Mauritius starts impeachment of Africa’s only female president

Mauritius’ first female president, who is also the only serving female president in Africa, has been told to leave office after being implicated in an expenses scandal.


President Ameenah Gurib-Fakim has been accused of spending tens of thousands of dollars of public money on personal purchases.

According to reports in L’express newspaper, these include payments to a dressmaker in Italy, duty-free purchases in Dubai and a platinum credit card offered by the Planet Earth Institute, a foundation belonging to controversial Angolan billionaire Alvaro Sobrinho.

Government ministers met on Thursday and agreed to begin the impeachment process, after President Gurib-Fakim refused to step down at the prime minister’s request.

But Ms Gurib-Fakim is defiant, telling Mauritius’ Radio Plus station:

“I will not resign. Let them institute their tribunal.

I will see later if I am guilty”.

A national assembly is likely to be called next week, after independence day celebrations on 12 March, where a motion to remove the president from office in line with the constitution for “violation of the constitution or any other serious act of misconduct” will be on the agenda.

Should the motion be successful a tribunal will start an investigation.

It can then recommend to the national assembly that the president be removed.


  1. First Class Citizen

    “I will see later if I am guilt” This is a good example of female dictatorship!Next she will change the constitution to ensure that she see’s herself innocent!

  2. vanopenga varume veikoko kutongwa nedress upi musha unotongwa ukamira ngavatibvirepo

    1. Imi makatongwa nevarume vaive vakadzi vaMugabe wani and you said nothing for 37yrs! You are a fool and must just shut up. What difference does it make kuti mukadzi? Mauritius is a way more developed and livable country than your male ruled shithole country Zanubwe.

  3. torai general vanosiya vapedza basa

  4. itai steady varume. Iyo isimbi ka iyo zvasiyana nanaMarujata vakashata zvese tsika nemeso

  5. she could make one mans bedroom exciting.

  6. Comment…On a lighter note dont yu pitty the unfortunate lady for leading ungrateful nation fussy about petty offenses by familiar African standards.

  7. African leaders mentality for messing up with public funds everywhere african leaders are in hot soup!

  8. Comment…yooo [oooooll

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