Chamisa reaches out to Khupe

INTERIM MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa yesterday revealed that the opposition party had started the process of bringing underfire deputy president Thokozani Khupe to the negotiating table, to resolve their leadership wrangle and agree on the founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s successor.


Fierce succession fights have rocked the opposition party since Tsvangirai’s health condition took a nose dive in the past few weeks, culminating in his death last week.

Two rival camps headed by Chamisa and Khupe were jostling to take over the reins of power, although the Kuwadzana East MP has already received endorsements from various party organs.

MDC Alliance principals have also tipped Chamisa to stand as presidential candidate for the opposition coalition grouping, which comprises seven political parties.

Addressing journalists in Harare soon after the party’s standing committee meeting which Khupe and her allies boycotted, Chamisa expressed optimism that their leadership wrangle would soon be “a thing of the past”.

“Dr Khupe is a leader of this party, we are engaging her and there are processes we have deployed to make sure that we find each other,” he said.

“You may not see her now, but you must know that she is with us and there is a process that I have instructed and leadership requested me to kick-start that one so that we find each other. We are not going to go public about our internal processes, transparency is not nakedness,” he said, while refusing to divulge the mediation process.

“We want to move away from internal focus to external focus. We don’t want to internally focus on ourselves. You know that the misfortune of the departure of our giant, the icon, the founding father of democracy in Zimbabwe (Tsvangirai) is not an easy element and we are in a transition as a party and that transition is very smooth.

“It would have turbulences because we are flying, but that doesn’t mean the plane is crushing. There are no differences that I would say are catastrophic. We are reaching out, we are working out a programme to make sure there is rapport in the cockpit. There is understanding in the cockpit and that will be communicated at an appropriate stage.”

He said the matter regarding Khupe was beyond the leadership rivalry, as there were issues between her and the party regarding the MDC Alliance.

He said Khupe would speak for herself and give her position at an appropriate time.

But Khupe’s aide, Witness Dube, yesterday vowed that her boss would not set foot at the party’s Harvest House headquarters for the proposed negotiations, unless her security was guaranteed.

“With the amount of hate language being spewed from Harvest House, it will only take a platoon of special forces to secure Dr Khupe if she was going to make it in a meeting held there,” Dube said.

“Dr Khupe has raised her security concerns with all relevant stakeholders, but she has not received any assurances or commitment that she will be safe. Once stoned, once nearly burnt alive, twice shy. These are the consequences of not following the party constitution.”

On another note, Chamisa said they were still pursuing a grand coalition with other opposition alliances, including former Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s People’s Rainbow Coalition.

He said since the memorandum of understanding between Tsvangirai and Mujuru’s party still stood, he was geared to pursue it to its finality.

“Our view is that we must have a grand coalition of democrats, a grand strategy in terms of making a broad alliance possible,” he said.

“We hope to have one killer punch against dictatorship. This is no longer about Zanu PF and MDC-T it is about the national blow to dictatorship.”

Chamisa also took a dig at President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s 100-day rapid results programme, describing it as a monumental failure.

He said Mnangagwa’s first 100 days in office had nothing to show, evidence that the Zanu PF leader should be nowhere near power after this year’s elections.

Chamisa accused Mnangagwa of failing to turn around the economy, tame corrupt public officials, reform the electoral roadmap and improve the country’s human rights since he assumed power in November last year.

“Clearly, you can see that Mnangagwa is not fit for purpose. He is out of depth in terms of what must be delivered to the people of Zimbabwe at a technical and leadership level,” he said.

“We understand that he has been part of this system for the past 37 years and we have seen 100 days of the past 37 years. We have seen 100 days of the past failure, we have seen the replication of the old system and there is nothing new in terms of the politics, the leadership and the approach.”

Chamisa said they were also following with keen interest developments at the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission in a bid to have free and fair elections.


  1. Gukurume ReMasvingo

    If MDC T was to be asked to account for 20 days after Tsvangirai”s death, The Headlines will be SQUABBLES
    If Munangagwa is to give an account of first 100 days he will indicate to good dialogue with EU, acceptance of the new government not only by the regioal block but Europe and America, investment channels being opened, removal of hate speech

    1. What is 20 days to 37 years of plunder and murder,in its 20 days of independence Zanu pf was already ploting gukurahundi,MDC in its 20 days after the demise of its leader is naturally on a surmountable transition which is naturally characterised by internal squabbles.

