I will only serve one term: Chamisa

MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa yesterday said if elected to power next month, he will only serve one term and pass on the baton.

BY Jairos Saunyama

“It is possible for us to change this economy, do not give me five years, in just three years, I will be announcing my retirement and it is you who will be forcing me, saying please hang in there, because life will be enjoyable,” he told thousands of party supporters at Mahusekwa Growth Point on the fourth leg of his campaign mission in Mashonaland East province.

Chamisa accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa of mortgaging the country’s resources for political gain through his “Zimbabwe is open for business” mantra.

He said Mnangagwa was wary of the challenge posed by the united opposition, hence, his decision to “sell the country” by exposing its resources to criminals.

“You heard my brother, Mnangagwa say Zimbabwe is open for business, I said my brother, do not use unnecessary English statements, you will sell this country in broad daylight. He is on the brink of selling this country. You cannot open business to everyone, you attract enemies. The mantra should be Zimbabwe is best for business, or safe for business,” Chamisa said.

He said MDC Alliance will not be hoodwinked into participating in flawed elections, hence, their demand for electoral reforms ahead of the polls.

“We are not going to allow rigging this time, we are closely monitoring the situation. There are no elections without reforms,” Chamisa said.


  1. Thats a Blue Lie but anyway it will never happen unless if you are referring to serving one year as VP thus if you are lucky to be considered yes maybe we will buy it.

    1. Mira uone….

  2. go go Nero go…do not allow yourself to participate in a fraudulent election please.

  3. Go Chamisa go. We Zimbabweans love you to be our leader, we all trust you. Go Chamisa go

  4. I mean like seriously..chamisa one term..ma bullet train and spaghetti roads ndingatende hangu, asi kuti chamisa chaiye kuita one term..ummm apa wazonyanyonyepawoapa!

    1. If anything he knows this will NOT happen as he KNOWS he will not win the election..so this is merely academic REALLY !!!

  5. Why are you telling us about one term when you have not even won an election, this suggests that you will cry foul after loosing the election. Watch this space.

    1. Indeed ! Where else in this wide world has a contestant gone this route and lived to tell the tale?


  7. waa kumhanya munin”ina.tanga wahwina zvimwe tozotaura.also avoid your childish habit of placing your foor into your mouth every time you open it.

  8. Kkkkkkkk. Chamisa azondimisa moyo sure. Ndaida kumuvhotera but each day ari kundiratidza kuti he is not presidential material. Kana asingadi mainvestors, how will he resuscitate the economy? Where will he get the machinery to make spaghetti roads and bullet trains?

  9. Comment…Be S.M.A.R.T
    VaChamisa, muchaita seyi nezvizvi mukati memakore mashanu?
    1.Hupfumi hwenyika.
    Mukakundikana mushure memakore maviri kana matatu munobvuma here kusiya basa, vanhu vakati hamuna TEMBA?

    1. says those who believed ED when he said I will restore in 100days kkkk

  10. nice vision youngman….it is quite saddening that vana vakaberekerwa muhutapxa nemunhamo havachina tariro yekuti zvinhu zvichanaka ndava vowona status quo yemamiriro ezvinu se isinga zofi yachinja…..stockholm syndrome chaiyo finding comfort in captivity and poverty

  11. pamberi nabig nero…….chikomana chine muwono icho….kwete maZanu kuita matuzvi muhuro semashu….

  12. Achatonga 40 years mupfana uyu. Simba kanorikarawo fani. Nxaaaa!

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