Diamond miners to account for missing $15bn

DIAMOND miners from various parts of the country have been summoned to appear before the Mines and Energy Parliamentary Portfolio Committee today, to account for the country’s missing $15 billion diamond revenue.


Committee chairperson Temba Mliswa confirmed the development yesterday.

“We want the different mines to give oral evidence before the committee on the $15 billion diamond revenue issue,” said Mliswa, who last week said they were also considering summoning former President Robert Mugabe to account for the diamond revenue which went missing during his tenure.

“Murowa Mine (Rio Zim) has been doing very well, but we would like them to explain how they are selling their diamonds to Antwerp, instead of through Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC), “ he said.

Members of the Marange Community Development Trust are also expected to appear before the committee to give oral evidence on how they were affected by their relocation from the mining sites, and the resultant environmental damage caused by diamond mining activities in the area.

Mliswa said Home Affairs minister Obert Mpofu would not be summoned again to give oral evidence after he declined to cooperate with the committee when he was being interrogated over the matter two weeks ago.

He said his committee was angered by Mpofu’s conduct and would soon report him to the Clerk of Parliament, Kennedy Chokuda, so the minister could be charged with contempt of Parliament.

“We have already given a chance to Mpofu and he refused to respond to our questions. He also failed to give any reasons why he wanted me to be recused. As Parliament we have rules that guide us when we invite a witness to give oral evidence before us.

“Mpofu was called and he refused to say anything, and so we have gone back to our Standing Rules and Orders which have about 20 rules about the behaviour of witnesses that appear before Parliament. We have agreed as a committee that we use those rules to charge Mpofu with contempt of Parliament,” Mliswa said.

Mpofu declined to respond to questions directed at him, demanding that Mliswa recuse himself from chairing the proceedings.


  1. what about Bob who spilled the beans on the $15bln is he also going to be summoned now that he is busy putting together a mean opposition machine to counter ED chances of getting elected for the first time in Zim elections, what is the story.

  2. Mugabe & Obert Mpofu are the only 2 souls that ever need appear at that committee, between him & Obert lies all the info we truly need. But with Obert refusing to testify in broad daylight the way he did & getting away with it there’s just no hope we’ll get far with this

  3. Get it to your head Mliswa. There was never 15 Billion. This figure does not add up. Yes there was huge monies simphoned out of the Diamond fields but nowhere near this amount.
    Bob was just hallucinating.

  4. tendai chaminuka

    Nhai Themba makamboita diamond mining here muno.Development yakaitika ndeipi.Maybe Mpofu wanted you to recuse yourself coz pane gore rawambotaura zvekuda kupiwa facilitation fee nemurungu uya which you were actually demanding as rightfully yours.Saka maybe it was an issue of two bulldogs squaring off

  5. Huwori Manyanya

    To Tendai Chaminuka, two wrongs can never make a right.
    Mpofu must be dealt with, his wings must be pruned otherwise if such precedence is unchecked all the parliamentary committees will be treated a circus by those summoned, the behavior & conduct by the Nyabadzas of ARDA is a near case in point. Parliament managed to exercise those so-called “Standing Rules and Orders” on Roy Bennet why not now?

  6. Comment…Temba wake-up

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