      1. owen, it is never a good idea to think that nothing in total has not been done in 100 years, it is not a truthful saying. people value and appreciate and follow others for the truth they say. chamisa denigrates mnangagwa, he thinks he can be better, but all what he is saying are rethorics, no substance at all. noone has ever experienced what he is saying, its just empty promises witout value. he should take stock of himself, and you owen want people to believe that to takeover power outside the constitution is normal and acceptable, no, noone can buy that. to organise young people to fight on your side to achieve your purpose and accuse it on your competitor is untruthful. people see thta as a mockery to their intelligence. to call someone a “dissident”, does not sound natural but hate speech. mnangagwa is preaching love, chamisa is promoting hatred. today people speak out their minds without fear of the past, that is achievement we need to applaud.zimbabwe has opened up to all nations which was not possible in the past. so owen be truthful and do not spread malicious thoughts.

        1. Chamisa haana kubvuta masimba akapiwa masimba ne board council kubudikidza nekuti Khupe for the past 9 nine Presindent ari mupenyu akanga asinga batike zvino kana iro basa racho ringa shandwe here munhu ari muma blankets pakaitwa zvinhu zvekuti basa rifambire mberi iye Khupe why akanga asing attend ma meetng boss ari mupenyu,nhasi boss ofa woti ndine mukuru kunyangwe ini baba vorwara mukoma habatike ozobatika baba vafa voti izvi ndini anonyepa ndokuti dzoka kwavakanga uri.ko dai akanga asingade zve Allience airamba ari pane vamwe zvino gunungunu kwako vega aaah hazvishande.


    3. ED in 100 days, police killing people like chickens, bank crisis just like under RG, price skyrocketed, ZBC just a personal property which covers first lady and ED lying to the nation, no criminal element which they targeted has been convicted meaning basically no one has been found guilty since a man is innocent till found guilty. Even if they had kept RG things would have been like this because that’s the same direction we were going with RG. So ED has failed and I am not surprised because Zanu is class of professional failures and corruption e.g Obert telling us he cant answer to a committee because he has been a legislator since the 90’s

  2. They are done! Who can really take them seriously! My vote for them is gone!

  3. the chamisa camp has now realised that legally they will lose the succession race. please MDC practise the democracy you preach every day for starters in your house by going for an elective congress

  4. Zimbabweans have hard hearts,minds and don’t want to listern,thats why suffering continues.ED Mnangagwa is ZANU PF and this regime will no repent and the gangsters will keep on preserving what they have stolen,destroyed,killed and that legacy will be kept safe in their archives. ED and Zanu pf are not worried about Zimbabwe’s development because they have personally gained wealthy and ED have got stolen mines,farms and diamond mines in DRC. So why should he and his Zanu Pf party be bothered about the sufferings of the Zimbabwean Masses at large? Those Zanu pf supporters who got farms through patronage are dismally failing to change the monetary situation because they are all doing family subsistence farming only. How can Zimbabwe survive these messes Zanu pf government got us into? Let everyone stand up as we did during the war of liberation to free ourselves from bondage.United we will win this treble war against this dictatorship government.

  5. Democracy includes constitutionalism and Chamisa has perfectly adhered to that iwe munhu weZanu. While the rest of Zanoids are scared shit of him ,the rest of the nation is openly happy and rejuvinated,#nyikayeseirikufara

  6. Is Chamisa afraid of standing against the other players in the mdc as Mwonzora was saying. Go for those internal elections and use them as a clean founfation to fight the crocodile or else you will be its supper. Your coalition partners fighting in your corner have a questionable record.

  7. Comment…iwe khupe dzikama hatidi hunhu hwa grace hatinga mbotongwi nemukadzi ndizvo zvakakonzera kuti trump akunde mai clinton tingato vhotera mnangagwa kana iwe ukatungamira MDC zvingatova nani

  8. I’m not a tribalist or anything but I always thought Khupe’s vice presidency even though through congress was engineered as a tribal balancing act rather than true merit, just as it is always done in zanupf or government level, without necessarily implying that she goes on to inherit leadership of the party. We all know that in the event of Mugabe’s demise , neither Joshua or John Nkomo would have gone on to become zanupf leader under any circumstances & more recently Mphoko was actually chucked out of the party to make way for Mnagangwa despite he was acting president. That is the sad true reality on the ground

    1. Chamisa Chete Chete ,2018

      thats what I call politics ,well said and good analysisis

    2. Bulls eye. Khupe knows this but is playing on emotions of less enlightened supporters who believe she is genuinely advocating for adherence to constitution.

