Drama at Magaya rape trial

THE first day of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries leader, Walter Magaya’s rape trial was punctuated by thrills and turns, as Prosecutor-General (PG) Ray Goba took over prosecuting duties and personally handled the matter, as the defence lawyers protested, accusing him of pursuing a personal vendetta against the cleric.

Magaya faces charges of raping a female congregant, in June 2015, unlawful termination of pregnancy and obstruction of justice, but the preacher denied all the charges, with Goba insisting that the trial should proceed even in the absence of the State’s star witness.

The trial kicked off yesterday before High Court judge, Justice Amy Tsanga, with Thabani Mpofu leading Magaya’s defence team.

After successfully pushing for Magaya’s trial to proceed despite the complainant’s earlier indications that she no longer wanted to testify against the cleric,
Goba said the State will summon at least seven witnesses to testify against him.

The State also plans to produce documents to prove that Magaya deposited $100 000 into the complainant’s bank account, allegedly to induce her to drop the charges.

Tempers flared, when Goba applied to have Magaya restricted, as he alleged that the accused had been interfering with State witnesses, but Justice Tsanga ruled Magaya’s bail conditions should stand because the State had no compelling case against the accused.

The victim’s lawyer, Sylvester Hashiti also came hard on Goba, accusing him of pursuing a selfish and personal agenda against the clergyman.

“Any criminal process is driven by a complainant,” he explained.

“The complainant is saying ‘if I proceed I would be telling lies throughout the trial and the fact that I made an application seeking to be excused from the proceedings, I also need to be heard’ … we have said Goba is pursuing his selfish agenda, which has nothing to do with the case before the court.

“The court must determine whether it is not being dragged into personal matters,” he said before Justice Tsanga allowed the trial to proceed on the basis that complainant’s application had not been determined yet.

When the charge was put to Magaya, his lawyer, Mpofu, who was being instructed by Admire Rubaya, Everson Chatambudza and Oliver Marwa, did not submit his client’s defence outline, but came out guns-blazing, saying “the country was doomed to have a PG like Goba”.

“We are doomed, as a nation if we have a PG such as him … there is an order of the court that was not appealed against by the State.

“This court cannot interfere with extant court orders even if they are from the magistrates’ court and he (Goba) should know that,” Mpofu said.

In her application filed last week seeking to be excused from attending trial, the State’s witness, said Goba was forcing her to give evidence in court despite her confessions that she was not raped and did not fall pregnant at any stage.

She further said she was contemplating approaching the Law Society of Zimbabwe (LSZ) to seek a disciplinary hearing against Goba and also to seek an order compelling the PG to personally pay the costs of her litigation.

But, as the proceedings progressed, Goba, who was instructed by senior law officers, Chipo Muronda and Justine Uladi, made two applications, one, seeking to have Magaya placed on fresh remand and the other to have the witness arrested for not attending court, but both flunked.

In his submissions, Goba said he wanted Magaya to be ordered not to interfere with State witnesses, adding he had even interfered with him personally an averment that was dismissed by the court, saying the PG ought to have known what to do if the cleric had made such interferences.

“The accused person [Magaya] is not on bail and there are no changed circumstances … I do not think the State has put forward compelling reasons why the accused should be put on bail … it boggles the mind there is not even an aorta of evidence to suggest that he interfered with State witnesses, I will not grant the applications,” Justice Tsanga said.

Eventually, the matter was postponed to April 25 to allow parties to submit heads of argument in relation to the witness’ application.


  1. from the little bit on hand this evasive lady must be dragged before the courts and made to answer questions and we hear there was a trail of $100k deposited into an account by the man of cloth these are definitely very dirty deals and recklessly done as cash as opposed to the bank was suppose to have been used.

    1. These are all lies just to tarnish the Prophet, why was that evidence not brought into the court ?

      1. probably it came out after investigations remember we are dealing with dirty characters and this case was instigated by the same lady who is now crying foul only after an exchange of moaney took place but lets follow this one very very closely

  2. Tasha Ruponeso

    You will never jail Magaya

    1. Voetsek iwe !! if he is criminal let justice prevail. whoever you are uchanyengerwa mukadzi/ mwana/ amai/ kana kutonyengwa uriwe du zvi!

  3. Tasha Ruponeso

    Only those who allow themselves to be used by the devil will pursue the case. As for the girl, God has already forgiven her because she confessed the truth. You are only putting a curse on yourselves. God will protect him – even if you(devil) do your worst – you will never ever win him. For he will not bow down to the devil

    1. Do not drag God into these personal issues. Lets see how the matter. Do not try to help God like Uzzah. His will will prevail. Comments will not change God’s position.

