ED may lose polls: Mutsvangwa

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association chairperson Christopher Mutsvangwa

Zimbabwe National War Veterans’ Association chairman, Christopher Mutsvangwa has warned that President Emmerson Mnangagwa may lose this year’s elections and lashed out at Zanu PF commissar, Engelbert Rugeje, whom he described as a political novice.


Mutsvangwa, who is Mnangagwa’s adviser, said many Zanu PF members had been disenfranchised in the party’s internal polls, which have been described by observers as chaotic, and said war veterans were not happy with the outcome of the primary elections.

“It is inconceivable that the President will win given that the party’s members have been largely disenfranchised,” he said.

“We realised that instead of being in the primary elections to provide peace and a stable environment in which Zanu PF members freely express themselves and choose their leaders, the national commissar, being a political novice, sought advice from a rehabilitated ex-Gamatox commissar in the form of Webster Shamu to turn police into returning-officers.”

Chegutu East MP and Mashonaland West Provincial Affairs minister Shamu is a former Zanu PF political commissar and was deposed in 2014 along with former Vice-President Joice Mujuru.

His wife, Constance Tsomondo was eyeing the Norton seat before her name was removed from the candidates’ list.

Mutsvangwa lost in Norton to Langton Mutendereki, while war veterans’ spokesperson, Douglas Mahiya, who was eyeing the Harare South seat, is hanging on by the skin of his teeth, as the results for the constituency were nullified after he had also been defeated.

This represents a major setback for the war veterans, who had championed former President Robert Mugabe’s ouster.

Mutsvangwa was not done with Rugeje, saying he had failed to handle the primaries well.

“The new national commissar, while he is a comrade, lacks the party’s institutional memory and failed to handle this issue well, leading to the disenfranchisement of thousands of party members countrywide,” he said.

“The political commissar relinquished his position as chief returning officer of the primary election to the police, who are supposed to be there to maintain law and order.”

Mutsvangwa raised the spectre of the war veterans turning against the Zanu PF’s new administrators, which could raise political temperatures in the ruling party.

“Zanu PF’s problem has always been the abuse of the office of the political commissar and we are seeing this again,” he said.

“So, as war veterans, just as we did during the Mugabe era, give choice between a party that has lost through acts of omission or commission its fiduciary role, then we will be left with no choice but to go with the people.”

But Mutsvangwa was quick to point out that he would not contest the elections, as an independent candidate, but insisted the party needed to take “corrective measures to avoid such eventualities because we will stand with the people and we know their position”.

“The first line of protest is our election agents, who refused to sign the results and secondly that the war veterans countrywide, who have declared that they will choose the people instead of the party if forced into making a choice,” he said.

“I am under pressure because the war veterans feel that something is going wrong again with the party’s commissariat department.”

Mutsvangwa claimed Rugeje did not seek the blessing of the party to engage the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), as returning officers in party polls.

“Neither did he get clearance of the Head of State to deploy much unloved police as poll returning officers,” he continued with his charge.

“The ZRP is still smarting from the loss of income from banned ubiquitous roadblocks of Mugabe G40 era.

“The war veterans are always alive to the hopes and grievances of the people.

“They are fully aware of the width and breadth of the anger and disapproval of the rank and file party membership on the conduct of the primary elections.

“Paradoxically, just as well these abuses have come ahead of the national plebiscite.

“War veterans hope the party leadership embarks on prompt and thorough remedial action well before the July elections.

“This is a very sore point with party rank and file.”

Rugeje was unwilling to comment on the issue when contacted for comment, only saying results for the primary elections will be announced officially soon.
According to a Zanu PF internal memo on social media, the party had two police officers at every polling station, although it is not clear if ZRP had been paid for the services.

Party spokesman, Simon Khaya Moyo on Monday denied that Zanu PF had used State resources for its internal polls, although this has come under scrutiny and will be spotlighted more following Mutsvangwa’s statements.


