I am sorry: Harare mayor

Harare mayor, Bernard Manyenyeni yesterday used his last state of the city address to apologise for the failure and challenges bedevilling the capital, chief among them poor water provision and bad state of roads.


Manyenyeni told various stakeholders that they had dismally failed to turn around the fortunes of the city during their five-year tenure, but placed most of the blame on the poor state of the economy and “toxic political interference” by central government.

“In the inaugural state of the city address in 2016, I shared the hope that we could leave council and the city better than when we came in. Unfortunately, we note that this will not be possible. The turnaround of this city requires almost 10 years of making tough long-deferred decisions. We had also hoped the new government will provide a conducive environment fast enough, for the reconstruction of our public institutions like your council and the economy,” he said.

“Even with one of the most knowledgeable minister in July Moyo and a new permanent secretary in George Magosvongwe, there are no new dispensation benefits yet at Harare City,” he said.

“As we yearn for a better city, we face the regular reminders that we are part of a failed nation, whose political recovery will dictate and direct our recovery. The same applies to the chaos caused by commuter omnibuses in the City of Harare. From my visit to Rwanda in March, the cleanliness or the hygiene of a city should be driven from the top, with clear effective political leadership, willpower and commitment.”

Manyenyeni claimed to have improved health delivery and council’s financial reporting system.

“While significant progress was made, especially in the central business district, the same cannot be said about the residential areas. I insist on responsibility-with-resources. Zinara (Zimbabwe National Road Administration) should ensure that we are given funding that is commensurate with the vehicle population in Harare. Without that funding the roads nightmare in Harare will continue to worsen. For your city council, the road mandate remains largely an unfunded one,” he said.

“On June 23, 2017, we signed off the 2016 accounts. We are hoping that by the end of this month, we sign off the 2017 accounts. For the first time in nearly 20 years, we were up to date and fully compliant in terms of external audits.”

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  1. we do not need your story Bernard we know who is to blame just leave quietly we are focusing on bigger issues which key upon them is the watershed elections which Nelson is being fooled by huge crowds of unregistered voters into believing that he can land this one finally.

    1. They are registered unless of course you Zanuoids have tempered with the voters roll. Where do you get that from? You are just in denial that President Chamisa is popular and favourite to win in free and credible election.

      1. i agree with you.this tym ED havalume.

      2. popularity is judged by votes and thats what we have been witnessing over the past elections not numbers at rallies for heaven sake

        1. where on earth do you get the info that people did not register iwewe?
          don’t you see that something is not ok here?

          1. those who did registered out of their own volition and during those days mdc was fast alseep and i challenge the youngest in charge to tell the supporters who are going to attend the masvingo show to come and produce registration tear off slips, i bet some one will be shocked that the majority supporters are not registered

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  5. the worst city council for decades.even when roads are being repaired i used to see one truck in acturus rod from kamfinsa one group is filling pot holes with tar from enterprise side one group is filling the pot holes with rocks and soil,same road no supervision .the water comes raw not treated.in chisipite we stated having water since end of last year after 5 years.now pipes have burst no one can repair them we dont have water in north rd for one week and you call this a mayor.lets be serious .playing politics with people s lives is his way of being a mayor.

  6. Mayor Manyenyeni I personally know you are a great humble leader of people. Fair Well in your endeavours where ever you are benefitting humanity presently. Zanu pf is a malignant cancerous parasitc unsymbiosis(new word for a new disease experienced as Zanu pf). You tried your best and were indemnified for the future predictable outcomes of your bravery. havashandike navo. they use people to hide their inefficiency and rot. dai makambobuda mese mu government, monyarara, muone, vashaye wekupomera kukundikana kwavo. the solution for Zimbabwe is every man kumba kwake. movasiya vega for 5 years vari vega. isu tichingo shingaira. toona kuti kusanyara kwavo vano campaigna vachiti chii? unonzwa voti, ma Btiyish akatibira muna 1890 -1980 blubber blubber. vakakundikana vaya. hapana chinobuda pavari, newose anovabatsira.

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