Dialogue can rescue MDC-T: Khupe

…as Bulawayo endorses Chamisa

EMBATTLED MDC-T deputy president Thokozani Khupe has insisted that she was still optimistic that her wrangle with acting president Nelson Chamisa over leadership of the opposition party could only be resolved by dialogue.


Khupe made the remarks yesterday as the party’s national council (NC) is expected to meet today to resolve the deadlock over the succession of late party leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Her statements followed a resolution adopted by MDC-T Bulawayo province on Tuesday re-affirming Khupe’s nemesis, Chamisa, as the party’s acting president.

In a statement yesterday, Khupe – who has been boycotting MDC-T and MDC Alliance meetings claiming security fears – said she remained hopeful an amicable solution can be found to save the party from another split.

“Every effort is being made to come to an amicable solution that will return the party to constitutionalism as the basis for presenting an alternative government to the electorate,” Khupe said through her personal assistant Witness Dube.

Chamisa appears a foot ahead after getting endorsement from a recent NC meeting to take over the reins, while Khupe claims the same post on grounds she is the only elected VP.

Khupe urged dialogue and a return to constitutionalism in resolving the dispute, and any other pressing matter affecting the opposition party.

“To that end, the party must always sanitise itself from clowning the ruling Zanu PF practices of elitist power grabs, violence, sexism, tribalism, and other disenfranchisement and discriminatory methods.

“MDC-T was formed as a social democratic party to bring about a positive change in the governance culture in Zimbabwe through strict adherence to the rule of law, constitutionalism and respect for the organs of state. This culture encapsulates all the keys to creating a free, democratic, prosperous, and peaceful Zimbabwe,” Khupe said.

Meanwhile, the MDC-T Bulawayo province has reiterated its support for Chamisa as the acting president during a provincial council meeting held on Tuesday.

“The Bulawayo provincial executive and the provincial women and youth wings have adopted the NC one resolution they passed and resolved that Chamisa is the effective acting president of the MDC-T for 12 months,” provincial spokesperson Felix Magalela Mafa-Sibanda said.

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  1. Dialogue for sure bearing in mind the will and aspirations of the people. People have expressed their lack of confidence in you madam Kupe even though you were once elected as the deputy president. We no longer have confidence in your leadership so equally we can not be held captive when we have an alternative. Siyai mwana atonge uyu sezvido zvevanhu. Its equally good for you because the win for your party in these elections will also change your lives for the better since makapinda mupolitics for money and not to serve.

    1. which people are you talking about???? there has to be congress that votes according to the MDC constitution, not mere appointments like a dectatorship. infact we need each prospective leader to tell us why they want us to vote them, i.e convince us kwete zvekungoti toda nhingi, on what grounds?

      1. Hapana Chichamisa Chamisa kuita President

        1. Anogona kufa mangwana

      2. Chamisa for President 2018

        hapana zvandanzwa comrade kkkkkkkkkkkkkk tangai mapedza zvamuri kutsenga mozotaura

  2. At least some bit of sense is creeping into your brains. If you are intelligent as you seem now to be this is what a mature leader should have done. Not to go to the press and air your silly views. Hakuna munhu anogerwa asipo. Attend meetings and express your views and also listen to another’s views. Kwete kungoti hee becouse l am a woman or because l am from Matebeleland. Personally l dont support MDCT but l am going to vote MDCT because there have put in a candidate in the form of Chamisa who l think is capable of taking this nation forward l have three graduates at home who are not at work despite have graduated with flying colours. Imagine having sacrifised my meagre salary in sending them to sch. But l have to continue feeding them and soon looking after their children aswell. So l am simply voting for the future of my children nothing else. At my age there is nothing that l hope to achieve which l didnt achieve considering all my years of working. I can no longer say when l grow up l want to be so and so. Our time was lost and wasted.

    1. I sympathise with you, you are not alone, the thought of kids after all you went through with them and its for nothing, kungoti mwana akangogara shuwa, most parents are not sleeping at night wondering what is next for the kids, even kuti vakiyeye lets not fool ourselves they need jobs our kids ,zvinorwadza guys

    2. Anonymous, you couldn’t have expressed it any better.

    3. You don’t support MDC but will vote MDC, zvitsva izvi please explain.

    4. taura hako chibaba coz unenge wakaisa mari yako kuti vana vadzidze uzvipedze apa akuna kwavachaenda zvavharwa mari yakaendera mahara vachidzidzi apa vakapasa zvorwadza ku dhira nembavha