    3. concerned citizen

      Thats a good analysis, it was a tribal balancing and this nation should try to avoid such balances lets put leaders on merit regardless of tribe, colour and region. I think south africa is going strong through selecting leaders regardless of tribe. Look now their new leader comes from a minority Venda tribe. This practice is now haunting khupe who thinks she deserve to be there becoz she was voted but on ground she doesnt command a good following as compared to chamisa.

    4. You have a closed mind or regurgitate closed thoughts. Think outside your little box and broaden your mind.

  9. What democracy are you talking about young Chamisa. You send thugs to beat your opponents in the MDC but you talk of democracy. What human rights do you know when you want to burn Khupe alive, when Mwonzora, as secretary general in your party cannot be allowed to exercise his functions? What human rights do you know when you burn a hut to kill a snake knowing fully well that there are also children in the same hut. Inviting sanctions which hurt Zimbabweans is the same as burning a hut to kill a snake. You were in America with Biti to call for restoration of sanctions yet you pretend to care for Zimbabweans. ED has my vote.

    1. Chamisa for President 2018

      @anonymous you Zanoids are sick in the head majaira kutongwa neHARAHWA ,GIVE EVEIDENCE THAT NC sent thugs to beat up Thoko ,let Thoko submitt medical reports that he was beaten we dont have time for sympathy seekers like Thoko,Gutu,and Mwonzora,wake up and smell the coffee ,MDC is bigger than personal aspirations Deal with Fat Obert first before you comment on MDC issues
      Vedu vamakauraya vangani?????????

  10. Chamisa for President 2018

    In politics you dont have to cry like a baby ,Khupe you are a weak character only fit for a crocodile feast,get up and fight mhani iwe ,you are but just a cry baby politics is not for the faint hearted my Sister you have displayed more than enough traits to disqualify you as a brave cadre ,really ,nekuyema kwese uko can you stand against Ngwena never in a thousand years .
    pakuda varume apa Thoko step aside for reall men and ululate while Chamisa fight theese Zanoids.

    1. Her crime is having been voted by congress in 2014? Wanting to stick to the constitution? How many puppies on this forum even have a copy of the MDC constitution? Too much barking very little bite. Any political party with members or sympathisers who fight their SG need to learn politics 101.

    2. I pray you are not one of Chamisa’s advisors because if you are and with that kind of talk, you have already lost a big chunk of female voters whom you dont consider capable of being leaders.If you are prepared to kick women in the teeth to satisfy your male ego that is a danger warning to women. Chamisa must vet his supporters lest he be painted ignorant like them.

  11. What democracy do you know Chamisa when you don’t allow competition in MDC? What human rights do you know when you want to burn Khupe alive. The problem with the MDC is that they are like people who burn a hut to kill a snake but fully knowing that there are children also in that hut. How could they invite sanctions just to punish Mugabe and Zimbabweans when they could deal with Mugabe alone, exactly what ED did. Real opposition democrats are found in Kenya in the form of Raila Odinga, in Mozambique we have Dhlakama etc. They fight for their rights but have never invited sanctions against their own. ED has my vote.

  12. Anonymous, you must be suffering from advanced amnesia or some other mental disorder. In this article you despise Chamisa & say you’ll vote ED yet in the another article of same paper today you claim ED is no good & Chamisa has your vote on behalf of your children’s future, which is which

    1. Wezhira wezhara

      Wakafa pfungwa Eagle. Kuti Anonymous simply implies that I have not written my name or email hence several people can post their comments in that form.

  13. Wezhira wezhara

    Why are you suppressing my Comments ? Is this an MDC paper tirege kuri verenga? What human rights does Chamisa know when he wants to burn Khupe alive? What democracy does Chamisa ask for when he is not respecting his own party constitution?

    1. @wezhira and anonymous you are fools because there is no evidence of chamisa plotting to burn sympathizer alive but we have evidence of 3 guys who have been shot and dead in the so called 100 days of Mr ED and that’s the only results we saw from him,unlike uncle bob never let guns on the people, on daylight murdering. secondly meeting with EU n america doesn’t mean investor are coming here in Zimbabwe.

  14. Truly speaking, how on earth can someone say that Chamisa is afraid of standing against other players. Which other players are you refering to nhai Shaks? Who else can stand against Chamisa within MDC-T and survive? That young man is a darling of the masses. Opposition Alliance yakazviwona thats why vakmuisa pa forefront. They really know kuti he is an annointed leader of the people. To me i really think it would be a waste of time and resources for MDC-T to undertake an extra-ordinary congress, when everyone is very much aware that the majority is in favour of Chamisa. We do not need a Rocket Scientist or a prophet to prove that, because its a well known fact. 2018 elections in Zimbabwe are going to prove a point in the history of Africa. They are going to show the whole of Africa that the people are fed up of having gvts which are controlled by “old” people. We now desire youthful leaders who have contemporary solutions to modern-day issues affecting 21st Century Citizens. As for crocodile, truly we appreciate his service, but we are not satisfied, we need people with a brighter vision. Gone are the days when we would blindly vote for senior politicians. We now want fresh minds from young man who have practical solutions to real problems.
    Sir Mayaya.

