Mugabe is our new enemy: Zanu PF

ZANU PF yesterday described its former leader and ex-President Robert Mugabe as the new enemy of the ruling party for his alleged hobnobbing with the National Patriotic Front (NPF) led by former Cabinet minister, Ambrose Mutinhiri.


Speaking at a Zanu PF youth meeting, the party’s youth league secretary, Pupurai Togarepi ridiculed Mugabe, saying the former President was behaving like he was possessed.
“He seems like he has been taken by another spirit and we will not leave it like that, as has happened with our revolution when he was influenced by a clique of anti-revolutionaries to destroy Zanu PF,” he said.

“If he associates with new political parties or is influenced by those who influenced him before, we will lose respect for him and, as youth, we have made this decision, but we will stand guided if he withdraw that behaviour and started to work as a true Zanu PF member.

“We will not be happy if he takes what he is getting from the government to destroy our revolution, destroy your government, destroy the future of the youth.”

Mugabe was recently pictured with Mutinhiri, who recently broke ranks with Zanu PF, feeding speculation that the former President was backing the political upstart.

Togarepi, who a few weeks ago was at the forefront of organising a birthday bash for Mugabe, said party youth were aware of what was happening in Mugabe’s circles and if he failed to behave, gloves will be off. ads Ads

Togarepi said they followed President Emmerson Mnagagwa’s mantra of letting bygones be bygones, but if Mugabe “is not responsible, we are going to look at him as a new enemy and we will go for him”.

Mnangagwa said he would check on Mugabe to see if claims that his predecessor was behind the new party linked to the vanquished G40 faction were true.
“Currently, we are not happy with what the media is saying,” he said.

“We don’t know the truth about that, but it’s an issue that we are analysing.

“The voice of the people is the voice of God, so if the voice of the people says this is wrong, then we also say this is wrong.

“If an individual or group of individuals goes against the current, the voice of the people, then we will say you are lost.”

Mugabe is reportedly disgruntled over the manner he was pushed out of power by the military last November.

The veteran leader was revered in the ruling party, but yesterday, his name was met with derision, with slogan pasi na (down with) Robert Mugabe being chanted at the meeting.

Several youth chanted derogatory slogans about Mugabe.

Speaking at the same event, Zanu PF chairperson, Oppah Muchinguri spoke glowingly of Mnangagwa, as she opened up on alleged sabotage targeting the President.

She took aim at Mugabe’s wife, Grace for seeking to take credit for programmes championed by Mnangagwa and her claims that the former President would rule the country posthumously.

The youth made several demands, among them, getting business ventures and parliamentary seats in the upcoming elections.

They also demanded vehicles and fuel from the party.

Although Mnangagwa promised to honour some of the demands, he described as untrue reports by the youth league that 60% of the population were youth, who would vote for Zanu PF.

He encouraged his party’s youth to utilise the social media platforms to campaign for Zanu PF.

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  1. Are we missing something here? I don’t see anything wrong with Mugabe forming or joining a party of his own choice

    1. Yes you are missing someone. He risks losing his pension and terminal benefits. The constitution is clear. The former president has privileges that you and I do not have, but he also does not have the liberty to engage in certain activities.

      1. Tell me, how is joining a party connected to pension fund, is it pension from government or from ZPF. Mugabe is a free agent. ZPF should concentrate on the economy, unemployment, corruption, vana Obert…etc, rather tell us about the missing $12b than tell us about Mugabe than spending resources putting a 94yr old under surveillance. Tipei wo ma serious gys, NXA.

      2. You are the one missing the point, the issue under scrutiny is not his pension or benefits but rather his affiliation to other parties other than ZANU PF

  2. Mugabe may be operating under the influence of his former disgraced cronies, something we should not underestimate. Whereas they are at liberty to form political parties of their choice after being expelled from Zanu PF, they should be highly monitored as they may be having ulterior motives to retaliate. This, nonetheless, should not be misconstrued As a chance to deny them their basic right of engaging in active politics.

    1. The illegitimate admin of ED & Chiwenga are afraid because they know that ED is unelectable and has no chance against President Mugabe who has massive grassroots support.

