Grace behind my resignation: Mugabe


FORMER First Lady Grace forced her husband Robert Mugabe to step-down as President as pressure mounted in the aftermath of the military intervention and a Zanu PF internal process to remove him as leader, while Parliament undertook impeachment proceedings.


Mugabe told journalists in his first press briefing since the dramatic end to his 37-year-rule last November, which paved the way for President Emmerson Mnangagwa to sweep into power.

The former Zanu PF leader said he was ready to tough it out and face impeachment before Grace and Roman Catholic cleric Fidelis Mukonori arm-twisted him into throwing in the towel to prevent bloodshed.

“Under the circumstances I didn’t want to step down because I felt it was not proper and I insisted that everything was done unconstitutionally,’’ Mugabe said.

The 94-year-old said even the demonstrations by tens of thousands of Zimbabweans across the country would not have forced him to cede power.

Mugabe revealed that he was ready to face impeachment but his wife felt the process would take long and in between, the country could plunge into anarchy and bloodshed.

As he sat in his well-furnished office at their residence with a huge portrait of him and Grace in the background, Mugabe insisted that the multitudes of people who marched in the streets of Harare on November 18 last year were opposition MDC-T supporters and, therefore, it was false to assume their feelings represented those of all Zimbabweans.

Grace who sat by Mugabe’s side collaborated her husband’s statement, claiming she persuaded him to resign in order to save lives.

“Baba (father) did not want to put pen to paper, in fact it was me who urged him to resign for the sake of peace because Baba did not want to, since the whole thing was unconstitutional,” Grace said.

Mugabe continued, claiming he felt cheated by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, his long trusted lieutenant.

Mugabe said he was willing to talk to Mnangagwa.
“I was always with Emmerson Mnangagwa, I brought him into government but never thought he would be the man to turn against me.

“I never thought this would happen when I natured him and worked so hard while in jail to save his life when they wanted to hang him,” the former President said.
Mugabe said Mnangagwa was in the presidency illegally, adding he would want to help return the country to constitutionalism.

“What we need is to correct that illegality that he would want me to discuss with him (Emmerson Mnangagwa). I’m willing and that we must undo this disgrace which we have imposed on ourselves, we don’t deserve it, we don’t deserve it, please we don’t deserve it, Zimbabwe doesn’t not deserve it we want it to be a constitutional country, yes we have our short comings here and there but here and there we must obey the Constitution,” Mugabe said.

During the “coup”’ period Father Mukonori and Presidential spokesperson George Charamba acted as the negotiators to settle the impasse. Negotiations were between the then President and army commanders led by Commander of the Defence Forces, now Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga. However, Grace said Mugabe felt the two (Mukonori and Charamba) were rather biased towards the army that had taken him hostage.

Efforts were also made by the South African delegation that came in during the same period.


  1. Asi unpenga Mugabe .Vaida kushingirira chii ipapa iwe takuudza kuti hatichada .Ok lemme be open Grace had to arm twist you after we had threatened to rape her again if you do not resign .The first rape episode akaifarira and neniwo ndakanakirwa mudhara

  2. Munangagwa is rubbish and a murderer! so there was no change at the end of the day. we still suffer with a crook and murderer, who will also refuse to leave power! then the army will have to coup him as well. we set a very bad precendence!

  3. so mugabe you are saying grace is our saviour and for you it was fine for zimbos to continue suffering what an ungrateful former leader

  4. ED Ndizvo manje. He slugged it out with Grace and Mugabe right up to the end. I want to try him for the next five years.

  5. No more listening a trapped leopard for the silly negotiations to bail him out.Mukabuditsa Dindingwe muchizarira hokoyo.

  6. Those who marched were Zimbabweans across the political divide, not just MDC supporters. Those who started the impeachment process were ZANU PF shelfs and not MDC. Why is this guy so stubborn? He and his wife should smell the coffee as Mutswangwa said.

    • You have a very short memory. MDC MP Maridadi was the first to propose impeachment at the time most zanuoids were still worshipping RGM, so there was no majority to carry it out. The confused Zanuoids only woke up in November 2017 – MDC was awake all along!

  7. even mugabe akatozvionawo kuMDC ine masupporters akawanda kuzadza mastreets ese mutown.kana kubirira kwakunetsa this time.

  8. This military junta lied to the whole world ex-tyrant, Robert Mugabe, had resigned voluntarily. The military coup has been confirmed by the ex-tyrant.

