Can someone be compulsively allergic to the truth?


Wrote a sage: “Idleness is not doing nothing. Idleness is being free to do anything.”


Well, we saw that at play in the ugly scenes outside the Supreme Court this week as MDC-T idlers, being very much free to do anything, hurled insults at MDC-T faction leader Thokozani Khupe, calling her “hure” (whore). You cannot get more foul-mouthed than that in public. The thuggish so-called MDC-T vanguard was in full battle cry, at its hysterical and maniacal worst. Who knows, in another less secure setting, this lynch mob would have torn Khupe to pieces.

Even MDC-T parliamentary candidate Joana Ruvimbo Mamombe was horrified by that, prompting her to write on Facebook: “Yesterday morning I was at the Supreme Court in solidarity with my party. I sadly witnessed some of our members hurling insults and denigrations on Dr Khupe. As someone who has in the past few days been subjected to malicious attacks, I feel the pain and humiliation suffered by Dr Khupe. I condemn unreservedly this cowardly and dastardly act!”

Well, I have been condemning these same cowards since before MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s burial, but been labelled a Zanu PF agent and murakashi (basher) for that. Thanks, Mamombe, for stating the truth without fear or favour. One does not have to be pro or anti-MDC-T, but to be fair-minded to be disgusted by that. We can have our political differences, but let’s unite in service of the truth which is unbendable and unchangeable as illustrated by Mamombe, showing maturity beyond her youth, which qualities seem to be sadly lacking or are not highly valued by some of her party seniors, who are in the habit of closing ranks around lies.

Wrote Precious Shumba: “If what I witnessed at the Supreme Court yesterday is anything to go by, there is very little difference between the Zanu PF of old and the present MDC-T. The world is watching the so-called democrats retrieving everything wrong with the old Zanu PF system under former president Robert Mugabe. The people have to bow down in shame at this bastardisation of women in society. Modernity does not mean profanity!”

It is pleasing to note that more and more Zimbabweans are not taking things for granted as they are now critiquing the opposition as much as they have been scrutinising the ruling party for its many sins of commission and omission and discovering that, after all, there is not much separating the two. Both can easily resort to emotional and physical violence, as seen at the Supreme Court this week and in the conduct of their primary elections.

Wrote Methuseli Moyo: “The MDC led by Nelson Chamisa . . . are the ones who are rigging, in a way, by repelling supporters and voters. You can’t, in this day and age, call someone a dissident and hure the way they have been doing to Thokozani Khupe. Usually supports reflects team, leadership or both.”

Nothing is more offputting to middle-of-the-road voters — who constitute the majority of the voters and neither belong to any party — than that. We see such fair-minded people in football stadiums applauding even the opposite team when it has outclassed their own team. Only party zealots would cheer such vituperation and violence directed against Khupe.

Indeed, this rowdiness could be most costly as it puts off and alienates decent folk, into which category the average voter falls. It’s these middle-ground or moderate voters who are going to determine the 2018 electoral outcome, not these idle youths on the lunatic fringe who are free to do anything. Global studies have shown that moderate voters are the ultimate deciders especially in today’s polarised politics. Neither Zanu PF nor MDC-T make up a big enough share of the electorate to win majorities on their own. Moderates are the “deciders” who tip elections for both Zanu PF and MDC-T. This means both political parties must do more than simply pander to their ideological base or partisan hooligans.

But the so-called MDC vanguard is busy alienating moderate voters by their racuous and rowdy behaviour which, while it can work in student politics, is a sure recipe for defeat in broader society. The so-called vanguard might take delight in investing some mystique and aura around Chamisa romanticising him and making him larger than life by referring to him as “Cobra”, but this doesn’t wash outside their narrow MDC-T circles and can even be a turn-off among average voters, who are not impressed by such extravagant, flashy “smart Alec, big-time Charlie” references, but simply want stability and direction. So, all those associated with the vanguard need a “maturity advisor”.

The danger is that this developing culture in MDC-T, which began to manifest just before Tsvangirai’s death in February 2018, could all too easily lead to it becoming a cult where these fanatics don’t want even an insect to bite Chamisa, but are prepared to burn Khupe alive as they tried to do at Tsvangirai’s burial.

These types of political criminals do exist as parasites, famously described by Karl Marx as lumpen elements, but we tend to only think of drug traffickers, sexual predators, thieves, prostitutes, pimps who profit from the oppression of women as low-lifes. But the political thug is as parasitic as these listed lumpen elements.

The essence of it is that, functionally speaking, they are not part of society. They have no concept of the social as they have an individualistic life process, and for that reason are easily swayed and exploited by politicians. Thus, there has been lumpetisation of the MDC-T; and it was easy to do that because of ideological incoherence in the party. It can only be decribed as an ideological hodge-podge, an ideological mess.