  3. Mugabe again,no,no,no

  4. Retius Chifurira

    in 2017, there was a loud voice from the same people saying down with Ngwena. Was it the voice of God? Our politics is full of hypocrites. Mr President what the former president is doing is exactly what you did with Chiwenga and his cohort. You refused to be fired and promised the people of Zimbabwe that you will be back in two weeks time to lead the people. Many did not know you had planned a coup with the army. Let Robert Mugabe exercise his democratic right. After all there is no saint in Zanu Pf. People of Zimbabwe deserve better. It’s time Zanu PF, NPF or anything associated with Zanu PF should be rejected by the people of Zimbabwe. With 37 years in power what have you done to deserve another mandate? We have made you our masters for 37 years, now we need to appoint our servants for only 5 years and have a performance appraisal thereafter. Admit you have failed to govern and also you caused severe pain and torture to our people. Mr President sir , admit the role you played as the chief election officer for Zanu PF during the 2008 election rerun.

    1. No we didn’t make them our masters – they imposed themselves on the people using brute force, torture and murder. No apologies – there is no future under Zanu PF forget it.

  5. Comment..Mugabe is a Zimbabwean who is free to support an party of his choice !! From the look of things it means zanupf is afraid of Mugabe and they can’t rely on those youth who can easily shift their loyalty to another party that comes to power including Mugabe’s new party NPF !! Chipanga used to say that the youth would fight to Mugabe’s corner if anything happens to him but we were surprised to see the same coward youth at the forefront supporting the ouster of their former “Angel” Gabriel Mugabe !! To make the record straight zanupf has no youth but young people who are there to line their pockets !! so Togarepi should shut up he is own his own !!

    1. Your record is misleading you Zanu pf has youth and we are so many,If you say they have young people how old are the young people you are talking about.Just wait and see the elections coming that’s when you will see that ZANU PF has many youths.

      1. If you are so many, how come your president is denying that the youth constitute 60% of the population a fact confirmed by ZEC?

  6. What this Togarepi boy is failing to understand is that Mugabe is a citizen of this country and its his democratic right to form join or freely associate with a political party of his choice. The Zanoid mentality that anyone with divervent views is an enemy is very wrong and ED must condemn his youths. Duriy Mugabe’s time it was the same MDC was the enemy and the so called new dispensation is following the same foot marks so what is the difference?

    1. And how does Mugabe become an enemy? He will be a rival at worse but certainly not an enemy. Parties with no supporters will simply wilt and if Mugabe wants to enter opposition by proxy let him do that.

  7. HOO useless zanus,you are now starting to see today that Mugabe is demon possessed, but you are all possessed zanus because you have been supporting and aiding evils.That evil demon shall eat all your family and friends one day.

  8. mave kurumwa nechekuchera. makazvirerera mega nyasire tichikuudzai kuti tatambura nemunhu wenyu uyu. nhasi oenderera ne hgunhu hwake ndopomoti aipa. ndozvaaingori uye ndozvaachiri achazongorambazve akadero.

  9. Like flies to Feaces… Ya’ll couldnt talk smack when Mugabe was around and now he’s gone PooPoorai and others now have courage to speak against him. How courageous.

  10. chikuru kufema vanambwa

  11. zanu mamama makuona Mugabe sedemon nhasi ko pataikuudzai makore ese aya…regai chikwambo chipedze dzinza hachifi choga

  12. Its called politics we will sort this one out.

  13. What goes around comes around

  14. ,anyone who is against zanu pf is a friend,coz hatidi masoja ,toda hutongi wejekerere ndihwo wakagwira president Tsvangirai kusvika vafa ,na nhasi we still to achieve it

  15. When ED was pictured with Energy Mutodi, the G 40 machinery descended heavily upon him and interface rallies were hastily organized to denigrate him. Robert Mugabe’s history is littered with his heavy handedness of erstwhile allies who would have deviated from his line of reasoning. Names such as Ndabaningi Sithole, James Chikerema, Joice Mujuru and Edgar Tekere easily pop into mind. He would ruthlessly persecute and prosecute his opponents. He liked to surround himself with the praise and worship team that spoke glowingly of him and extolled him above all other heroes such as the luminous Josiah Tongogara. He Marchiavelli converted ZANU PF into his personal citadel of power and he was blasphemously more feared than God. Mnangagwa should heavily descend upon the treacherous old man who still dreams power at that terminal age!

  16. hezvooooko bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  17. Zanu Pf Youths are just bootlickers who have no direction and this politics of looking at opposition as enemies is pathetic,, That’s why zanu slaughter anyone they deem is opposition because they get this perception that he is an enemy.