  15. In Chamisa I see a young ‘Robert Gabriel Mugabe’, young, witty and power hungry. He will not cede power when the time comes. In Mnangagwa I see a wise old hand who has seen it all and if he does not give up power, nature will take its course.

    1. I hope by “nature” you also mean a soft coup?

      1. I mean death.

  16. Chamisa vapererwa, vakuda MAi Mujuru?. Kahunhu kako kekushora vakuru karegere if you want our vote. Why kushaudha Munangagwa panhamo ya Save?. Inga iwe vakapihwa respect wani na Ngwena. Zvimwe ndezvimwe, show respect. Presidential material uribe, zero

  17. tendai chaminuka

    Thoko if you agree to whatever is going to be given to you by Hitler Chamy it will show us that you were just power hungry and your cry was not for the constitutional correctness but for self egoism(whatever that means).If the truth be told they will use you to gain votes in the coming elections and dump you as soon as they manage to get their 42 % parliamentary seats.(as soon as they lose to ED).

  18. @Truth, Chamisa was defeated by Mwonzora during 2014 Elective Congress for the position of Secretary General despite his perceived popularity then and was reduced to a party card carrying member. In 2013 MDC T performed dismally during the elections when Chamisa was the Organizing Secretary of the party compared to Mudzuri fantastic performance during 2008 elections in the same capacity. It should not be the 40 years old age group and ability to address an election campaign rally with cheap stone age lies to the electorate about $15 billion US Government package, a claim refuted by US administration which should be the basis of appointing MDC T leader. MDC T should just hold elective Extraordinary Congress to elect their presidential candidate. Chamisa is with no doubt a very good orator given his exposure as a pastor and former student leader but a liar and ineffective to bring any value to MDC T and its alliance partners. The 18-40 years generation are not insane and will not buy into this garbage because so far there is nothing which Chamisa has achieved apart from name calling, paddling lies and power grab unconstitutionally. The biggest risk MDC T is facing is the ability of Chamisa to lie to a very literate generation who can analyse and make decisions, with votes likely to come from his directionless rogue youths. If Chamisa cannot respect the party constitution now, what guarantee does Zimbabwe have that the same tendencies will not be repeated when he is in power. He is manipulative just like Uncle Bob. I have no doubt that Chamisa is a greedy, selfish, dictator in the making and the traits are apparent. He does not have the party and nation at heart but just personal ego.

    1. Wezhira wezhara

      @2018 these are tangible facts you have outlined kwete avo vanongo vukura

  19. A stitch in time saves nine. Had they heeded to the public pleas this debacle would have been struck once and for all once it surfaced last year only that we buried our heads in the sand.Nonetheless, its not too late to go for a special congress and iron out all the underlying issues. Although he failed to draw a succession roadmap, Tsvangirai has kept this party intact for long and it would be monumental destruction to split it in this hour of need out of petty personal interests. Strict terms and conditions must be set where the resolutions of the congress would be taken as the true reflection of the will of the people and therefore final. Engaging in intra-party conflicts months to the general election. In my opinion, susequent party leadership should endorse one substantive VP with the power to take the people through the transition period and take over the reigns of leadership until elections are according to the Constitutional timeline. A crowded VP position is a recipe for party fallout. Let us try to salvage the party for posterity.


  21. The blind loyalty for Chamisa is amazing but not surprising. We always have amongst us people who don’t use their heads for thinking rationally. If he dies tomorrow then what?

  22. MESE mukuwawata bout constitution kana musingazive what MDC constitution ko kungonyarara instead of making yourself look like idiots. That same constitution gives power to national council to make decisions, this is a political issue not a law or constitution issue. Hanzi Chamisa akuramba congress, ndosaka ndamboti nyararai..pane paakambobuda achiramba, it’s not even his decision kudeedzera congress. That decision is also made by the national council who decided 3 months left to elections there is no time for congress, as the second highest decision making body they had to chose between the 3 leaders who would likely ganner support…and that was obvious. ana Khupe voda kuukura about hee constitutionhaiwawo nonsense mhani maZanu musatinyaudza pano

  23. chamisa ndizvoooo,whether coup or no coup ,whether he wins / not win ,he remains relevant in Zimbabwe political landscape, chokwadi chisingatengeswi..saka zvekutiudza kuti ED has my vote hatinei nazvo unogona kusatosvika wafa ne vote yako ..

