Tempers flare in Magaya rape trial

HARARE lawyer, Nyikadzino Singano has filed neglect of duty and verbal abuse charges against Prosecutor-General (PG) Ray Goba, as tempers continue to flare over the latter’s alleged heavy-handedness in the rape trial of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) leader, Walter Magaya (pictured).


Singano last Friday reported Goba to the police accusing him of contravening section 88 of the Post and Telecommunications Act.

In his response to Goba’s telephonic attacks on Thursday last week, which have since formed the subject of a criminal matter against the top prosecutor, Singano said he was not afraid of the PG and would never be cowed to dump his clients.

According to correspondence gleaned by NewsDay, Singano says he is representing a victim, who was allegedly raped by a State witness, Kudakwashe Elliot, who apparently is expected to testify against Magaya.

“…Instead of dealing with that issue (witness’ issue) and telling the court the truth, you have
chosen to make threats in abuse of your office and in the vain hope that I would be cowed into silence. The heavens would rather fall but I would never be threatened by a person like you,” Singano said.

“I am also aware that you (Goba) have, contrary to your assertions met (Magaya’s complainant) before. You did so during the failed attempt at committal. Why my brother, would you want to lie over that simple issue? Assuming however, that you are correct, which you are not, do you mean that you do not see the impropriety of putting a charge in a rape matter under circumstances in which you have never interviewed the complainant?”

Singano added: “Let me make this position fundamentally clear, I am not afraid of you nor am I concerned by your threats, a recording of which is in my possession. Rather than discharge your duties, you have decided to address me as s…t, threatening in the process to deal with me. I have put the law into motion; you must answer for your conduct.”

Singano’s response came after the PG wrote to him accusing him (Singano) of defeating the course of justice in Magaya’s ongoing trial.

“With the full knowledge that she (Magaya’s complainant) is required by the court on April 3, 2018 you (Singano) contemptuously assisted her to defy a lawful order of court. You are, therefore, at the very least a socius to her crime of contempt of court to the extent that the contents of the said affidavit are also at variance with her statement to the police when she caused the arrest of Magaya,” Goba wrote.

“She is liable to a charge of perjury and you have exposed yourself to possible prosecution for the same offence including of course obstruction and/or defeating the course of justice (with actual intent).”


  1. this thing is turning out to be a circus and it is all sweet news and will definitely benefit the alleged rapist

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  3. Tasha Ruponeso

    You can never fight God and win. NEVER NEVER NEVER

    1. Which God are we talking about???????????????

  4. Maononga Buku

    Yes, God is unconquerable.But in this case i dont see God being fought.Musapinze Mwari patsvina please……

    1. yah i rely agree with you @BUKU, lets not include the name of God on such issues, He is the man of God yes but lets not put God’s name instead of MAGAYA’s name. lets just say if God is on his side then no weapon fashioned against him(Magaya) will prosper.

    2. Fighting a man of God, is fighting God Himself. Remember the Bible says, “Touch not His anointed, and do His Prophets no harm”.

  5. Ndatorohwawo nehana pakuti fighting God apa. If Magaya is clean lets just have the court time please not lawyer tactics to avoid the courts. Ngazviitwe zvipere. Inga vamwe vakapinzwa mugomba reshumba shumba dzikasadya. Jesus was also brought forward and crusified and rose from the dead. Magaya should just go face the music and we all witness him coming out clean if thats the case. Witness tempering and paying etc is not necessary for the so called Man of God. Plus takambonzwa ma audio angoriwo munhu wenyama sesu and anofeva futi sesu those who chose to follow you just follow muchiziya kuti akangofanana pazvivi na anyone apa angoriwo munhu wenyama sesu only smart enough to pull a crowd i guess.

  6. These Magaya lawyers were paid a million dollars jus to make noise and divert the real case of rape which was committed by the man of cloth.

    1. Wakavawona here malawyers vaProphet Magaya vachibhadharwa mamillions as you say ? do not say things you are not sure off.

      1. Saka uri kuti vanoshandira fovhoro – kwana

  7. @Tasha Ruponeso you may have been boiler-cooked by Magaya’s gospel and in the process turned into yourself into a goddamned fool which lives us who view Magaya not as a god but an artersinal preacher who simply struck a rich vein in business. Magaya never denied having sex with a whore its only that the whore is saying he raped her now God does not do things like that, extra marital sex no he does not do that. Magaya must not fool you anymore after this.

  8. @stokononzi l agree to the part that they had sex the part of rape must be proven in court full stop zvelawyer raMagaya ndiye atori nepersonal naPG.#let the law prevail

  9. Sex organs are never instruments for exorcising evil spirits, nobody will ever go to hell for calling Magaya a false prophet because that is typically what he is. It is sinful to have sex outside your marriage and the gravity is heavier for a pretentious prophet for that matter its God who punishes sin the courts will punish the criminal side that is of rape that is if he is convicted. The bible is there in court you will swear by it. This man is facing a very serious charge and most fortunate in that he is not appearing before Jacqueline Pratt. You would be in prison by now.

    1. Hakona kutaura zvausingazive, Watch Yadah TV or ask the many people who have been healed at PHD for you to ascertain whether its true or not.Hakona kutaura zvinhu kwausina kuswera wanzwa

      1. Ini ndina Bhururu wangu akasvodorerwa $250.00 achinzi anorapwa na Magaya one on one. Akazoponera Ku Zambia Mutendere Hospital. Haana Mate naye izvozvi.

      2. No wonder Africa is such a mess. With people like Kangaira and Tasha Ruponesu one clearly sees that we do not have a future.

  10. Vanhu Va Magaya vane hasha wena. Vanodokwairira ku protector muporofita wavo. Let the law take its course.

  11. Havana hasha most of them are simpletons with misplaced vanity which makes then fools.


  13. Advocate Goba must not be cowed by the “angry” lawyer; the guilty are afraid. Court should proceed as scheduled.

  14. Hacho Ndizvo ari kutii ko??? Ndazvishayirwa??

  15. Truly a prophet is not honored in his home town,Zimbabwe you dont know who you are tempering with, if you dont have anything positive to say about a man of God then rather keep quiet, if you are a child of God ask God to show you if what they are accusing him of is true. otherwise God will put you to shame, if you are tired of Him and the Good he is doing in your country then release him to South Africa, we need him, we love him and appreciate him…

  16. He is a business man simply now he is doing it in southfricans must wake up but God will answer this one day you followers will cry

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