  9. This poor Bob guy seems to miss power. Don’t we have a vacancy somewhere in Zvimba where we can offer him the position of village head? Please help him.

  10. We judge others and then we will be judged accordingly. It is God who let people rule. To Mugabe, we thank you for the efforts you made whilst Sally was alive because she used to rein you. For people to paint ED as a murderer is not proper, and to say he is worse than Mugabe is not correct. Mugabe was in power for 37 years and shut Zimbabwe from the rest of the world, ED has been in power for less than 6 months and the country is open to the world. To any sane person who is not partisan, the army assisted the people of Zimbabwe to remove RGM from power. Let us not forget that it was the army that barred people from marching to the Blue Roof, otherwise we would be talking of something else. To those pessimists, remain in the Mugabe era and continue criticising ED and the new dispensation, Zimbabwe is moving on and will leave you around. Behave like children and accept that when someone comes into power, he will have money and electric bullet trains within 100 days, the same person promises you jobs and yet he is the one who sided with the employers when the ZUVA employees were fired upon being given 3 months notice.

  11. Comment…Mdharas argument is that even notorius tsola is entitled to equal protection of the law. Anotobirwa zviri pamutemo, to recover chikwama chako chaakubira zviri pamutemo. Mutemo wedu unoti chakaipa kubatwa kwete kuba hako bedzi usingabatike. That is why constitution is bye-passable by those in clear view of the villain.

  12. You want to say that Mugabe said he “nurtured” not “natured” Munangagwa – a world of difference!

  13. Nobody cares what you have to say now old man. You brought this country to its knees and that witch of a woman behind you should pay for her evil doings as well. You all ate while we starved and now its come to an end. All bad eventually ends. Now you and your wife and her sons and all your G 40 members sit back and leave us to build our country back up to greatness.

  14. To Bob I say no propaganda of any kind will eirk for him. This man thinks he is cleverer than all Zimbos ,what a joke. Yadeuka haijorereka mdara. Your power is gone and gone for good. There is nothing to yearn abt u. You now belong to the dustin bin of history where there is the liked of Gaddafi,Mobutu Seseko,Idi Amin etal. No zimbo in his rightful mind would want u back save for those thieves,rapists and looters who would do as they wish during your reign. One mistake that u made was to marry this whore Grace. She is the author of your downfall. As such u have nobody other than yourself to blame there. That lady is a snake. She was giving u orders to run the country so was the order to resign. One thing uvforget now is all along u were clinging to power coz u were hinged on the military. U are nothing eithout the defence force old bon. I wonder how u intend to wriggleyour way back into power minus the support of the defence force. ED is not the solution to zim prblm bt he is indeed a first step towards the solution. Most of us are happy to have at least seen two presidents in our lifetime in Zimbabwe. And if the coming elections are free and fair as being promised we may as well be able to ser a third president in our life time. These elections shld be historic in that they will bury zanu and all its ancient crooks. A real Zimbabwe must be born this year unless zanu rigs again as usual. Mugabe just shut up and pray that u will live to see this new prosperous Zim. Where all ppl are equal regardless of their race,religious,tribe or ethnic group and or political affilliation. Kwete zvako zvekusarura vanhu zvawaiita nekuti mbunyikidza. Muchidya mega mafuta ayo nyika. Ruzhinji tichidya nhoko dzezvironda. Vana vako vachiita kurasa mari while many struggle to get a dollar. Hapana runyararo rwaivamo munyika kwaiva kunyarara nekukutya. Zvangova zviroto zvawakuda kuita izvi dai wanginyarara. Waakuzokwidza hasha dzevanhu manje vakakuvinga ku blue roof ikoko. Lets hope u r not being told by Grace to do all this again. Thank Mnangagwa kuti haana kuda kutsiva kumutuka nekuda kumuuraya kwamaiita. Vanhu vanokuda vashoma chaizvo. Pinda musarudzo uone kuti unorakashwa sei kana une nharo dzako idzi. Wakushaya nyika dzomira newe nekuti waivatuka uchiti unobiswa pachigaro nevana ve Zimbabwe. Ko ndivoka ruzhinji rwawakaona zvese nemauto acho. Dai waiwirirana nevekumavirira vakakubatsira manje une pamuromo mdara. Sadc ne AU hatitaure nezvadzo hadzina chadzoziva dziye. Ko wakambotsvagawo rubatsiro here ku China wavakapa ma diamonds edu. Forvyour own info China has pledged to work with Mnangagwa and has already given aid. Hapana chisingapere mdara kkkkkk

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