Zisengwe releases debut album


GOSPEL songbird Charity Zisengwe has released her debut worship album, Prayers and Worship, the culmination of a long song-writing journey that began while she was in the United States in 2003.


Although she spent some time in the US, Zisengwe told NewsDay Life & Style that her unique style was a fusion of “heartfelt lyrics” and melodies reminiscent of her homeland.

The album carries the tracks All Things New, Nothing is Impossible, Welcome Holy Spirit, Bask In Your Love, We Are Hungry, Down, Every Morning and Great Exchange (Easier For Me).

Zisengwe said the first track, written between September and October 2017, was inspired by the hardships she witnessed in the country upon her return from the US last year.

“People were resilient, but struggling and it broke my heart,” she said.

“I wrote it to share the hope that I had in my heart, that one day God would remember us and he would make all things new.”

Zisengwe said most of the songs on the album, including the Great Exchange, came to her during her morning walks.

“This is the most recent song on this project,” she said.

“One morning, during my morning walk, it dropped in my heart. In the noise of traffic along the sidewalk of a busy road, the song was born.”

Zisengwe said she attended the Babbie Mason Music Conference International in 2004, in Norcross, Georgia, where she learnt the ropes in songwriting and discovered how to establish a music ministry.

She returned to the conference in 2006 and won the first prize in the songwriting competition.

A prolific songwriter, recording artist and speaker, Zisengwe released two recordings while she was in the US.

Since 2010, several of her songs have been used in churches in the United States and Canada.