ED needs a miracle: Chamisa

MDC-T leader and MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa yesterday declared that next month’s general elections can only be adjudged as free and fair if he wins the presidential race against his arch-rival Zanu PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa.


Chamisa told party supporters at a rally held in Kadoma that only a miracle would save Zanu PF party from defeat.

“We are telling everyone, Sadc, Europe and the US that we want a free and fair election. I know that if I don’t win then it’s not a free and fair election. We want a people’s government. The bullet must be guided by the ballot. Politics must be controlled by the people and politics must control the gun.

“It’s an anomaly we want to correct. We cannot have leaders coming out of guns, grenades or bombs but from the people of Zimbabwe,” Chamisa said to wild cheers.
Chamisa suggested that Zanu PF was resorting to violence after realising it was staring defeat at the polls.

“We are aware that when Zanu PF smells defeat it turns to violence. I have been going around, in government, war veterans, teachers, nurses, women, Matabeleland, Mashonaland, and Manicaland they are all calling for change.

“They are singing the MDC Alliance song. We will not lose an election in this country. We are ready to lead. They say I am young but I have asked how old (Vice-President Constantino) Chiwenga was when he joined government. If anything they have made greater mistakes than me. We are ready for victory,” the Kuwadzana East lawmaker said.

Chamisa added: “It will be a miracle for Zanu PF to survive this election. We have rejected the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec)’s shenanigans. They stole elections from (late MDC-T leader Morgan) Tsvangirai but it will not happen again. (Zec chairperson) Chigumba you must listen to what Zimbabwe wants.”

The MDC Alliance presidential candidate said Zec was working with his rival and former Deputy Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe to give Mnangagwa an advantage in the elections and threatened to shut down the economy.

“We hear they are already fighting in Zanu PF, we will wait for the winner and finish them off (at election),” he said.

Chamisa said he will “not make the mistake of going into a coalition with Zanu PF again. Forget it.”

He intimated that Mnangagwa was the “godfather of corruption” citing the President’s interests in oil and chrome mining sectors.

The MDC Alliance leader said Mnangagwa had spurned his plea for a meeting, adding “I could end up meeting (former President Robert) Mugabe because he is a former President and an elder. The young must meet the old.”

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  1. bomb or no bomb

    foolish thinking how do you only visuale you victory in a race where there are many contestants and what criteria have u used to reach such a declaration? ??? ah Chamisa im three years younger than you but that doesn’t mean im voting u you make utterances that have potential to cause post election unrest you should control your ambition for power with a sober mind not illussinuous fart

  2. kk this is laughable by this young man everything is not only pointing to ED landslide but also various survey of registered voters not those who attend rallies is revealing same, nelson stop hallucinating.

    1. go hang

  3. if u think everything revolves around you iiiii then zvakaoma iwe ndiwe chete unoziva kudarika vanhu vese nhai CHAMISA ….

  4. Chamisa is the leader of this moment. At 76 years, ED should be in retirement. Workers retire at 65 years. Does Zanu(pf) do not have young leaders. Those in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s cannot vote for a 76 year old. PEOPLE HIS AGE ARE FOR GIVING ADVICE ONLY AND NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN EVENTS.

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