Khupe, Chamisa fight over party funds


EMBATTLED MDC-T deputy president Thokozani Khupe has approached the Justice ministry, demanding that the money due to the opposition party under the Political Parties Finance Act (PPFA) be channelled to her faction.

BY Everson Mushava/Paidamoyo Muzulu

The MDC-T is entitled to receive $1,8 million under the fund.

Khupe, who is trapped in a nasty power wrangle with Nelson Chamisa following the death of party founder Morgan Tsvangirai last month, argued that she was the bona fide leader of the largest opposition party.

In her letter to the Justice ministry where she also attached a copy of the MDC-T constitution, Khupe said she was finalising opening a bank account where the money should be directed to.

Asked for comment, Khupe’s personal assistant, Witness Dube could neither deny nor confirm the development.

“I am not with her, she is in the rural areas campaigning,” Dube said.

Justice secretary Virginia Mabhiza confirmed the development.

“The ministry has received letters from the parties involved, but I am not at liberty to divulge the contents of the correspondence,” she said.

The letter from Khupe, however, was clear that she was the bona fide leader and was in the process of creating a new account where the ministry should deposit the money due to the party.

Chamisa’s spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka said: “It is not about president Chamisa or VP Khupe.

“Disbursement under the Political Parties Finance Act is not done to individuals, but to institutions. And the MDC as an institution has just received its money from government. Government does not deal with individuals, but with institutions. The institution as led by president Chamisa has already received part of its share.”
Asked how much the party had received so far, Tamborinyoka said it was confidential.

Tamborinyoka’s statement was contradicted by sources at Treasury, who claimed that no payment has been processed since the letters emerged.

Chamisa and Khupe have been locked in nasty power wrangles that saw the latter being attacked by party youths at the burial of Tsvangirai in Buhera last month.

Chamisa was endorsed by the party’s national council, but Khupe has refused to recognise him as the leader of the party, arguing the organ that endorsed him had no such powers according to the party’s constitution.

This is the third time that the party has been involved in fights over State funds.

This happened in 2015 after then Former MDC secretary-general Tendai Biti once asked President Emmerson Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was then the Justice minister to withhold funds to Tsvangirai after the party’s acrimonious split in 2014. The same had happened after the 2005 split.


  1. so it now ceases to be politics its now about money khupe is everything still ok upstairs only yesterday you were evicted from byo offices now you have the tenacity to brew another senseless shocker, slow down and rejoin the young lad.

  2. Khupe & Robert Mugabe must be born from the same father somewhere somehow, both suffer from the same symptoms of acute delusion of a magnitude that’s out of this world

  3. don’t worry Chamisa .khuphe won’t get the funds since junta is supporting u.

    the courts and the police will be on ur side too

      • I’m not Ndebele but l have many Ndebele friends. Surely to hear someone saying down with Ndebeles this day and age is purely madness. What is that supposed to mean? Killing someone just because he or she is of a different tribe? Thats pure nonsense. Such people should be send to prison and work in prison farms forever!!! Sickening!!!!

  4. Comment…khule plz .- to hell with .u are there to disrupt what our father built as estate for generations to come.we dont recognise u.u can not match with chamisa on what ever grounds .form yo own party plz

  5. Now I see why ndebeles aren’t educated.coz they are stupid and lack reasoning,doesn’t she see that she’s causing problems