  3. Well said ANONYMOUS what we need is new blood that has the energy to lead the hungry people of Zimbabwe ,this new Zimbabwe really needs to be branded as new and people will not need to ask you if you see any change, the change will be there for everyone to see.As for you madam Khupe don’t you think if you listen to the will of the people and join the winning wagon of TEAM CHAMISA and reap the awards late ($$$$) cuz l honestly think if you break out from MDC T and form your own party i think even your own family will not vote for you
    And Team Chamisa guys get the ball rolling go to the rural areas and make noise there ,the kind of noise the rural people will not have an option but listen to and trust me the new generation of people that are now leaving in the rural areas are people like you and me who at one time could sit in front of a desktop and read and write on they grievance on the internet so approach them wisely
    And last but not least l pray we have a peaceful election and we all accept the results that come out for THE FUTURE OF THE NEXT GENERATION OF ZIMBABWE , #IWANTTOBETHEJEWELOFAFICA

  4. Why is Chamisa afraid of an elective extraordinary congress when he knows he the most preferred candidate. This business of self imposing is an outright aspect of power hungry to achieve selfish ends with apparent dictatorial tendencies. All these people who are endorsing him are confused, it is either they have been promised something in their personal capacity or it is outright consensus after being bribed. MDC alliance has to come up with realistic sustainable national programmes for it to be effective during the forthcoming elections. This idea of political grandstanding, party capture coupled with blatant lies of US$15 billion package at a political campaign rally from US government is a myopic cheap political marketing strategy and an insult to the electorate. As it stands, MDC T has nothing to offer, it has become undemocratic and only rogue youths seeing value in having a pastor preacher liar. What are the concrete programmes/ strategies is the party offering to move Zimbabwe forward?In the absence of clear turn around strategies, name calling will not solve the current challenges facing the country. So far we have just been bombarded by the empty vessel name calling and lies, typical immature student activism politics.

    1. Chamisa for President 2018

      kungovukura muchingovukura chamisa achingotonga achingotonga kkkkkkkkkk

  5. Today Anonymous you have talked sense , I think Chamisa has the future of our children , as for us our generation is as good as dead , voting ED is putting the final nail on the coffin . I am not MDC but I will vote Chamisa for president and thats all .

  6. Actually dialogue can help madam’s career. She has everything to lose.

  7. Today Anonymous you have talked sense , I think Chamisa has the future of our children , as for us our generation is as good as dead , voting ED is putting the final nail on the coffin . I am not MDC but I will vote Chamisa for president and thats all .

  8. Today Anonymous you have talked sense , I think Chamisa has the future of our children , as for us our generation is as good as dead , voting ED is putting the final nail on the coffin . I am not MDC but I will vote Chamisa for president and thats all .

  9. you MDCs tell us whats on the table to offer us. dont over promise us and under deliver. ipai garwe nguva. we gone for 37 years and can u solve everything in one year.

    1. It was resolved within weeks during the inclusive government

    2. Garwe is as good as nothing.He has been in the government for the past 37 years and it seems anongogona kuti ‘pasi ne mhanduuuuuu’ chete. Like his predecessor Mugabe, he is not capable for doing anything tangible for us except waxing lyrical about nothing. Our country became a pariah state under their watchful eye. Citizens became sworn enemies overnight and their party is tarnished hence we don’t see any progress because people have lost confidence in the whole system.


  11. I agree with you all, its time for us the old generation to bow out gracefully & hand over the future to our children & the first place to begin is to place them in the driver’s seat & right on the throne. Mnangagwa is now yesterday’s man just like the rest of us washed up madhalas

  12. Comment…Madam Khupe asikufuni,hatikude go and form yr own party uone unowana 1 vote here

  13. True let Chamisa subject himself to the electoral processes of a constitutionally mandated extra ordinary congress. If he wins, then fine but not this business of grabbing power by all means necessary. Remember that student activim is way different from running a party and government.

    1. Chamisa for President 2018

      11 out of 15 members of the standing committee sat as congress and voted chamisa inn ,read wide and far big head usangoita gudzamudungwe or munhundiripo like your stepmother Thoko (pesvunemago)

    2. Ngwena removed RG neChisimba and your cheered ,NC is voted inn and you sulk

      1. Chamisa must submit himself to a vote via congress kwete ma short cuts aya. If MDC cannot respect their own constitution what kind of rulers will we have should they win? People, please try and think outside the box, kwete gundamusaira.
        Everyone will be 20 years older in 20 years’ time, try to move away from obsession with age. There are a lot of countries which are successful despite the age of their rulers. What does the candidate offer to the electorate? Taking power by force is not a good precedent at all.

  14. The amended MDC constitution allows the National council to sit as congress.Honourable Chamisa and Honourable Mudzuri were nominated by our late President and elected by the National council which sat as congress.Honourable Khupe was elected at congress unopposed.She must not appear as she was competing with someone.My big question is why was she boycotting MT meetings all along and appear at funeral.

  15. Chamisa mu Office, Khupe just go and appologise. We all know that you were boycotting meetings called by MT, wakapanduka kare.

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