Chamisa threatens election boycott

MDC-T president and MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has threatened to pull out of this year’s presidential election, if Zanu PF’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa fails to implement electoral reforms demanded by the opposition.


Chamisa yesterday told thousands of MDC Alliance supporters at Chinhoyi’s Gadzema Stadium that he would not agree to be railroaded into an election without the necessary reforms to ensure a level playing field for all the parties.

“MDC will not go into elections before electoral reforms. We are getting briefs from intelligence officers who are telling us of plans to rig the elections. The election is a mere formality because there’s no way ED (Mnangagwa) can win an election,” Chamisa said.

Mnangagwa rose to power on the back of a military intervention led by then Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces General Constantino Chiwenga that forced former President Robert Mugabe to resign in November last year. The former army chief is now Mnangagwa’s Vice-President.

“We want to thank General Chiwenga for helping us remove Mugabe, but it is time he goes home to rest,” Chamisa told supporters. The MDC-T leader assured supporters that his administration would adopt devolution and resolve the cash crisis within two weeks in office by joining the Rand Union.

“The governance culture will change. The president would be required to answer questions in government every two months (sic). Civil servants above 65 (years) must be retired,” he said.

Chamisa also took a dig at partisan traditional leaders campaigning for Zanu PF.

“Traditional leaders are being abused by Zanu PF. Food aid must be distributed fairly not according to party affiliation,” he said.

“The first thing the MDC will do is ban the bond note and return to multi-currency system, using (South African) rand and (US) dollars. The MDC will reopen industries and give people their pensions that were wiped out by inflation.”

The opposition leader mocked Mnangagwa for introducing diesel locomotives at a time most countries were using electric trains.

“Surely, we cannot introduce and celebrate diesel trains in 2018. The MDC will build a new rail system with bullet trains between Harare and Bulawayo.
“(Former Rhodesian leader) Ian Smith had a plan to build a road and gas pipeline from Lupane (Matabeleland North) to Mozambique. The MDC will simply revive that plan because a good plan has no colour or race.

“Zimbabwe needs $14,9 billion for infrastructure development and those who want to provide that money asked what we have in return. We told them we have 60 different minerals. Zimbabwe has enough gas to feed the rest of Africa for the next 200 years,” Chamisa said.

People’s Democratic Party leader Tendai Biti addressed the same rally, saying the MDC Alliance government would have an economic plan to revive the economy. Zimbabwe People First leader Aggripah Mutambara claimed that there was a sinister plot to assassinate Chamisa.

“But we will not allow it, we are more than them. So, let’s not allow them the chance. Chamisa is the link with the future, Mnangagwa is link with the past, he is link with violence and Mugabe, but we link with the future,” Mutambara said.

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  1. Comment…Zvatodhakwa,mufana haagoni kushama iyeyu

    1. Newsday twisted the story, can’t you see?

      1. Nothing twisted here buddy. Chamisa’s promises are simply out of touch with reality and he tends to exaggerate things. One can chew him alive for dinner in a debate about issues and expose his immaturity and youthful inexperience. While Zimbabweans were celebrating Mugabe’s fall in November why was Chamisa’s first impulse to run to Washington DC with Biti and 2 other white gentleman. Let Chamisa explain to the masses how going to the US is taking more food away from the povo by way of continued sanctions.

    2. So anogona kushama ndiani? He s stressing a point and you want to silence him. ED says there are going to be free and fair elections. Mention any one thing that ED has put in place as of now to ensure free and fair elections? Not even one. You are barking on the wrong tree. Look at the cause – ED. People are being intimidated kumamisha. They have been rigging through Nikov. Why are the ballot papers printed that far and yet we have paper millers in Zimbabwe. South Africa has those capabilities. Why involve Israelis? This is the point Chamisa is stressing, yet the media twists to their own peril.

      1. What an assurance do you want , you want him to cry to when saying that there would be ” free and fair elections ” You need proof of that , guys , lets us be mature . You Chiwenga to go ,but you appreciate what he did , come , so he was risking his life for you , think twice about that . Let him benefit from his sweating , he was so courageous to do that not for himself alone but for the entire nation which is good the other part of have appreciated . NO Manna from heaven my dear , you want it work for it .

    3. wakapusa man ndiwe dofo

  2. Ask your Kenyan counterparts . Boycott has never borne fruit. Fighting from within is the only way.

    1. Kana akapinda muma elections witout reforms momushora futi saka mazimba hamuzivi zvamunoda

  3. please don’t talk of boycotting elections today. Don’t demoralize us

    1. Always check the original source! This so-called media has been infiltrated by ZANU!

    2. Chamisa never explicitly mentioned that! Listen to the full rally. ZANU agents within Newsday are trying hard to milk every statement to try and come up with a false conclusion that may discredit Chamisa.