  6. Well, I dont think this issue has something to do with stupidity nor tribalism. Let us not raise such backward and retrogressive comments about our own brothers and sisters. The bottom line is simply that Madam Khupe needs to understand that the opposition needs to be united more than ever. This business of attempting to shoot own goals will not work, Madam Khupe needs to follow what Eng Mudzuri and Mr Mwonzora have done; supporting the will of the majority and debate from within the big tent rather than being an opposition within the opposition. After all the congress is just around the corner in 2019, but as of now there is need for a quick tactical decision without necessary losing focus of the strategic plan. That is what the National Council has done and this is purely reasonable to all and sundry. Maybe Madam Khupe is being used to cause confusion but still history will judge her accordingly for trying to go against the tide for her own selfish end. History is replete with accounts of people who have tried to go against the tide at the expense of the majority goal. She is doing injustice to her grand children. Madam Khupe should not think that what she is doing is democracy. Democratic actions are not expected to be pulling down the ship to sink nor destroying the very house that one purports to have built. She has every right to have such diverse views, but she must do that from within the Party, following the proper channels and procedures, otherwise she is betraying the very principles that she purports to be representing.

  7. Fuck off wena shona you cant say all the ndebeles because of one Thokozani khuphe now i understand why people say shonas have tribalism im beginning to hate you at first i heard respect for you shonas because of your comments about Ndebele people i hate you

  8. Shonas are donkeys, they ve no choice. Stupid naturally, in 1980 they stuck with thier dictator who later punished them. Now they grooming a school kid one to punish them for more than 37yrs. Any Ndebele who will vote for any shana led party will be a disgrace, lets leave these fools to tear each other apart, I always hate them

  9. Those who curse our brothers (ndebeles)I apologise on their behalf like Daniel who ask forgivenes from God.on behalf of nation’s sins.may the God of heaven who kmows all things and who create all things blessed you abundantly. God never create shona neither ndebele.He create man and bless him and was told multiply by the law of reproduction which says everything should bring forth after it’s we are after God’s kind

  10. Too bad that tribalism is rearing its ugly head in MDC. I’m neither Shona nor Ndebele and now need a new home which accommodates both and respects superior views ahead of a tribe.

  11. Shonas are the worst idiots l have ever come across Africa South of the Sahara. They think they are intelligent when they are the worst fools ever created on earth. People who have run a once prosperous country to what Zin is today and still think they are intelligent. Most of them here in South Africa are car guards coz of stupidly following a dictator like Mugabe. Ndebeles since 1980 had been voting against Mugabe coz he wasn’t a good leader for the country. Even when the Mdc was formed it was the Ndebele who supported it in their numbers trying to remove Mugabe but people from Zwimba Marambakufunga always returned Bob to the throne. It took 37 years for Shonas to realize that Mugabe wasn’t good for the country and then an imbecile comes to this forum to tell us that Shonas are intelligent. Do your research and check who is the most educated Zim person in Zim. Where does the richest woman in Zim come from before you write rubbish.

  12. Im Shona, and I despise tribalistic, racist and sexist scum. They should be shot or hanged to bring harmony to this world.

  13. Simba is one of the enemies planted among us to distract attention from real issues and focus on tribalism. Zimbabweans are aware now, more than ever before so this card is not going to work this time around.

  14. People let us not be divided along tribal lines, we are all Zimbabweans. Those who are bringing in the talk of tribe in this discussion I suspect are not MDC supporters they just want to cause concussion.

  15. No MDC youth says that. takukuzivai ma Zanu masquerading as MDC youths kuti isu ma chinja tinzi tiri tribalist. Anyway Khuphe is absolutely wrong and is working with the enemy.

  16. I see both sides are despising each other. Hhmm, time to get some independent views from other tribes like Shangaan, Nambya, Tonga, Venda etc? Why are they quiet when their country is being torn down by tribalist Shonas & Ndebeles? I am privileged to be a cross breed (Ndebele & Shona) so I cant hate myself.

  17. Comment…zimbabwe ayife yakatongwa nemandebele…pamberi ne chisa mbama isayi vote pane ruwoko….khupe ngaakwane..ngaayende kune mkoma wake mugabe.
    ..pamberi na chamisa….

  18. yes chamisa is young and seems like he can bring change but the way he handle things is like mugabe ; i am an mdc supporter not khupe/chamisa i don’t support part due to who lead it. but to be SHONA/NDEBELE language dosn’t matter what matters are ideas

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