  1. Zimbabwe has major problems, ED is likely not to win is he prepared to handover power.
    The Loud mouth Mutsvangwa very unhappy with the proud Rugeje who thinks he knows it all. So what is the way forward, will the results be announced if ED loses.

  2. Lacoste never had supporters in zanu pf. They always believe in violence and grabbing power. If people are given an opportunity to vote, noone will vote Lacoste. Its unelectable! vanongoziva zve coup chete.

  3. mutsvangwa will only confuse people using warvet name he was fighting the jonathan now he is on shamu,rugenje he is the spoiler of everything ED should just silence this man before causing serious damage to the party.He promised warvets heaven on earth before being appointed advisor after appointed he never spoke of WARVETS again now because he has booted out on primary elections he start talking o f unhappinnes of Warvtes when did he last had meetings with Warvets TINYAREYIWO VEDUWE.

  4. Mutsvangwa is not war veterans but is part of them if you loose just accept defeat. When igwe was removed you were claiming that the dictator has gone we need democracy. New dispensation has ushered in democracy and you have fallen by the way side and you now crying foul. If people are tired of you just accept defeat baba that’s democracy if you loose it does not mean all veterans have lost if so then it means people no longer like them so just step aside guys. Ndiko kufarira n’anga inobata mai kwamakaita guys,mabatwa. Come election time you will be history.

    • “…..if YOU (my emphasis) loose (sic), it does not mean ALL VETERANS have lost.” Well said Chakwasi. Exactly what i wanted to say.

  5. Voetsek Christofa.You are just one of the war veterans, nothing more. ED must lose just because you, Christofa, lost dismally kuNorton? I’m involved in ZANU affairs but I predicted the drubbing that you got.

  6. Comment…Kiri Mutsvangwa and his wife are the only genuine warvets. According to Kiri, Guvheya was a mere pc.

  7. Mutsvangwa is always like that, he cant accept that he is not popular, he lost. Its not Rugeje who voted, its the people, true Mutsvangwa’s mouth is full of rust.

  8. kkk, kirisitofa hau read between the lines. by removing mugabe u thot u now darling of people, noooo, people dont like u gys, u cant blame G40, do u want G40 to vote fo u, no thy dont, u should understand politics of functionalism, then if G40 out-votes lacoste, who is ZANU PF, imi makashandisa masoja, u dont have voters but the army.

  9. Pamberi naCDE Rugeje, vanaMutsvangwa vanga vajaira kurigger maprimary elections, manje Rugeje aita Free and Fair, akati mupurisa verenga mavotes saka rigging yese yaenda musango, Viva Rugeje VIVA.

  10. Hezvo wochema futi, ko makapinda mukati zvaita wani. Zanu haishanduki Chris, now its showing you its true colors. Huya kuMDC ALLIANCE tishandure nyika pamwe tingazokupawo kabasa. Rongai bhora musango zvobva zvaita.

  11. Lacoste will need the soldiers to win, not democracy. they dont have the numbers! kutotsvaga mamwe matanks!

  12. This man Mutswanga has clearly mental issues, he is bringing his confusion in the party….

  13. “Mutsvangwa claimed Rugeje did not seek the blessing of the party to engage the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), as returning officers in party polls.”

    Maida kuisa masoja here nhai vaMutsvangwa. Kuti vamuti mahwina imi musina. Manje hamusati matanga kuchema COME JULY 2018 ndopamuchaona kuti ZANU haichambodiwa kana ka1.

