Mugabe ouster play returns to Harare

THE epic stage play that comically recounts former President Robert Mugabe’s ouster from power through a smart coup — Operation Restore Regasi — is set to be restaged at Theatre in the Park next week due to overwhelming public demand, it has been established.


The 80-minute long play, which commanded full houses when it was first staged at Theatre in the Park in Harare from March 28 to 30, will run again at the same venue from April 11 to 13 following overwhelming public requests.

Before it was shown in Harare, the stage drama first made headlines after its debut at Austin Theatre in Masvingo where it witnessed three sold-out shows.

Playwright Charles Munganasa confirmed the turn of events and urged Harare residents who were yet to watch the theatre piece to make a date with them.

“We are coming back to Harare by public demand on 11, 12 and 13. I urge Harare residents, especially those who did not watch the play, to come in their numbers and witness this great show,” he said.

Munganasa said he had been overwhelmed by the manner in which the play had captured the imagination of the public and expressed gratitude to Zimbabweans.

“We would like to thank Zimbabweans for their support. Operation Restore Regasi has grown bigger than what we imagined due to massive reception in Masvingo and Harare,” he said.

Theatre in the Park creative director Daves Guzha said the restaging of the play, which captures one of the country’s major political developments, has found many takers among theatre lovers in the capital.

“It’s coming back by public demand. As you know, it sold out with some people watching whilst standing. We thought it would be proper to bring it back,” he said.

Although the government has in the past frowned upon theatre productions that touched on sensitive political issues, the President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s goverment appeared to have been charmed by the latest production.

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  1. I have watched this play it is really comic throughout, welldone guys , you nailed it. keep it up , i will come and watch you again tonight

  2. congrats charlie, mike and all the actors and crew behind the scenes

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