    2. hahaha waka bhilivhiswa saskamu! Magaya haasi mwari ziva izvozvo. uchaiswa kumanyowa
      becoz anoisa

  4. but she is the one who first reported that she was raped, uuum pakati pake iye namagaya pane anofanirwa kusungwa.

  5. Maononga Buku

    hakuna vanhu vamwari vakadai……..

  6. @Tasha. Who told you God has forgiven the girl. Does trying to hold somebody accountable for their actions constitute being used by the devil? If so then the devil is using a lot of people in the different judiciaries world wide. Why can’t Magaya defend himself in light of the evidence against him like the 100 thaza. Why take the route of having the complainant drop charges?

  7. Tasha Ruponeso

    No matter how much you hate Magaya. HAASUNGWE KUSVIKIRA JESU ACHIUYA

  8. Magaya anenyaya pamwe nemusikana wake.

    1. Rubbish, nyaya yei kana wacho ari kuti akarapewa achiti nadainyeba ? Munomuvengerei Magaya ?

  9. @ DRAKE
    Try to find yourself y the complainant drooped the case don’t accuse Magaya for forcing the complainant drooped the case
    That 100thaza u a talking of is an allegation just like rape

  10. Cde Full Gomo

    hmmmmmm Pakaipa “the country was doomed to have a PG like Goba” said Thabani Mpofu leading Magaya’s defence team.

  11. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…Kana pasina nyaya, mukadzi uyu ngaadzorere $100000.00 kuna Worota achishandisa nzira imweyo. Okumbira ruregero nekunyepa kwaakaita, kana avekuti izvi azvina kumboitika. Jehovah averegerere munhu
    asina kureurura zvitadzo zvake. Ndinotondera vakatikuti vakambonyepa
    kuti vakabhinyiwa, asi vakakumbira ruregerero paruzvinji, sekunyepa kwavakanga vamboita. Mwanasikana, dzora mari, kana wakapiwa. Pasina kudaro, ummmmmmm.

    1. mwari pindirai

  12. There is nothing wrong there ,Goba is stupid, he is interfering with an out of court settlement. If the lady received the money and she is dropping the case thus her baby, she is not supposed to come back to make a similar report. I don`t know why people are so worried

  13. its a tricky case now, some people have personalised it.The victim seems to have dropped charges, maybe she won what she wanted. She never wanted the clergyman to be arrested, she wanted money and she got it.

    1. prophet vanenyaya there is no smoke without fire

  14. This Ray Goba Prosecutor-General is persuing selfish and personal vendetta against the Prophet. If God says no , no one will say yes. This clearly shows that he has personal agendas against the Prophet and there are some people behind this but good will always prevail over evil no matter what. This Ray Goba is a shame to have a PG like him.

  15. l quot ‘personal vendetta’ Goba and Magaya vanozivana

  16. Tired of these fraudsters and rapists masquerading as prophets

    1. Comment…do not judge for u not to be judged

  17. Goba is doing the right thing. A complainant notifies the state from which point the matter becomes the State vs Accused. It is probably very difficult to prove the case but pane nyaya. A full trial will deter others of similar mind from abusing the justice system in this manner. Chances are the lady’s bank records will show she actually used the money from Magaya. Those who idolise Magaya are free to do so but the PG is just doing his job never mind utterances by an advocates who should know better.Naye ari pabasa.

  18. Its a matter of time. The time shall come when God shall speak. Lets watch this case unfold. Lets stop throwing blows to everyone and start looking at the case in question. The issue here is not about this Lady only, there are several ladies / girls in this dilemma. Lets not cone up with conclusions yet. I feel ,lets have this case fully investigated, then we can come up with remarls.

    “God,Jehova, please send your light and enlighten all those handling this case to handle this case with wisdom from yourself and have the truth revealed. Show us your grace Lord so that this case is done and put to rest.”

  19. Ngondi Kamupinya

    This Magaya is not just “a man of cloth” but “man of the undergarment”…..nyaya dzake ndedze”RAPE” chete chete…Why?

    1. Prophetic grace

      Dzerape ndodzamunobata chete kodzemining projects,farming,assisting the needy,hosting football teamS,selective hearing yakakubata.TOUCH NOT THE ANNOINTED ONES.

  20. Yaa Vazaya kana akapa musikana 100thaza ava vava kuidawo. Ngaavape ndiye akatanga nazvo zvekupa mari. Kana akachena akapirei kamusikana aka mare.

  21. I am not qualified to speak as an expert on matters of the law; yet “man in the street” tuition tells me that AG Goba’s personal involvement in this case has to do more with his concern regarding Magaya’s interference with witnesses than the pursuit of a individual agenda as claimed by the defendant. Magaya is a very wealthy man who is able to use his wealth in order to ensure that the outcome of the case will be in his favour. That is a fact that has to be considered and it’s my suspicion that this is indeed what is currently transpiring. The claim by the state that there is evidence concerning Magaya transferring $100,000 into former star witness bank account is indeed a telling aspect in this case. Indeed; under the circumstances and with regard to the high profile of this case, I’d say that the public is in for a compelling tele-soap like drama!