  18. “We just want vehicles and fuel” then we will vote for anyone you say.

  19. So there is no longer democracy in Zimbabwe,it seems that the people are been keep hostage with the Army lead government and within ZANU the members are scared to express this sentiment with fear of been arrested and being labeled as corrupt with the Master of corruption.(The new leader ) which also shows that he has no mental capabilities to lead the land of God beside using force .The pension belongs to him for the service he has done for the country .He is a camaraderie and a hero for his participation on the liberation struggle of Zimbabwe and Africa it’s not to the new dispensation who will remove this entitlement. What’s wrong with Mugabe expressing his view and sentiment of what he belives is right for the country. All different views and opinions builds are strong and democratic country .Let the people decide on the ballot box with intimidation.

  20. Am surprised because I thought Mugabe as a private citizen is entitled to his own opinions and can choose to belong to any party of his choice. What are they afraid of these Zanu PF morons? Ndiyo inonzi democracy let the party begin!!!

  21. Togarepi needs guidance . Mugabe was is no longer part of Zanu PF and as a free citizen of Zimbabwe is free to form a political formation or offer his allegiance to any . This shop floor politicking should come to a terminus .
    Live the old man alone . siyai the hate mantra ” pasi nanhingi” and be progressive .
    Zimbabwe need their bread and butter issues solved not this nonsense.

  22. If u say pasi na mugabe, he will also say pasi newe, does that create jobs, put money in the banks, create employment, bring back the missing $21b…..the list is endless. Your hate speech is biting into you gys in case u think we will smile. We will vote for whoever spent time talking about economy than one who spent time talking about enemies. ok, put it simple, iwe naMugabe wacho pasi nemi mose, go fight your battles on another planet, leave Chamisa to lead this country.

    1. If u say pasi na mugabe, he will also say pasi newe, does that create jobs, put money in the banks, create employment, bring back the missing $21b…..the list is endless. Your hate speech is biting into you gys in case u think we will smile. We will vote for whoever spent time talking about economy than one who spent time talking about enemies. ok, put it simple, iwe naMugabe wacho pasi nemi mose, go fight your battles on another planet, leave Chamisa to lead this country.$12b

  23. Come on Zimbabweans. How long do we keep being hoodwinked by ZanuPF tactics. These are pre-elections tactics for the opposition to think ZanuPF is in array and they get complacent in the process. Look we now spend time debating crap!! We should say who cares and we continue campaigning for our parties


  25. Mugabe is a private citizen but during his time dd he know that private citizens are free to be different from him. True what goes around come around, take it Mugabe you nurtured it, now its got its teeth on you. What you gone do……? Remember all others during your time, what dd you do before you even come to us the povo.

  26. Mugabe haasi wrong ndizvo zvaari shiri inen muriro wayo hairege saka musashamisika sematanga kuzviona nhasi

  27. Uncultured bootlickers

    stop your “pasi naMugabe” slogan you uncultured and adulterated bootlickers. Mugabe is the founding president of this nation and has done so much for this country regardless of his own short comings. indeed for mnanganwa’s supporters and bootlickers to start saying, “pasi naMugabe” is the worst form of corruption we don’t want to experience here in Zimbabwe. “pasi naMugabe” is a direct attack on the foundations of the nation of Zimbabwe, and such statements can only come from enemies of this state. Mnangagwa educate your hoodlums and nonentities on this. Zimbabweans no longer want this needless psychological torture because we have already suffered too much psychological torture in the hands of zanu pf. Mugabe has made all of you who you are today, so really you must be the last people to use such uncouth slogans on Mugabe. ivai nehunhu even mukumuvenga kwenyu!

  28. YEH MUGABE THIS AND MUNAGWAGWA THAT ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


    1. #EDHASMYVOTE who are you to fight Shona people dzokera kwazulu natal

    2. eh eh! The topic has changed to “fighting Shonas”… I thought we were waaaaay past that stage!

