Khupe is biblical Hannah: Masarira

THE incoming spokesperson of the Thokozani Khupe-led MDC-T Linda Masarira has showered praises on the former deputy Prime Minister, likening her to the Biblical Hannah and Queen Esther.


Masarira argued Khupe’s resolve to challenge MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa and his allies all but inspired her to join the breakaway opposition party. Masarira was elected unopposed as the spokesperson of the Khupe-led MDC-T faction.

However, her appointment attracted scorn from party members as she had earlier in March vouched support for Chamisa.

Khupe on Monday stood by Masarira.

And in return, Masarira did not disappoint, showering praises on Khupe and in the process rekindling memories of former President Robert Mugabe allies’ sycophantic behaviour.

“At this stage the life of Khupe could be said it is headed for the direction where she has become a capable, intelligent and virtuous woman, a patriotic military adviser like Deborah, a woman of constancy like Ruth, the ideal mother like Hannah, hospitable as the Shunamite, a revealer of secrets to national leaders like Huldah and even more than Queen Esther the woman who risked sacrificing her life for her people,” she posted on Facebook.

Masarira said Khupe’s resolve motivated her to join the breakaway MDC-T.

“… devoted to the cause of women emancipation and to confront patriarchal dominance peacefully and insisting on what rightfully belongs to her which those that scoff at the guiding constitutions and tenets of life wanted to wrest from her. It is because of that practical devotion that permeated all relationships in her life that I am here today,” she added.

Khupe scored a victory against Chamisa’s MDC-T on Tuesday after the High Court dismissed an application by her nemesis demanding that she stops using the party name and symbol.

Khupe is also challenging her recent expulsion from Parliament at the Constitutional Court.

Masarira admitted she first viewed Khupe as a weak person, but “in the process of time, I saw her weaknesses being turned into courage, boldness and a fearlessness coupled to a woman of vision. Her vision and team vision are compatible. They dovetail with the purpose for which I exist.

“My desires — emancipation of women and creation of prosperity in a society where women are not only equal to men, but both make use of, and create opportunities to excel above the men not just from competition but from merit and virtue.”

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  1. Regai tigoona kwazvinosvika……

  2. Dr Khupe has my vote

  3. Mam’Khuphe may not have my vote but I promise to do something good for her MP and councillor. After all is said and done, Ngwenya has my vote!

  4. Chakuyinga Chakuparonda

    Comment…Tsvimbo nedohwe.

  5. Comment…kungovukura pama newspaper, go to the people to sell your brand. many people here in mashonaland, masvingo, manicaland and Midlands don’t know the animal so called khupe. she is busy going around starnely square in Bulawayo, can she land the ticket for state house from starnely square?

  6. charles charingeno

    You know what guys Zimbabwe is an interesting country. Firstly do you know that ZPF brought independence because of unity of purpose to defeat one enemy then. Because of failure to have unity of purpose, ZPF will never be defeated. I am surprised that Khupe is saying her party is MDC-T when she did was not seeing Tsvangirai eye to eye, way before Tsvangirai died. Why use the T? It is plain and simple to see. Khupe has been paid by ZPF and paid handsomely to cause confusion and that is the sick thing about us Zimbabweans! Our attitude: – As long as I can benefit from something, why do I care about the rest? So all those who are following Khupe are following a Zanu PF project which will save ZPF from being defeated. Just like the Mavambo Project which saved ZPF. If you come to think it, the real fight will be between Chamisa and ED. So why all these small political parties? They need to be either behind Chamisa or ED to make Zimbabweans decide conclusively. All the rest are spoilers who are pursuing personal and selfish interests. Our selfish interests are hampering the progress of this country for sure.

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