Chiwenga opens Africa Factbook conference

VICE-President Constantino Chiwenga will today officially open the one-day Africa Factbook Stakeholders Consultative Conference organised by local publishing company, Book of African Records (BAR) in partnership with African Union Commission (AUC) and Research Council of Zimbabwe (RCZ) at Harare International Conference Centre.


The event will be attended by international and local delegates.

The African Factbook project, meant to pool together useful facts about Africa and its people for purposes of information dissemination, education, reference, statistics and documentation, is being implemented by the BAR on the strength of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the African Union.

BAR founder and editor-in-chief, Kwame Muzawazi, said the conference was meant to consult and get various views, expectations and needs in order to meet the overall objective of publishing the Africa Factbook.

“The conference seeks to sensitise key stakeholders on the importance and process of compiling the Africa Factbook, map, understand and acknowledge existing initiatives and processes on the continent that can feed into this multi-stakeholder process of compiling a home-grown Africa Factbook,” he said.

Muzawazi said the Africa Factbook sought to cover gaps in the continuum of knowledge management in particular the absence of a comprehensive reference source on Africa by Africans.

“Africa still lacks an authentic and comprehensive home-grown source of data and information and in order to address this information gap, the African Union Commission signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Book of African Records in 2016, which mandated the latter to publish the Africa Factbook,” he said.

He said at least 120 delegates including diplomats, businesspeople, philanthropists, potential funders, academics and researchers, publishers and statisticians confirmed their attendance.

“Among the delegates who have confirmed their attendance are African Union, The Southern African Development Community, The Economic Community of West African States, The East African Community, The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, International Monetary Fund and World Bank,” he said.

Muzawazi said the African Factbook will be one of the tools of communication available to build a common understanding of key facts about Africa and building continental pride.

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  1. the guy cant even read. no wonder why he wanted to commit suicide when he failed hi ZJC. I believe Jonathan when he says the PhD was rigged. Someone wrote it for him.

  2. Noble idea but launching it with politicians will be its demise, his choice for the guest of honour will scare away potential funders

  3. Cleto Nhokwara

    he can reead and write you are only not used to his voice cde

  4. @Pinjisi you can read and write but you haven’t done anything for the nation except giving negative criticism on social media. Jonathan Moyo failed to use his education to improve lives of Zimbabweans but chose to prop up a dictator who murdered many. Some Zimbabweans like you don’t know the whole purpose of going to school, with your foul mouth I bet you won’t achieve what Chiwenga has achieved.

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