      1. true Newsday has been contaminated by hidden agents with hidden agendas. Newsday has changed its reporting

  4. Please stop promising impossible things and unrealistic timelines. That shows lack of maturity Chamisa.

    1. What is it that is impossible that was promised?

      1. alheit-nemoyowese

        2 weeks unodziziva iwe? wakamboti une $17 billion paya tikanyarara zvedu. Unofunga kuteya mbeva chaiko Chamisa. You are childish.

    2. buffalo soul jah

      There is nothing unrealistic here being said by Chamisa. It is very possible for all the queues at the banks to disappear in 2 weeks and they proved that 2009 when they joined the inclusive government. The bullet trains and other things being mentioned here are possible to have them in our nation. What Chamisa said is not even Utopian because every thing he said is already there in other nations. Its only that you are now so used to the failures and fake promises of ZANU PF that is why you think that what he is saying is unrealistic.

      1. Taura hako, vaudze soul jah. Havadi kuona kusina maqueue.

        1. Bullet trian yeyimuZimbabwe mune mombe all over tipei mabasa nemari first.

      2. contrary ro public opinion the zim`s problems were not solved in few weeks.


        1. you are a shinning star Bro. these guys cant manage their micro financial challenges as a party but think they can run the cpuntry’s affairs???? day dreaming

      3. Fellow country men and friends, I need you to be realistic with yourselves first and then analyse these political statements. With the current Zimbabwe situation, it is IMPOSSIBLE to have all bank ques disappear in 2 weeks, (within 2 months), is workable if you can access a pile of free cash stashed somewhere strictly just for banks to give to its depositors. It does not work like that. For you to have money in the bank it means you need to have sources of production and exports which supports that, if that is not there then you are day dreaming dear friends. It takes time (more that 2 weeks) to just get a single approval to so money to move from Govt to Govt. I am not saying it is impossible to have ques disappear, but the time frame is a political treasorous statement. Bullet trains can only be implemented with a proper rail infrastructure which can take more than a year to be installed, again this is possible but we have competing needs. I am not sure Bullet trains are really urgent right now as opposes to revival of closed companies to create employment for millions of Zimbabwean youths out there.

        Timelines must be realistic and political statements must be described and dismissed as such.

        I like Chamisa but i need him to be more mature & realistic and research before saying some of these things which have got a high probability of tarnishing his good legacy he is trying to build before elections. You need to appeal to all classes in the economy for voters to take yiu seriously.

      4. I guess it’s not a question of talking but action. This guys talks too much than what he can do

      5. It is unrealistic, because he is banking on giving short-term solutions that are gauranteed to relieve pressure whilst also not fixing the economy, if you are to adopt another currency it cant be the USD especially if your trade partners have weaker currencies, that’s an automatic trade deficit that will land us at some point or another to where we are today, its not because ZANU spent that money in the last few years, its that as a country we were spending more USD than we were getting in the country (simple maths). The reserve bank basically managed as best as they could under the circumstance based on Finance decisions made by Biti and a hindered Chinamasa.

        Are we able to reach the level that some of the countries that he is talking to about tech wise , yes we are but in all honesty thats at least 10 years away if not more, if SA or Bots that are the most realistic examples that we have in our region are not there then we are certainly not going to get there before them coming from where we are no-matter how much support we get from the west. If he wants to bring across a plan then let it be realistic, achievable in his 5 years of power that he is asking for.Stating that others have electric trains does not mean Zim has the capacity at the moment, because you would have to first fix the electricity shortage before you could get an electric train and one is harder and more expensive not to mention more time consuming than the other to acquire.

        Lets pick at policies that we can actually change that will not have a ripple effect that is adverse to the people and that is the one thing that Chamisa has failed to put forward in his speeches. I would rather the economic situation change at a slower rate but with the right bones and structure than quick fix that will leave me with an unpredictable auto correction down the road in 5 years. Ian Smith could afford to plan that pipeline, he only had to send soldiers to move the people in the areas he had earmarked for that pipeline. Chamisa would need to compensate those people, where is he getting the money if not putting Zim in debt and how will he deal with those that refuse to leave, what impact would this have on our agriculture which is not the best but at least we have some.