  22. Comment…hakuna zvakadaro wakamboiona kup nyaya yeRape inotongwa ichidai

    1. Umkhonto ka Shaka

      Its not rape case being feyed upon but the truth. If Magaya was wrongly accused then the then complainant must be jailed for lying to the state

  23. In criminal cases it’s State Vs Accused with the complainant becoming a state witness.In Magaya’s case the “prostitute”must be accountable for her actions i.e falsely reporting a crime if indeed she is now admitting that the reported crimes never took place.This in itself should see the girl enjoying some time in prison.Secondly munhu wamwarimunozozvinyanyawo. Nyaya dzenyu dzawandawo zvekuti BOD yacho yakundondinetsawo.Remember the Chimutashu caseyakazongoperera takunzwa maapologies kkkk.

  24. Munhu wamwari zvimwe munozozvinyanya.YaChimutashu makaipedza seyi zviya kkkk.Zvekare pfambi yenyu iyi inofanira kusungwa nemhosva yekurevera prophet wedu mhaka dzavasina kupara.Kana chirichokwadi kuti hapana nyaya pfambi ndiyo inofanira kusangana nemibvunzo mumatare edzimhosva.

  25. Nebuchadnezzar

    The lady forced the state to use its resources to investigate her alleged rape charges against Magaya. She cannot get away with dropping the charges just because she was given a bribe outside court. Either she has to be charged with why she lied in the first place or she has to own up that she received a bribe to drop the charges. We cant waste state resources and time like that!

  26. Goba gobora muti mukuru ukurumuke tione.there is still another skeleton in your closet prophet.Rememember that girl who died beyond our borders and again you featured like Rambo in that episode.May the Good Lord put a stop to this.

  27. @anonymous. Not accusing him of anything. Just saying he must not appear to be sweeping anything under the carpet by way of it seeming like the girl has either been coerced or induced or both into dropping the charges. It is claimed that there is a matter concerning $100 000 and abortion inducing medication (whatever that means). Why not defend himself in a court of law and put the matter to rest once and for all.

  28. Makwingwiziri Matsvuku

    What is an aorta of evidence? The word is iota.

  29. some people they talk as if ndovanokumura Magaya bhurugwa nekumupfekedza

  30. sebastain lovemore M

    Comment…it is too late to withdraw the charges,common sense tells us that the case must proceed.the lady must tell the honourable court the reasons for her withdrawal.Goba is right none is above the law.they were supposed to have resolved their issue out of court before dragging it to the courts.

  31. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwimayivepi Mazivazvangumhakayakora

    Comment…Ndowirirana nezvataurwa naNebuchadnezzar. Munhu ahungada kusvipisa zita remunhu nekuda marika. Sezvo avekuti inhema. Pasi rose vanhu vave kuziva nezvechibharo ichika.
    *Ko Essexvale wamai, unoti Worota munhu ane hupfumi hwake seyi? Akashandepi Worota? Mari yechegumi yakanzi ndeyekuvakisa hupfumi hwevazodziwa here? Hupfumi hunobva
    mukushanda, kwete muchegumi?

  32. There is a case which the defense is trying to turn into a marketing stunt. The defense composition clearly shows that they are not taking anything lying down. The whore obviously may not have been raped in the true sense, no consent, penetration and use of threats bla bla she realized she could force the “PHD high priest” to part with a couple of extra-dimes out side the bargain on account of his “wHOreLY profile”. Of course money was used to cool the tempers and in a careless manner too an inference will have to be drawn here too. I agree with people who view some of Magaya’s followers as fools yes indeed most of them are, the more you read their posts the more foolish they become. Every body has his day in court.

  33. is there no charge of making a false report or can magaya file a civil suit against the complainant or a case of extortion be ivestigated.

  34. Jesu akatongwa wani nemhaka dzaasina kupara ko iwe unorambirei kutongwa kana uri wekwake?

  35. Vamwe venyu you shall answer to God himself, how you are quick to defend Magaya a person of flesh like me and you, were you there when this guy slept with the woman, another girl just died in botswana people defended it is now occult not christianity if Magaya is wrong he is just man. Let him repent and be forgiven not make it worse by defending him. There is no smoke without a fire.

