Chamisa sweats over voters’ roll

OPPOSITION MDC-T and MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa (pictured) yesterday raised alarm and literally pressed the panic baton after the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) for the second day running allegedly declined to give him an electronic copy of the voters’ roll, claiming it was not yet ready.

by Everson Mushava

This came amid reports that the ruling Zanu PF party and officials at the British and American embassies had already received soft copies of the roll.
“We still don’t have the voters roll. Our people have been told to wait 48 hours. We are struggling to understand why Zec is frustrating our attempts to access this important document,” Chamisa tweeted yesterday.

The previous day, Chamisa had reportedly tried in vain to obtain the roll.

“Zec continues to refuse to release the voters roll. Worse still, the chairperson (Priscilla Chigumba) has now shifted goal posts and says they are printing hard copies. We require an electronic copy; we have made this very clear. What are they trying to hide?” he queried.

Chamisa’s spokesperson, Nkululeko Sibanda last night insisted that Zec had not released the voters’ roll to the MDC Alliance president and other candidates in the coalition.

“We went there in the morning and were told to sign for the voters roll and come back and check after 48 hours,” Sibanda said.

But Zec acting chief elections officer, Utloile Silaigwana said all candidates who visited their offices yesterday had been issued with a copy of the voters’ roll and warned Chamisa against “politicking” over the issue.

“I can confirm to you that all candidates who visited our offices today have been given copies of the voters’ roll. Those who did not come, we did not give them,” Silaigwana said.

On Monday, Zec chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba told journalists that the commission was printing copies for candidates who successfully filed their nomination papers to participate in the presidential, parliamentary and local government elections.

She, however, warned that elections would be held as scheduled on July 30 regardless of concerns likely to be raised by parties over the quality of the voters’ roll.

The Electoral Resource Centre, that took Zec to court demanding a provisional voters’ roll that was inspected between May 19 and 29 said they have received a copy of the voters’ roll, but claimed it served no purpose if it was not accompanied by the roll that was inspected.

“One can only pick anomalies if there is something to compare with. Zec should simply respect the court order and release the voters roll that was inspected,” ERC director Tawanda Chimhini said.

He said the quest for a free, fair and undisputed election should have started with political parties receiving the provisional voters’ roll inspected last month so that they factor in their input to be considered when making the final roll.

Zec has been accused by opposition parties of deliberately delaying the release of the voters’ roll as part of the rigging process on behalf of the ruling Zanu PF, an allegation the commission had denied.

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  1. Luke Munya Bikaldo

    They are trying to give MDC a doctored voter’s roll that is different from the one they have given to others.Remember the time Silaigwana and his fellow thieves In ZEC took to announce the results of 2008 elections? Almost 2 months for something that should have took at most one week.They are no longer ashamed of stealing in broad day light even when they can see that everyone is staring in their unashamed faces.Chinhu chinonzi nyadzi havachina in their vocabulary.They have lost the human aspect in their devil infested hearts.

  2. So they are expected to say they got the voters’ roll when they haven’t? That defies logic!!!

  3. Comment…Ndiyani asnganyepi? Ndi Mwari akanaka.
    Ndiyani asinganyepiiii? Ndi Mwari akanaka.
    Ndiyani asingachinje? Ndi Mwari akanaka.
    Ndiyani asirimupanduki? Ndi Mwari akanaka.
    Ndiyani asirimbavha? Ndi Mwari akanaka.
    Ndiyani asingabi? Ndi Mwari akanaka.
    Ndiyani asiriMDC? Ndi Mwari akanaka.
    Ndiyani asiriAlliance? Ndi Mwari akanaka.
    Ndiyani asiriZanu? Ndi Mwari akana.
    Ndiyani asirimuZanu? Ndi Mwari akanaka.
    Ndiyaniiiiiii asiriZEC? Ndi Mwari akanaka.
    Ndiyani asingavimbiseee nhemaaa? Ndi Mwari akanaka.
    Ndiyani asirimhondi? Ndi Mwari akanaka.
    Ndiyayani asngapondi? Ndi Mwari akanaka.
    Ndiyaniiiiii muridzi wevanhu? Ndi Mwari akanaka.
    Ndiyani musikiii? Ndi Mwari akanaka.
    Ndiyani Tangakugara? Ndi Mwari akanaka.
    Ndiyani Muwanikwa? Ndi Mwari akanaka.
    Ndiyani Chidzivachepooo? Ndi Mwari akanaka.


  4. Stop playing with God. It is God himself who removed Mugabe not the electronic o manual voters roll. It is God himself who put Mnangagwa to be president period. If I where you I would be worried about the inevitable becoming inevitable that is if you insist on disobeying God because his wrath will follow. As a pastor Im sure you are aware that God doesnt go for elections or work with any voters roll whether eledtric or manual he is God all by himself and evident in everything including Mnangagwa. Musazoti he hatina kumboyambirwa

  5. Ndangandisingazvitarisira

    Comment…Munhu wenyama ahasi Mwari. Pastors neprofets vazhinji mangofanana nevezvemangerwo enyika vanoti vanhu vedu.Imiwo makudisa kunamatwa kunge ndimi Jehovah. Kwese kwese, pastor vabhinya. Vamwe vacho moonekwa muri munezvematongerwo inyika. Makungotsvaka noto chete, pane kuparidza vhangeri.

  6. Asi mbuya iyi chigumba inenge inonaka pambode,.zec is under zanupf and military rule hapana free and fair election in Zim

  7. Mbuya iyi chigumba inenge inonaka pambode,.zec is under zanupf and military rule no free n fair election in Zim.

  8. If at all itz true that Zec has not given Chamisa soft copy voter’s roll without n other gd reasons then itz wrong;but if Chamisa is merely politicking then the nation should take note of it

  9. I disagree with you Chinomukutu, Mnangagwa is the president because his party was in power and it was his party that has to produce the VP to finish the term. If it is indeed God who put him there then the same God will reinstate him in a free and fair election. God does not do His things dubiously. According to God the winning candidate has been chosen waiting for confirmation in our physical world

  10. The guy made an application and was given a lead time of 48 hours. Why cry barely 10 minutes later. Wanyimwa here? Kura mhani!!

  11. Why is he still trying to conduct his campaign? He is doomed to lose. He cannot compete with ED.

    1. True, its impossible to compete with crooks who rig the election process.

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