        These are questions that we ask, and have asked even when Zanu gave us Zimasset the problem MDC and Zanu has is that a dissenting voice is considered the enemy instead of addressing the issues you flick us into boxes and thats whats going to cost both the elections

      6. the fact that those things are there in other nations does not make them achievable by our country. our client is broke full stop. we cannot afford any of those promised. a good start is to promise things which can be realized in our life time like equipped and functioning hospitals, safe and clean drinking water and ensuring that local municipality give our people basic services. what service will a bullet train give to the ordinary people of our client. people are claiming that there is gautrain in south Africa and so the bullet train is achievable. that was a very expensive project and does not really serve the ordinary people in SA. it is very expensive. only affluent and the middle class use the gautrain as a way of averting congestion on the road.

    3. Excellent observation PKC. couldnt put it better. Thus where maturity counts. You dont promise big things over very short periods. hatisi vana vanonzi ndichakurojerai mundege. ndigokuitirai mushini unobhendesa mabanana. He is already showing clueless electionering verborse. Sit down youngman get your facts right. give people factual promises. why rush?> we dont want short cuts. we want sustainable development. we want to leave a legacy for future generations. So solutions to current problems must be sustainble and on solid foundation.

  5. Tanaka Honest

    Chamisa has destroyed the MDC-T and knows that defeat by ZANU PF is imminent

    1. It is ZANU PF that is attempting to destroy MDC. You are being misdirected.

    2. Comment…Wamunofunga kuti angaita majority vote pana khupe na Mudzuri to challenge ED ndiyani

  6. Haha all fake talk coming from chamisa a ZANU of implant

    1. Broken english yauri kutaura was because of ZANU, not Chamisa.

  7. we have heard that line before and it looks like Nelson is taking after his late boss

  8. The boy is on the right track, no matter how too good to be true it may sound but reality does begin with a dream. For some of us who remember what a great nation we once were it’s definitely refreshing for a change to listen to some youthful vision, hope & energy of national revival in the veins, something zanupf long lost on zanupf

    1. with 4 months away from election can we allow dreams and hoping ,no we want action. The truth here is that Chamisa cannot stand by himself against ED that’s why an Alliance was formed. Whether young or old anyone who can give us food on the table is welcome #ED HAS MY VOTE
      Look in BYO the alliance is dead and buried,fighting amongst yourselves sorry hey good for us.

      1. don”t forget that G40 has named its new leader that means splitting of votes in zanu pf, good news to us

        1. thokozani khupe is going with all votes in matabeleland

  9. But why are zimbabweans full of jealous and not positive and don’t want the future of zimbabwe? Why are you zanus not wanting the development of zimbabwe? What exactly are your motives behind the suffering of the masses? What is the good to you when zimbbweans are jobless,when you kill innocent souls in the sake of just ruling people who don’t want you anymore? Investors will not throw their monies in toilet pits as long as Zanu pf is ruling zimbabwe i bit you.Zanus you were given farms by your evil doers,but you are failing to bring in foreign currency, 2.2 million jobs you have failed to create them,you are doing subsistence farming that is only for your personal gains, totally no infrastructure being done,poor roads ,thats failing zimbabwe.What more do you still want? Zimbabweans,let us do away with the devil zanu pf because we have suffered enough please.

  10. We clearly remember AMH bosses’ visit to Mnangagwa office. You have lost your credibility, you are now an agent of the coup government and you are doing this explicitly.

    1. Thanks John. I told you this before that ZANU has grabbed the media. That is the only weapon they have. Manje with social media and many alternatives, we are well ahead of the game. Hativhundutswi zvekumhanya nemanyepo. Tichingoti pfee vese varikuHerald and ZBC mabasa achapera.

      1. true bro i am suspecting Newsday. their stories are totally different these days

    2. John, I love your read-between-the-lines observation from previous editions

    chinja maitiro


    Comment.. chamisa ita uchisvika kumagrowth pointkumamisha utsvake mavote bcoz ndovanhu varikutidzosera kumashure isu kuno kutwn tinewe

  13. Chamisa for President 2018


    1. CHAMISA has my Vote , its time for change

  14. Chirangano chaicho.You can say that again……

  15. Chamisa my president please do push for reforms including equal media coverage

  16. tendai chaminuka

    Mnangagwa is link with the past, he is link with violence and Mugabe,Nhai blaz Agrippa vanhu vari kurovana kuBulawayo ndeve ZANU(P.F).Thought Chamisa belonged to a new breed of politicians the Macron type but alas,typical African opposition always talking of boycotting elections.You claim ED has never won a vote but 7 months ago you were claiming that ED was the brains behind every ZANU (P.F) policy.Haaaaaaaaa #EDHASMYVOTE zvechikwadi

  17. Just like your political godfather, the late Tsvangison, threaten to boycott all you want Nelson, ED will always have my patriotic vote!!!