  29. Towards a better Zimbabwe

    If Robert chooses to lose his pension and other benefits which we are not privy to, then let that be his decision! After all Mugabe is not a poor man, he stole enough and invested wisely over the years.
    If the current zanupf is afraid of the threat Mugabe has, then perhaps its best they do good on their promises to the people for a better life, arresting the corrupt, reduced fuel prices, job opportunities, improving on local infrastructure, including fixing of damaged roads and the upgrading of all international highways, health, clean water, affordable power tariffs. If these expectations are addressed then they have nothing to fear come elections. However if they pay lip service then they are only creating opportunities for other players and these players are seasoned at politics for that matter, they will force the general populace to play politics too, such as if we are offered stands and other resources that will immediately improve our lives, the truth is they will have our vote. The electorate will sell their vote to the highest bidder! who can blame them coz live in Zimbabwe has been a living hell. Competition is healthy as long as its practiced within the provisions of the constitution.

  30. yeh Mugabe this mukangagwa that

    after all is done all you shonas beware..

    I can smell a rat when I see one

  31. Chamisa pfeee panyanga ipapo,bob na ED vayitamba ne system vose zvino gonzo na chin’ai zvatosvorana.Ma votes ange achifanira kuwana new dispensation vachama sheyana ne New patriotic front ,MDC-alliance under the banner of Chamisa yobva yadii paya…… yobva yatora chimuti.Nero nero pfeee.

  32. You say Mugabe has a democratic right to form his own party ? what planet are you from ? did he allow opposition parties in Zimbabwe ? NO …. they were water cannoned and tear gassed he is a Dictator and only thinks for himself and Disgrace !!. Take away ALL of his farms and benefits including his so called Blue Roof that was paid for by our tax dollars. Anyone who sides with Mugabe is a fool. Mugabe why don’t you die and give us a chance to celebrate. No we will not be at Hero’s Acre !!!

  33. Comment…mugabe unoda kuti mukadzi wake grace jerzabel atonge kkk

  34. I think it needs those versed in our constitutional provisions on the matter to accurately determine whether the former president or the vp (in this case also former vp Mujuru who has become leader of another opposition party) might forfeit their pension claims fr the state by these very actions;otherwise those making accusations to this effect, are only waffling.What I know is,if only they would have engaged in other employments either of commercial companies or say their parties win new mandates & they assume new roles in gvt-in those instances then they are no longer retired-their state pension claims become forfeited.However in our instance,our former president is only in trouble bec of the ambition of the wife who is pushing him & that of other g40 elements.There is need to move with some care on the party of zanu pf to preserve the dignity of their old leader

  35. It will be refreshing to hear new slogans at Zanu PF rallies.. “Pamberi ne Zanu PF,… Pasi na Robert Mugabe”.

  36. Saka Zanu you would have let Mugabe keeps his 21 farms and ill gotten wealth as long as he did not oppose you? Now he is supporting someone else and suddenly Zanu wants to rectify the issue and strip him of his assets?




  40. Mugabe hasn’t denounced his membership to ZANU PF. So he is obliged to follow the dictates of the party. He will get freedom after tt. He is currently liable to be punished/ disciplined by ZANU PF.

  41. RGM is private citizen like you and me and is free to associate with whomever he wishes. Anogona kufuma achiita meeting na President Chamisa, so what?

    The ZPF youth wing can go and hang / they have no mandate to make decisions on behalf of private citizens.

    ED must stop lecturing Zim on honesty and integrity. He has none.
    – For starters he is a president through the illegal use of force.
    – He played a role in the Gukurahundi atrocities.
    – it has been alleged he was involved in a lot of shady deals.

    ED must address the nation on above issues, without which we cant give him our trust

  42. My biggest disappointment is the group that is described as “youth” – it doesn’t matter which party they support. They demand this and that, they hardly know how parties function under a constitution, disrespect the SG, officials elected at congress and praise thug masters instead. What a wasted generation. How can one demand “cars & fuel” buy your own! How can one demand to “get” business ventures – apply and compete freely. If you want to be an MP you need to understand a lot more than these ignoramuses who seem to have more brawn than brains. Very shameful – what I expected was vocabulary like “we would like more opportunities to apply for venture capital, more opportunities to compete for parliament and our chances to be increased so that we can earn money to improve our lives etc” but no they want this, they want to get that, they seem to know the price of everything and the value of nothing. Are these the “digital” morons we hear about? Thank you, I’d rather be an intelligent analogue!!

    1. word Sagitarr,that’s the reason why ZANU PF have been winning elections for all these years just because this shameful generation who doesn’t know how to work on their own to improve their life style were given stands and money to vote for ZANU PF in return, after all some are still given as little as $5 to beat the opposition leaders just to defame president Chamisa.

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