    1. and you where you there. why do you insist on an issue that you heard. you are trying to get dirty money

  36. according to the law the grl should be charged fr wasting the court’s tym;hweva as thingz stand Something really hpnd btwn the gel&magaya As fr mpofu hez doing hz job The PG z 100℅ ryt hz dng hz job nothing personal here

  37. Tibvireipo. ndimi makabika nyaya iyi. you tried to frame Prophet Mgaya because of personal hatred. GODO. Kunyepera kuva concerned nyaya iri pachena.

  38. Comment…yu comment on this article written against the Man of God? Continue. God punishes in some way, any1 who writes shit abt a Man of God. Didn’t u guys go to Sch? Continue commenting shit abt a man of God, u will see

    1. If he is the same God who approves your language then I doubt him

    2. Is that the language you use ku”church” kwenyu?It’s seems to be “PHD” language.


  40. Akarohwa nyoro here?

  41. Magaya is a married man, not a bachelor boy, he had an extra marital affair with a booty libidinous whore who may have attracted him from his crew of demon possessed congregants, he got his primordial instincts aroused and made a move, what a blunder now his irresponsibility is haunting him. After all Magaya is not a stranger to these petticoat issues do you remember Bev. He almost laid her.

  42. If the compainainant dropped the case why pursue it.

  43. Dropping charges doesn’t mean one is innocent, the court has a right to prosecute the accused. A crime and dropping charges are a different thing. The circumstances that lead to dropping the charge has nothing to do with the court but, however the court can carry on with investigations and witnesses to verify the original reported crime. No one has to be personal in such cases, what does it have to do with you to get that personal, let justice take it’s course. If the woman was lying then that’s a crime, someone has to be brought to book.

  44. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwimayivepe Mazivazvangumhakayakora

    Comment…Chule, Jehovah vanogara kudenga, denga repasi rose varikuona zvaurikunyora.

  45. I am glad that this case is now before the courts. I doubt if the person of P.G’s status would want to tarnish his image in this case. Let us all follow the court proceedings and hear the judge’s ruling. I think it is fair if we stop giving our own conclusions.

  46. Magaya has a case to answer. Magaya haasi jesu or mwari. he has got a number of cases he escaped jail using money but one thing for certain – Musiki haadhakwi! he will do worse things than these so called rape cases. Dont take sides n these cases becoz unozomunyarira abhinya mai vako

  47. Prophet Magaya has no case to answer at all especially where the so-called victim has come out to say she has nothing to say against him .The simple principle of law is that a case exists between a victim of the offense or the accuser and the alleged perpetrator or the accused. The accuser decided on her own to get pull out and apparently someone has decided replace her for his own personal reason. SHOCKING. This makes the whole thing very unusual. We may ignore the truth for our own selfish reasons PROPHET MAGAYA IS A TRUE MAN OF GOD WHY? True men of God have gone through trials for cases they have not committed but they have always been acquitted obviously because they carry God’s covering. There is no secrecy in the following:
    1. Prophet Magaya is THE ONLY church leader who has championed powerful empowerment programs for his congregants,eg mabble-cutting factory,bee-keeping,housing program etc
    2. Prophet Magaya is THE ONLY church leader who has gained a huge following with congregants coming from the entre SADC region, Africa and oversees who are even able to attend weekly services
    3.Prophet Magaya is THE ONLY church leader who has been used by God to the extend of bringing permanent solutions to health challenges that hospitals and medical experts had failed to solve
    4 PHD Ministries led by Prophet W. Magaya has continued to be the most united and well administered church at a time when some churches are having serious splits, factions and even public fightsT

    The list is endless

    Lets learn,as a nation support the good things that our fellow citizens commit themselves towards the good of our nation rather than LOOKING FOR BAD THINGS THAT ARE NOT EVEN THERE. As a nation we grow when we hear of healings,casting out of demons,people getting into empowerment projects etc and not someone losing sleep about how he can use his mussles to frustrate a person geared at developing Zimbabwe.


    The devil does not target those of lower spiritual level in the house of God but the head because by so doing the entire Ministry will fall and this will mean Satan’s victory.


  48. As Africans we have a big problem we do not celebrate someone if he is doing well we only celebrate his/her downfall that’s why we are very poor Prophet Magaya is trying to remove poverty mentality across the whole of Africa now you are targeting him for what?I know PHD MINISTRIES is the only fast growing church with huge followers TRUE.PHD ministries is the only church which managed to have GIANT marble factory in AFRICA true. Is the only church which is creating employment in Zimbabwe and world wide.Is the only church who has a leader who is not selfish.My advise PG do not be used you are well educated in terms of law because the way you are handling this issue its now too personal,considering your position.Honestly you can not fight our GOD and WIN,again we can not fold our hands while dragging our prophet the way you want hazviite wakanonoka we have been quite for a long time.PARTNERS TIME UPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Do not touch the anointed. We shall see. One day someone shall regret

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