  18. Mfana uyu talking about ma bullet train hahaha. Will take us a decade just to have rail and road network anywhere near GauTrain down South. Let’s stop making ridiculous promises repeating same things over and over again; bring back investment, end bank queues, this and that. Problem ne Africa ndiyoyi. In developed countries it doesn’t take opposition to be in power for them to influence change.

    1. Ndiyo long term ka ,y a u blinkered, Isu tine Giraffe anointing n vision,

  19. Comment…True! really it doesn’t take Opposion to be in power to influence change. We sometimes fail to know what to oppose as oppositions such that we end up opposing the truth. Being on opposing side doesn’t mean one is perfect, Opposition Leaders make mistakes as well. If these guys make mistakes tell them the truth rather than blaming media and ZANU PF, remember,”A STITCH IN TIME SAVED NINE”. Pointing on time factor those who claim cash problems were solved instantly remember the issue of vouchers did it take only 2 wks? Wans’t WHO paying nurses & doctors allowances direct not via GNU and so on & so on? If we lie and twist our history what about the future? We have to make a difference, If ZANU PF lie about sugar and MDC lies about salt then what’s the difference after all a lie is a lie.

  20. chamisa for President chero mukawawata mazanu muchanyara iro rino gore , Mwari havarambi vakanyarara

  21. Chamisa boycott uone in personally ndinokudusha getaway l prepared to die for a new zimbabwe vafana vakuita noise zvishoma ndinokutaurira ndinopika naTSVANGI chaiye hatichatya hatichabvundutsirwa Iwe Chamisa shut up tikuenda kumaelection iwe daidza america nebritain vatipe zvombo kungoti hazvibvumidzwe pano ndaida kukuudza my piece of mind.ChamisA ndinopika naTsvangi we will die for a new kusiri kufa ndekupi

  22. Zimbabweans are able to read but not educated. Are you saying media means ZBC OR Herald shame on you . We need open minds not empty minds. If you cant differentiate media from ZBC and herald you are an empty mind. I thought we have more media house and media channels than ZBC and Herald. Are you trying to say the others’ combined impact is less than that of the two? Wny waste time on nullities and let them meet at the ballot? Or you are just gutter electorate who dont even no the way to the registration centre?

  23. This is tantamount to handing ED electoral victory on a golden platter! Is this the reason why we were told in a previous report that the military junta favoured Chamisa as Tsvangirayi’s successor?

  24. Whether we think Chamisa is lying or daydreaming or what the truth of the matter is that God has seen him fit & put him where he is today & when God opens a door, no hater can close it

  25. The young deserves the nation’s support. voting ED is retrogressive, is a vote for the past, but Chamisa is a vote for the future. Chamisa for fast trains, ED for diesel locomotives this 21st century!!!

    Chamisa a departure from Zanuism, mueder, coups, corruption empty promises and militarisation of the state, but ED means tichaimba tiri IPAPO PEKARE NDOPANDIGARA!

    Mfana uyu has my vote

  26. Pfuurayi Vamwevatongewo

    If ED has the support of the people why would it take him even one month to level the political playing field, so he definitely shows he has the people on his side? Let ED instruct ZBC, for example, to report facts and news as they happen rather than sound as if there is no opposition in Zim. On ZBC, it’s ZANU PF this and ZANU PF that everyday, three months into the new ERROR (not era). And they (ZBC) want us to pay licence fees for their ZANU PF propaganda. Wake up Zim!!! Nothing much is changing under ED. If a boycott is successful, let it be. What use is it to go into lopsided elections that from the outset favours ED and his “entitlement” ZANU PF. People want change, and ED is nowhere near a change agent.

  27. Chamisa usanyanye kunyeba . boycotting elections does not help at all. Morgan once made that mistake campaign muchitaurirana chete. Don’t promise wonders please!!!!!! Zvinodzoka just after two weeks wapinda. Famba nebhora Chamisa tine we.

  28. Joining the Rand Union will solve the cash crisis in 2 weeks??? Biti’s advice is myopic and dangerous!!

  29. Kkkkkk MDC clueless party failed to organize their leader’s funeral now they are making impossible promises kkkk

  30. farai nyausopo

    Watanga zvekumombe zviye futi zvekuti muridzi vebhora haasabhurwe anotora bhora rake.Iwe mwana iwe ka .Kuramwa hakubatsiri .Last time makaramwa vanhu vakangodhliwa zvakadero

  31. Cde Rusununguko Kwaedza

    Pamberi naChamisa! When MDC-T became part of the GNU the country recovered in less than hundred days.

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