    Muchati baba nemuridzo. Very soon muchadzoka kuSouth Africa kwamaiva

    Hezvopoooo bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  14. Dear Mr President i am thoroughly perturbed by the public spates angling senior officials in the party. I for one am one of your avid supporters and i guarantee you my vote but i wonder if these educated peers do not appreciate that undressing each other in the media only works to prop up the opposition, and i can imagine how the mugabes are celebrating from such chaos. please stop washing your dirty linen in the public. im sure there are enuf boardrooms in the party why cant you sit down and solve your problems. what point are u trying to prove while sacrificing the party. I dont care whether that person is a special adviser or not but we are losing it


  15. There is not even a single war veteran who has benefitted from corrupt deals more the selfish and overrated Christopher Mutsvangwa. In my possession is a list of smelly deals featuring Cde Rambo that is long enough to fill up seven A4 pages.

  16. Just last week Mutsvangwa was saying he had no time to entertain questions regarding electoral reforms from the opposition, now 1 week later after getting the humiliation of his life in Norton he’s now crying foul about rigging, good for him

  17. As a disciplined and loyal cadre, I have chosen not to publicly respond to Cde Mutsvangwa’s disturbing, defamatory and incessant personal attacks out of respect for the national leadership of our revolutionary party.

  18. Tomorrow the State media will carry a piece on Kiri lambasting the opposition media for having misquoted him today in persuance of their nefarious agenda.

  19. There are some warvets who won cde Chris. Tough lucky. Bvunzai Mike Madiro kuti akazvifambisa sei pachi war vet chaicho kuti akunde kamuG40 kanonzi Pemhenayi. Vana Madiro ndivo maWar vet chaiwo and Pemhenayi, despite having the people, akashaya kuti chii chakaitika but the answer is – “kutonga kwaro gamba”.

    • Even ana Tshinga ‘Hippo’ Dube a seasoned war vet won, WHY, because uyaziyehlisa ebantwini……. Haikona zvana mkoma Kirisitofa, dzungu + weeds too much concotion,

  20. Adyiwa anoita campaign manager weahwina, ndozvakataura musangano, kkkkkk saka Mutsvangwa ava campaign manager weakawhina, ngaatotanga basa

  21. Mutsvangwa is now the campaign manager for the winning candidate, that’s what the Commissariat said before elections, ngaatotanga basa

  22. So Mr. Mutsvangwa Sir you think its only the war vets that are entitled to run the country. You are very lost the people have spoken and you cannot do anything about it. ED wants the people’s voice to prevail not the war vets’ voice. To hell with you Kristofa and team Zimbabwe irikutoenda mberi without you. ED is there to ensure that the people’s voice prevails who are you to question the people’s choice??

  23. Isn’t that Chris is abusing war vets just because he lost primaries. People made it very clear that they are done with fossils, time for the young and energetic leaders to lead, imi vana Chris moita ma advisor.

  24. tisu anhu acho,the voice (people), tavhota!!!!. Mutsvangwa respect the voice of the people!!!!

  25. mutsvangwa WHICH people are u refering to u foolish man pasina Mugabe naJOnathan nabonyongwe kasukuwere maconfidents ake makaruza mugabe maifanira kumuita coup kucongress

  26. Right thinking Zimbos should give kudos to Chris for admitting the war vets know what the people want. That the war vets “will stand with the people and we know their position” shows that they have been forcing people to vote ZANU PF against the people’s will. Chris is a star and the opposition is so much richer for such utterances. Chris says, and I quote, “….that war veterans countrywide, who have declared that they will choose the people instead of the party, if forced into making a choice.” That’s huge by any stretch of any imagination. He goes on to say the party, ZANU PF, “has lost, through acts of omission and commission its fiduciary role, and war vets are “left with no choice but to go with the people”. It’s very clear now that ZANU PF and the people are two separate groups on opposite sides of the political divide and war vets have always chosen ZANU PF instead of the people. So, war vets, why not just do the right thing and “go with the people” whose needs and preferences you already know? Rise up, war vets, and do the honourable thing, side with the people!!!!

