‘Third anointment rains on Chamisa’

MDC president, Welshman Ncube, has bizarrely claimed that MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa’s appointment had been endorsed by spirit mediums at Njelele shrine as evidenced by the rains that poured during his campaign rally in Plumtree on Sunday.


Addressing opposition supporters at the rally, Ncube, who doubles as MDC Alliance spokesperson, dismissed reports that a special congress being pushed for by MDC-T deputy president Thokozani Khupe could reverse Chamisa’s appointment.

“We hear newspapers reporting about Chamisa, that he grabbed power. There are three things that you must know.

When (late MDC-T leader, Morgan)Tsvangirai gave me advice on January 6 before he went to South Africa, he called me to his house and said ‘I want this young man (Chamisa) to stand in my place’,” he said.

“I told him that he must call Chamisa and tell him when he is there so that he hears what he (Tsvangirai) was saying. This I tell you so that you know that this young man was anointed by Tsvangirai before he died.”

Ncube said the MDC-T national council also acted within the confines of the party’s constitution in appointing Chamisa as party president following Tsvangirai’s death last month.

“This was the second anointing. For the third time we met as alliance principals of all seven political parties and we agreed that Chamisa will be the one to give President (Emmerson) Mnangagwa problems in this year’s election. You, who do not get satisfied by this, what do you want? Here, the King of Matabeleland South, who oversees the Njelele shrine, has brought rains today. We know that when rains come in such circumstances, God has agreed that he is a leader,” Ncube said to the crowd’s delight.

In his campaign speech, Chamisa, who amused and excited the supporters through quite a lengthy Ndebele address, said the aim of the alliance would be to address the problems of marginalisation and suppression of people in the region.

The rally was attended by alliance members, who include People’s Democratic Party leader, Tendai Biti and Jacob Ngarivhume of Transform Zimbabwe.

The Alliance team will be in the Midlands next weekend.


  1. Sad to see that the alliance could not even afford to hire a tent for the event, anointing my foot.

    1. Comment…wakapusa bhambi iwe,do you think an opposition party requires billions to govern? Their competence is not premised on their bank balance bhambi,yo Zanu pf has diamon and taxpayers money yet they still can not fill pot holes.

    2. Bashar AL Assad

      Tents will not bring cash or solve Zims economic woes,, why are you still an EDiot by now? The zanu pf tents have they brought anything meaningful since 1980?

    3. tseke iwe, u are very naive izvozvi kana une mota all roads kwaunogara are in poor state, hospitals haana ma doctors, corruption is now at its highest pick, cash muhomwe hauna and u grandstand here uchida kushamisira. ukawana time ukwane.

      1. You are the one who is naive thinking that tese tinotambura sewe, I work hard and I earn my dollar. My family hairare isina kudya and cash hobho. Usawanza ma feelings pamangoma, kunaiwa nemvura kwaChamisa is not going to put food on your table and cash in your pocket. Naive my foot.

  2. It’s sad when professors can think about kids just to get donor funding. We need serious people in our politics if we are to progress not this current crop of leadership!

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  4. ..lengthy Ndebele address.. well done Chamisa maybe in you Zimbabwe may finally have one President who is all-encompassing thus no need for 2 VPs.

  5. Matebele Warrior- Chamisa is our leader

    because the alliance is not corrupt, it is poor because of Zanu pf , a tent is nothing , no window dressing

  6. Anointment or congress which is democratic nhai ma lawyers imi? Methinks anointment is autocratic. Leadership cannot be infused by anointment, there is always a chance that the anointing official can err.
    Now we hear of anointment via spirit mediums – is Zim politics that desperate?

  7. The fact that they got soaked with the rains equally the same as their supporters shows you how they connect with the ordinary people of Zimbabwe. Why hide in a tend and leave the rest of your guests in the open.

  8. But Ncube sounds so very desperate by revoking the influence of the unknown in this leadership saga;and Tsvangirai is not the MDC-T constitution nor MDC-T caucus to pronounce such preference.While Ncube might be right that n thing fr now is highly unlikely to remove Chamisa at the helm;since the said extra-ordinary congress no two ways is going to again endorse chamisa by virtue of the same ndebele-shona bias.what is only needed is to legalize the process;Chamisa must with immediate effect renounce his unconstitutional grabbing of power,and allow Khupe to take over in the interim till he is elected at the extra-ordinary congress;that unites the party.This might also help to pacify the lingering Matabeleland anger if some measure of fairness actually rules.I think the tribal issue will heal with time & with the manipulation of wise leaders in the future where the nation will have bn re-conditioned or set to accept a leader only on merit & not racial or tribal grounds

    1. vanhu veZanu muri kuda an easy walkover for ED akakwikwidzana na chamisa u know kuti haamire chance of legally getting into power, iwe MDC national council power in between congresses to appoint anyone and that is legally binding. zvakafanana nekwenyu ku zanu ED was appointed by congress after he was summarily dismissed ku party and assumed role of coup de tat president before he was endorsed and readmitted muparty by congress so whats new here? ziva zvaunonyora

