US sets terms to revive Zim business ties

The United States will expand economic and business ties with Zimbabwe once the country has put in place reforms that justify the lifting of sanctions.


Responding to questions from NewsDay on Saturday, Democratic Senator Christopher Coons said they hoped to expand relations with Zimbabwe.

“We would hope to expand the people to people relationships, relationships between companies, hospitals, researchers, but also much more investment from the United States to reviving the economy to rebuilding infrastructure and advancing the country,” he said.

But, Coons said, this would be dependent on certain steps being taken such as putting in place electoral reforms ahead of the upcoming elections.

Coons was part of the United States delegation to Zimbabwe that consisted of Republicans and Democrats.

Republican Senator Jeff Flake, who was part of the delegation, said economic ties between the United States and Zimbabwe could be raised to a commercial level depending on how elections are conducted.

“Nothing would please us more than to be able to play a role in the legislative branch and also to recommend to the President (Donald Trump) that conditions are such that these sanctions ought to be all lifted… that the United States in Zimbabwe can have not just full diplomatic relations, as we do now, but full commercial ties and to have expanded presence in trade,” he said.

The delegation also included Democratic Senators Cory Booker, Michael Bennet and Gary Peters. They met President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Saturday.

Since the start of the year, a number of foreign investors have expressed interest in Zimbabwe, but are awaiting an outcome of the elections.

Mnangagwa, who assumed the reins last year, has promised a free, fair and credible election. He has been preaching the Zimbabwe is open for business gospel.

In an editorial in New York Times in March, Mnangagwa pleaded for a reprieve from foreign nations.

The US imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe in 2002 and they have been renewed annually since.


  1. who cares chikuru kufema

  2. Zimbabweans care. Their ruthless, evil regime has reduced them to sub humans.

  3. Hanzi chikuru kufema,some people’s brains have been conditioned to poverty to the extent they have lost all hope or they are benefiting from the current system .In life do not give up, lets support those who push for improvement of all conditions that create opportunities for a better life of the masses-Zimbabwe.Zimbabweans care a lot. This is the time to do beneficial reforms to people of Zimbabwe not to individuals or parties only. Change is painful and resistance is always there but the result in this case is more important than the process.

  4. Do what is right only y if not worried with sanctions why complaining of them,problem zim too much of we know look now you suffering

    1. Just comment in your native language,perhaps u will do better

  5. Ndiyo yega nyika yakaisirwa zvirango mu Sadc,why is that only in zim people are arrested for practicing their democratic rights,this regime is cursed look we have no cash no Jobs pressing issues but unoona vachimhanya kunopindira zveu kingship in Matabeleland to make matters worse mohadi,mpofu ndokwavanobva ndo same people vano mhanya kuno misa ok who do they represent in Parliament,dont they know about their culture nonsense

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