  27. No Mutsvangwa its not about forcing people to choose the people whom you want.I do not like Zanu Pf But i think the party is changing and think that was Democracy in motion people voted for the candidates that they wanted not the older politicians of your likes.Even in Zanu Pf people want change and that’s recommendable.New blood new ideas and even within your Zanu PF, these other new people coming up might have better solutions to the country’s ills as opposed to all of the likes of you Mutsvangwe whom have been in gvnt for years and you all now have run out of new ideas.

  28. Kiri ED can win and you can lose big time. The of voice of people is the voice of God. So Mtsvangwa mean to say good administration is rigging. He lost it is nothing to do with G40 or any faction. People know what they want in Zimbabwe.

  29. Mutsvangwa ndaimboti makafunda baba, hamuna, hamusati maona, asi munofunga kuti vanhu ndevenyu. Ndokupata ka uku. Hupenyu hwevanhu hautambwi nahwo. Pasi ne coup, pasi nokubira nyika, pasi nokutemba chisimba. Musavenga commissar havatozivewo zvido zvevanhu. Zvavawana musarudzo ndizvozvo. Today in the 21st Century, you still think politics is for war veterans.What about those who are not war veterans? Where should they join politics.Dai wakahwina waitaura ndombendombe dzako idzodzi. Politics is for zimbabweans in zanu-pf, mdc,npp,npf etc.We mix and mingle in zim politics, zvokuti madofo tinozoaona abaiwa sewe mudhara kudai.Even ED vanogona kubaiwa rough when it comes to elections zvisakutyise ende hazvishamise izvozvo. Mar war veterans yava minority mudhara. There is nowhere they can outnumber youths even in the newly formed NPF.Hinging politics on war vets today kusara semuswe nokuti even our children are yet to admire the so called war vets nokuti chavanongozikanwa nacho kugura vanhu maoko saka kana mayouth emuZANU-PF haatodi tsvina dzakadaro.People who cannot understand how you are killing the future of our children including those who you march for your political endeavours, motarisira kuhwina, shame. Its time up for your self and the whole ZANU-PF to embrace the chinja maitiro mantra, dwell on youth politics, build zimbabawe mosiyana nemadhaka ayo. Matakadya kare haanyaradzi mwana mutsvangwa. Tikati mopona nokurigga maelections moramba apa waakutii. Iwewe na ED wako muchachema nhamo yokudyiwa gore rino. Vanhu ivava vaakufunga mudhara vaakuziva nhema dzenyu, kunyepera kungwara. Tisu hedu takauya kuzovhotera vataida, uye pafinal tinavo vatiri kuda muparliament muchadzidza henyu. Kusanyara 37 years tichipfidza nokuda kwenyu. Chimbomira kuchema mozochema mawanda

  30. The problem with Mutsvangwa is that, “he thinks he is infallible”, the same Mugabe mentality permeates in many.

  31. Comment…ED is God sent to ultimately bring stainless democracy to Zimbabwe. Mugabe had party agenda. That needed replacement by ED national agenda. I for one am against party politics for its retrogressive national divisiveness . We need constitutional amendment re-Africanising our democracy concept. Multipartism is unAfrican. But mbiri yamambo anotonga nedare rake rinemachinda ake MANGWARU is typically African.


  33. Even though no one liked Mugabe me included, but the guy wanted to protect the party by eliminating the likes of Mutsvangwa, Mnangagwa and his cabal because he had foreseen the fall of Zanu Pf with these guys. Most of those sacked or who were not wanted by Mugabe’s regime look at them they fell with a heavy thud on the just ended elections.

  34. Mutsvangwa hausati waboorera, apa zvifana zve zanu pf zvava kuti bhora musango pana CHAMISA PFEE. WOTIDII, HAPANA. Mutsvangwa uri kumhanya nebhiza rine nhumbu.

  35. He is complaining that we cant have only 4000 voters in Norton,he is forgetting the rest are MDC.This guy in his delusional state thinks Zanu PF is very popular.

  36. Mutsvangwa should just shut up if “HE” lost he should concede defeat, that is democracy.

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