Zanu PF goes after Mutinhiri

Panicky Zanu PF has dispatched bigwigs to former Cabinet minister Ambrose Mutinhiri’s home area in a move meant to disconnect him from the electorate, following his resignation to lead the National Patriotic Front (NPF).

BY Jairos Saunyama

Mutinhiri, a former Marondera West legislator, dumped Zanu PF and has since been appointed NPF interim president, a new party reportedly backed by former President Robert Mugabe and members of the G40.

The delegation, led by politburo member, Sydney Sekeramayi comprised among others, Mashonaland East chairperson, Biggie Joel Matiza, provincial youth league boss, Kelvin Mutsvairo, provincial war veteran boss, Daniel Sigauke and members of the central committee.

Addressing the gathering, Sekeramayi, who chanted the slogan “down with Mutinhiri”, said the former Zipra commander was free to leave Zanu PF, but warned people against being coerced to dump the ruling party.

“You all heard through the media that Mutinhiri is no longer with us, this means, as a constituency you are deserted,” Sekeramayi said.

“Since 1980, Marondera West constituency was known as a stronghold of Zanu PF and we need to keep that in mind.

“We do not vote for a person, but for the party.

“We once held a meeting here and Mutinhiri told us that this was his last time to stand for elections, little did we know that he had other ideas.
“We do not want to allow divisions, Mutinhiri has failed us. It is a closed chapter now.”

Mutinhiri comes from Mahusekwa.

The ruling party went into a panic mode following Mutinhiri’s move and on Thursday hastily arranged a rally meant to urge people from his home not to follow him and remain as Zanu PF members.

Matiza said Mutinhiri’s departure did not mean the end of Zanu PF and that electorate should not be scared by his move.

“Do not be scared about this (Mutinhiri’s move),” he said.

“Zanu PF is still there and strong as always.

“What you should be worried about is to register to vote, as well mobilising for the party ahead of the elections.

“We are in a new dispensation, hence, our mandate is to build the party. We do not allow chaos within Zanu PF.”

War veterans boss, Sigauke said NPF should change its name to National Pathetic Front, as its members did not know the meaning of patriotic.

Central committee member, Oddo Nyakudanga warned party members against entertaining Mutinhiri’s messengers, who might come during the night.

Mutsvairo said party members should not be blinded to the extent of following a man, who was divorced by his wife.

“He has always been a G40 member. Remember, he was also divorced by his wife and today he has been divorced by his constituency,” Mutsvairo said.

“His wife joined the MDC-T and recently he left Zanu PF, imagine that. We do not want to hear that we have people from this constituency following him.”
Mutinhiri was married to Tracy, who is now a member of the MDC-T.

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  1. Mutinhiri did everything logically he resigned from zanupf and from cabinet then went and addressed his constituency announcing his move but urged them not to follow him…what more did zanup want and why haunting him.

  2. Ambrose you did the right thing not to work in a govt controlled by soldiers and you did right to jump from the sinking ship .Never worry zanu is so scared now .

    1. True my brother Zanu PF is dead. This will the 1st defeat for a dead party.


  3. mutinhiri is as useless as is Mugabe now they all belong to the bin

  4. isu veG40 ziiiii zvedu tinosangana KUVOTE

  5. tshisa mpama tshisa

  6. Every person have the right to do what ever he likes so pliz no violence will meet on voters day tshisa mpama tshisa

  7. Sakubona MakhosiXum. Where have you been. I was missing your childish criticism hahahaha. Welcome back mfowethu.

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