And no one can deny that these hooligans were there in the service of the party as the following notification shows: “ATTENTION: All MDC-T members. You are all invited in your numbers to attend a Supreme Court (Constitutional Court) ruling regarding the ownership wrangle over the use of the name MDC-T. This follows the hijack of the party name by the illegitimate breakaway faction led by Thokozani Khupe. The court case will be held at the Supreme Court along Samora Machel Avenue, Harare, on Tuesday 22 May 2018. Time 8:00am. Please come in thousands to render your support to the party and the legitimate president Advocate Nelson Chamisa. Be there in time as the third lawyer. Dress in party regalia or all red. Let’s paint the venue red. Your presence makes the difference. Punctuality is the soul of business.

From Harare Provincial Chair Murai”

But Chamisa has, once again, chosen to be less than honest by issuing this incredible statement: “An incident involving a group of people accosting and shouting obscenities at our former colleague and vice-president Thokozani Khupe has been brought to my attention. I’m also aware that there is an impression that this incident was authored by the party. This is incorrect. I wish to state in very clear terms that whoever these people are, they do not represent me or the party. The behaviour displayed in that video (in circulation on social media) is deplorable, wrong and is inconsistent with the values that we stand for as a democratic party. It has nothing to do with us and we condemn it in the strongest terms.”

Oh my God! Can someone be compulsively allergic to the truth?

lConway Nkumbuzo Tutani is a Harare-based columnist. Email:


  1. Tutani you can join khupe if you want why a you so biased can chamisa control every mdc supporter . Politics is for those with a strong heart obama was told he was not an american did he go to town about it. If khupe cant stand the heat she must get out now. When mujuru was being humiliated wre ,wre you?

  2. Hooliganism and thuggery must be condemned in the strongest terms possible across the political divide. Its now evident that depending on the circumstances, all parties are criminally equal. This hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil principle is the brainchild of these barbaric acts. We have to embrace divergence of views bearing in mind that your rights begin where mine end. What a shame?

    • Thats very correct man. We need to be mature and objective in everything happening. Unfortunately, anyone saying anything about the bad things being done under the banner of MDC-T come N Alliance is viewed as an impediment to their dreams.

  3. Proff Johno would tell you that was just political banter.Politics is for the thick skinned and now it turns out Mr Conman has taken it upon himself to be Khuphe spokesperson.Infact it has become his hobby to attack Chamisa led Mdc at every opportunity.

  4. So why are we going to town obout mukupe telling biti the truth.dindingwe rinonaka richakweva rimwe,kano iro rokwevewa hanzi mavara azare ivhu.


  6. Tutani thanks for very educative, unbiased reporting. These are the types of reporters who can take Zimbabwe forward by reporting fairl as it is

  7. The problem we have is that Chamisa fanatics close their minds to facts even after those facts have been provided by one of their own, Joana Ruvimbo Mamombe, the MDC-T parliamentary candidates.

    • iwe tutani we are sick and tired of you.why didn’t you condemn makupe.u are so biased .u are just a a Zanu pf apologist.judas is cariot

      • shumba, merely referring to Tutani as judas iscariot shows you have nothing substantive to say against him. In fact, it’s you who is an apologist for Chamisa and his repeated and blatant lies.

      • IWE shumba YOU ARE ONE, how can you say “we are sick and tired of you? Are you delusionary? And merely referring to Tutani as judas iscariot shows you have nothing substantive to say against him. In fact, it’s you who is an apologist for Chamisa and his repeated and blatant lies.

  8. Tutani & his boss Trevor Ncube are very desperate to convert their personal dislike of Chamisa into some decent news articles of some sort but unfortunately failing dismally with each attempt. There’s barely any evidence of any link between what happened to Khupe at the courts & Chamisa the person

  9. Comment…tutani chekutanga rega ndikuudze kt hure chii, pachishona hure mudzimai anorara nevamwe varume iye akaroorwa, ndozvakaita mai khupe vanozviti mdc bt vari kupusha zvezanu chamisa akadyiwa lose yake ndkhupe newe chikomba chake tutani,chepiri ndaifunga kt this tm wairatidza kuva usina divi rakarerekera pakubata nyaya yamukupe alas waratidza you hev a vendetta aganst chamisa, bt chokwadi ndechichi kunyangwe akaruza nero vote yangu paari

  10. TUTANI, the angry and abusive responses from Chamisa fanatics shows the truth hurts, chokwadi chinorwadza. Keep on dishing out the unpleasant and bitter truth to them.

  11. Is Chamisa and MDC-T so wonderful that they are beyond reproach? People broaden your minds – criticise all wrongs right before they develop deep roots and similarly, give credit where it is due.

    Thanks Tutani and Chamisa for condemning these unruly thugs, next time please record them for further investigation and analysis.

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