. Selective application of the law

  7. this is not saviour but his brother

  8. We are just being treated to a political gimmick; a hoax, as usual. Lets wait and see.

  9. what is this, really.

  10. Hahahaha zanupf ummmmm hameno

  11. I told you guys before that this is all gimmick, this guy has been on a political break, even Jonathan Moyo. Mugabeis on his official retirement from politics. Zvese zvatirikunzwa kuti Mugabe has formed a party , Jonathan Moyo has said this or Kasukuwere what and what, it is all rubbish. That is what you call Zanu pf politics. Iyezvino unonzwa Munangagwa achitiI dont keep grudges so that Kasukuwere goes scot free because the president does not keep grudges hahahaha, mahumbwe chaiwo. These guys have been out there on full government support because all this is part of the process or strategy. People of Zimbabwe wake up and smell the coffee.

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