  9. Surely Dr Joshua Nkomo ( Father Zimbabwe) rose to be Vice President and common sense should prevail here on Thokozani, can she surpas that position really in this century. Food for thought.BBH

  10. May be someone who has a better understanding of law can help me understand the issue better. Did Tsvangirai act within the confines of the MDC constitution when he appointed Chamisa and Mudzuri as Deputy Presidents in the party? If not then the starting point of people’s argument should be that CHamisa and Mudzuri are not legitimated deputy presidents. Surely we can’t accept them as deputy presidents and yet assume only one among the three (Ms Khupe) has the legitimate right to assume the role of Acting President of the party. Secondly what legal functions is the MDC Council conferred with in the party consitution? Is the council allowed to take decisions similar to the one of appointing Chamisa as Acting president?

  11. Chamisa is the right man for this presidential race. Consider logistical arrangements to go for a congress and the time left for elections.This will not allow enough time for the party to gather momentum to win elections. Hapana nguva yokubatanidza guys.The majority of Real MDC-T supporters from mere look of the things if we are to objectively jugde our situation, Chamisa is a wise card to play at this moment. There is no better risk than to use Chamisa’s popularity.Even if we hold a congress today you will see just a formal process endorsing Chamisa. kuma congress tichaenda tigoendazve dont worry. Ask ZANU-PF today, Chamisa is what they fear and they are celebrating because of this confusion. Always remember that politics is a game and learn to respect the MDC-T National Council. This is the DNA of the party. Look, Zanu-pf had to use the politburo (its DNA) to decide on Mugabe. What if they had chosen the congress route? apa tiri kuda win chete yaonekwa ne National Council iyo kuti high chances of winning are from Zimbabwe’s young population vote using Chamisa tikunde magandanga. Ngatidzore moyo apa. Hazvisi zva chamisa izvi ndezvedu tose Ndomaonero angu hapana chakaipa kuenda ku congress Iam in support of it. Musabatikane vaverengi please i view yangu ndega iyi.

    1. Chamisa should go to congress and get elected as the leader of MDC. I foresee challenges to his candidature after the elections especially if he wins. the partisan judiciary will definitely rule against him and the elections will be nullified and Zanu will continue to rule. he should open his eyes to such a possibility

  12. Sibusisiwe Gwanda

    Go Chamisa Go

  13. The congress is just to legalise.these lawyers are thought there were clever enough to know the difference between constitution and anointing my word.the fact is biti and ncube are so desparate to come back mdc through the back door hey

  14. Ladies and Gentleman ,lets vote out this junta,zanu pf,its are patronage,nepotism,violence, party, mnangagwa is promising to join the bank queues apa he is supposed to end the queues,what a failure.. for 37 years they have brutalised, tortured and killed to remain in power.

  15. Oh, so according to Ncube, Chamisa is not in the race to win it but just to give ED some problems????? handisirini ndadaro. just like the bark of a dog will not stop the movement of a train. Keep anointing each other while Zanu PF keep winning elections

  16. “and Jacob Ngarivhume of Transform Zimbabwe”.. Ko ava ndevapiko ava. Tiri kuvaona hedu kwese vanenge variko.

  17. It’s quite obvious Welshmam Ncube is vigorously supporting the ascendancy of/power-grab by Chamisa because Chamisa supports the notion of an MDC-Alliance whereas Khupe doesn’t. Herein lies the problem.
    Welshman is power-hungry.

  18. All those people who are still supporting and prompting zanu pf because of few personal gains they have achieved, are all murderous.Spporters of zanu pf, you can keep on defending this regime stands,but you are keeping on destroying zimbabwe and innocent souls with the very true fact you all know that zanu pf will never and shall not change zimbabwe as zanus are the custodian of destruction.

  19. I’m extremely embarrassed to hear a whole supposed constitutional legal expert in the mould of Welshman uttering this absolute garbage. Frankly, I’m one of those who have always admired Welsh. Who in their right mind, especially a legal guru that Welsh is renowned for, would stand up to argue that Chamisa is the rightful leader because he was “anointed” by the late leader of the MDC. “Anointed” in a constitutional democracy??? Surely, desperation to be redeemed from political wilderness has driven the professor nuts. He should be ashamed to call himself a professor, let alone a professor of constitutional law!

  20. Its clear as the day, Welshman and Biti are so desperate to get back to MDC and they are using the young man who has no vision and lacks foresight, after elections if Chamisa wins he will not last. Welshman and Biti realised that without Morgan they would not survive hence their wanting Thokozani out. Its a scam

  21. Well said brother Jerera.i would not be surprised that ncube and biti are trying to eat mdc inside out to give junter a free 5 year reign

  22. shame on you my dear, tents do not bring good governance…..go and die with your zanu

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