Fresh headache for MDC Alliance

MDC Alliance is on a knife edge, as major partner, MDC-T is demanding that its partners step up and show that they deserve constituencies they were allocated in the alliance agreement.

By Blessed Mhlanga

Sources in the MDC-T said there was a general outcry in the party, as it appears that other members of the alliance were failing to step up and bring supporters to the table.

“the MDC-T is worried that other parties in the alliance are mere briefcase parties looking to use the brand
MDC-T and Morgan Tsvangirai to get jobs for themselves and this is not acceptable, we are now demanding that they step up or lose some of the seats allocated to them,” the source said.

MDC- T vice-president, Elias Mudzuri expressed his disquiet in a post on Twitter, becoming the highest
profile figure to publicly demand that partners step up.

“While our MDC Alliance rallies are important, the election-winning formula lies in constituency and ward-based campaign strategies.

“Our alliance partners also need to be more visible on the ground to address communities and stakeholders, where they are strong,” he wrote.

In an effort to address the niggling problem, MDC Alliance leaders have agreed to split and address
rallies separately, while they also up their mobilisation tempo.

“It is clear that all rallies so far held by the alliance, it has been a sea of red, we have the support, but our partners are not being fair, they are not bringing what they promised to the table, we have tried now to allow them to also address rallies without having to go where [MDC-T leader, Nelson] Chamisa goes,” another source said.

The new push is to safeguard parliamentary seats for alliance principals and members of their executives,
while leaving the rest of the seats to the MDC-T.

The alliance will then contest the polls under MDC-T colours and logo.

“We think that these guys in the alliance should not continue complaining about seats allocation as long as the principals and their executives have seats that should be enough, they are riding on our wave,” a source claimed.

MDC Alliance spokesperson, Welshman Ncube, however, said while they were aware of the disgruntlement among members and contests for council and parliamentary seats, the alliance was stronger than it ever was.

“It is common cause that some parties are stronger and others are weaker than others, but we are working together, it is a collective effort to mobilise and win the elections from
council, to Parliament and the presidency.

So we are trying to have conversations
with our members from
wards all the way to province so that
they understand the need to work as
a collective,” he said.

MDC-T youth leader, Happymore
Chidziva, said they were guided by
Tsvangirai’s vision and Chamisa’s

“Our late leader gave us a vision
and it guides us, that vision is carried
by the wisdom of our president, with
the guidance of our national council
and party membership, there is
unity in numbers make no mistake,
we are on the ground with our peers
talking to the heart of Zimbabwe as
an alliance,” he said.

Chamisa’s spokesperson, Luke
Tamborinyoka had not responded to
questions sent to him earlier during
the week, while the party’s spokesperson,
Tabitha Kumalo was unreachable.

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  1. Round 2

  2. Kkkk. What Mudzuri is saying is what was said by madam Khupe to Tsvangirai long back that matabeleland was winning votes for mdc so why giving its seats to other parties. Look what happened. She was accused of being divicive. Zanu pf is going to harvest from the confusion. Thanx Mudzuri for seeing the light

  3. We all know that MDC N have numbers and the idea is not to win seats only but also power remember in 2008 if all the opposition have united they could win 26 more seats.

  4. The smart view for an alliance is that the stronger party gains not votes but a united front, thereby denying an unethical ruling party the use of divide and rule tactics in negotiations for electoral reforms (including a united threat of boycotting unfair elections, if this becomes necessary).

  5. while there may be challenges, I think they still need to be resolved within the context of the Alliance. Its no longer time to engage reverse gear. You media guys should not try to exaggerate the situation, lest you end up worsening it

