TelOne launches National Broadband Backbone (NBB) project


TelOne is in the process of upgrading its nationwide system and exchanges as part of its US$98 million national Broadband Backbone (NBB) project. As a result of the project, TelOne will be able to provide a better range and quality services to enable its clients to enjoy world class communications.

The upgrade which is being implemented in phases, has resulted in the modification of area codes and landline numbers across the country. The change in numbers is in line with global regulations on numbering. Moreover it is part of worldwide changes being led by the International Telecommunications Union, the agency of the United Nations which regulates ICTs and is being locally directed by our regulator the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (POTRAZ).

The nationwide system upgrade is an initiative by TelOne to offer world class, cutting edge communication solutions to every Zimbabwean to ensure that clients get more from their landline. The new capabilities and value added services which have been introduced by the network

upgrade include:

  •  Expansion of Home and Office Broadband capacity
  •  Faster Broadband Speeds
  •  Prepaid Voice Service which allows clients to control their phone usage by using
    prepaid vouchers of different denominations from as little as US$1 to as high as
  •  Interactive voice response services
  •  Toll-free services
  •  Online recharge facilities
  •  Data Centre and cloud computing services.

    To access the new landline number clients can contact the TelOne Call Centre on (024)
    2700950 or visit or search for a Name or old number on the
    Directory on the TelOne Mobile App.


  1. They should increase the Telone wifi hotspot coverage and make a move to make it unlimited…… $1 unlimited per day, $2 unlimited for 3 days and $5 unlimited for the entire week…. That would be the best deal!

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