  6. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…Bato rezvematongerwo enyika risina hwaro harisi bato revanhu, asi kuti ibato remunhu. Twumwe twumapato ndetwekungotsvaka noto chete. Ngapaitwe wongororo dzakasimba mapato ezvematongerwo enyika asati apiwa mari dziyaa-aa dzemapato. Yeukayizve, musasarudzira vanhu vamiririri. Zivayi, vanhu avachada kushandirwa, asi kuzvishandira. Vanhu avachada kuitirwa, asi kuzviitira. MDC-A, Hre south,Mwenezi ne——, mati muchada kudiyi? Makanganwa paya pamakaisa vaSimba Makoni mukazvamburwaka. Uye mutemo unotiyi? Munhu anogona kukunda arikunerimwe bato, oyenda negoho rake kunerimwe here? Payaka, vaMoyo akakunda akazvimiririra, akazoenda negoho ravo kune rimwe batoka. Heno,itayi zvinorovesa zvinemutsindo. Asi GARO ZIVAYI kuti, NDOMENE HAYICHEMEDZE. Gore rino akuna zvekuita ruzha mozhamba sepwere dzisina kutengegwa mbatya dzeKisimusi.

  7. Everyone knows that there are being used and it shows that MDCT is peopled with FOOLS who accept guys like Biti and the Welshmans as major political parties which we know for a fact that there have a zero base of supporters, Just DisBand this Animal called Alliance


  8. I thought this was was Kupe was saying all along!!!!! Its funny that they are only realising it now.

  9. tumwe tumapato twakarohwa nemaths zvekuti chero tukadzingwa hapana kwatunoenda – TOO LATE NOW.

    But such actions vindicate the assertions that this coalition issue was just a strategy to silence those who had the potential to expose the misdeeds of MDC-T-C and possibly MDC-T-K.

  10. Comment…If Matebele make a foolish mistake to ditch Khupe thinking kt Mash wl fight fr them vanomama

  11. This has nothing to do with Khupe, as she is not part of the alliance. The alliance must simply work together and not start creating other issues. To bring Khupe in this is like bringing Mugabe in Zanu Pf issues.

  12. I don’t think there is a headache there. Is demanding results and pushing for dessired results a headache. On the other hand, Kupe’s argument had some elements of selfishness and hatred towards the personalities such as Ncube and Biti because their presence posed a threat to her political ascendance to power. If she really had a serious case how about her wanting to join hands with Mujuru. How many people does she have. MT was spot on. Give the partners what they think they are worthy of and then demand the results as per agreement. More partnes are joining and thats the rational that will be used to accomodate other new comers.

  13. This proves Khuoe was right long time ago, see the cracks now. This thing is going nowhere they just running like headless chickens, im off to Khupe before its too late nxaaa

  14. jonathan u sound so foolish man, pachikaranga tinoti benzi pavangwaru iti ziro newe ugonzi uri mungwaru. wat cracks are u talking about,its yo head thats got cracks. in life challenges are there to be resolved nevuchenjeri

  15. pfutsek enda kuna khupenga kwarooo wega chamisa ndiye ane yese full stop

  16. Comment…Mudzuri cud be right? Any justification for exaggerating partner’s vote input? The answer ought be unanimous NO! Equivocal (Ncube) arguement is at best suspicuous, for n th time , n>?

  17. I would rather vote for Mugabe than Khupe,she is no different from Marujata, power hungry, and selfish. Ini nedzinza rangu tinoti Chamisa woye, the Alliance has my vote…

  18. Comment…khupe uyo arikushandiswa kuda kuSpliter mavotes .mutengesi that lady

  19. The truth is the Alliance is a worst of time, Madam Khupe has been right from the beginning, the Ncubes ,Bitis and Ngaruvhumes have nothing to present.

  20. Hate to say it but madam Khupe was right all along. seriously what support does Ngarivhume bring??? Biti has no party because his former party PDP is led by Lucia Matibenga, Welshman has never won a seat for all his efforts, Job Sikhala & MDC99 just hopeless. So the truth is these are chancers holding onto the coattails of MDC T

  21. They ve realised, this thing of adressing same peopke everyday at rallies is no gonna help them. When media exposed the bussing of people from Chitugwiza to all rallies, people cried foul. Now reality has faced them. They desperate for support now blame each other.

  22. They ve realised, this thing of adressing same people everyday at rallies is no gonna help them. When media exposed the bussing of people from Chitugwiza to all rallies, people cried foul. Now reality has faced them. They desperate for support now blame each other.

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