    1. Wezhira wezhara

      @Tariro unofunga neshure. Why do you wish some people dead? And why do you think you will be alive by the next election when you are not God? Whether uri muSatanist you have no power because inenge iri nguva yaMwari ukaona paanotendera kuti uvuraye someone. Shame on you

  24. voting for chamisa is like publicly taking mugabe back to state house ,pliz this guy haangaiti president anobva kana asvika 37 years ,pliz vhurai maziso muone, ED endai mberi nebasa pamwe ndimi muchawana vote yangu

  25. All you people commenting in this article,i have head all your comments, so who is good Chamisa’s MDC ,ED and his Zanu pf Party and government that have totally destroyed Zimbabwe into a totally junk state without money,killing Dzamara and other family member bread winners and bulldozing properties which others took more than 4 years to be build? Are you saying Zanu pf has the right to destroy anything and kill people who doesn’t support their evilness as a way of good governance? What good do you people want from Zimbabwe because i understand that the world is looking for implemented reforms from ED and his Zanu pf party? Zimbabwe has never been run by a civilian government,but by soldiers as undercover civilians.What do you want you people?

  26. Hmmm nyc points Doc well articulated , vamwe unotowona kuti politics adzizikanwi from top comments , its just argument for da sake of it kkkkk kungoita hoviyo chete vasina kuregister kuvhota , Isu hedu tirikuisa Chamisa ku state house we registered voters, ivo vachingoti hee ngwena hee khupe , .Shungu dze politics tii ,but chipo hapana, ZEAL WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE

  27. Matebele Warrior- Chamisa is our leader

    Did mnangagwa and chiwenga follow the constitution?Some of you Zanu people have a big problem of having bottled and carbonated minds.Some say the true opposition is in kenya and Moza , but i say these countries they fight physical armed wars not opposition politics.A wise man would have said South Africa.

    1. tendai chaminuka

      @Matebele Warrior your MDC MP’s including Advocating Chamisa failed to uphold the constitution of Zimbabwe Chapter 5 Part 2 97.1.D by failing to exercise their powers which is in itself abuse of office.They intentionally renegaded that right nekuti vaidya necondition yaMugabe.Chaigonekwa kuvukura pamarallies kuti Mugabe achembera without taking any appropriate action.The security sector realised that Mugabe had become a security risk and did what was in their rightful means imi nemaadvocates enyu muchidya mari dzemahara muAugust House

  28. Chamisa ndizvo.We are behind you

  29. We are behind you Chamisa.GO CHAMISA GO

  30. Zanus your minds are not well, you were given farms,but you are doing subsistence farming that only benefits your families.Zimbabwe’s economy is basically driven from agriculture and mining,so how can zimbabwe have monies and get development when your subsistence farming is providing no coffers to your zanu pf government? We don’t people who only think for themselves,how about others,are we not all zimbabweans? All zanus are evil doers.

  31. wainzwa tsvangi achitaura vakomana fambai gwara rimwe Chammy famba famba dzamara tatora nyika yedu

  32. mese mukungotukana asi apana kana 1 anozivikanwa na chamisa, khupe or Ed vacho…..lets go and vote takanyarara….. adyiwa akaura…tsvagai mabasa

  33. anogerwa ndiye aripo ende ane bhora ndiye anomakwa ane mbiri ndiye anotengeseka uotenga ani Messi na Tsipa
    Chamisa chibaba chenyuchi madam Khupe makabuda kare mu Morgan Developed Chamisa 9 months mamuripi kana mwana
    wacho wemakabara aripi

  34. This is UDL by Nelson Chamisa. UDL stands for Unilateral Declaration of Leadership. This party is supposed to be the movement of democratic change (MDC) yet Nelson is doing the opposite. An inauspicious start by Nelson after the death of Morgan Tsvangirai.

  35. Real Change Luver

    Uyo arikuzviti Anonymous anobvepiko asingazive chinonzi coup. Coup ndiyo yakarohwa newako we 100 days of travelling all over Africa and Europe for spei that will never come. We want food on the table, jobs, money in banks, a police force inoziva kuti munhu haisi shiri yekungopfura nepfuti pawadira….. As for khupe grace na Eriza are examples. ED ngaachenjere betrayal frm Auxilia…

  36. As Zimbabwean, let our politics be issue based and not tribal or blind support of a particular political party. ED has been part of government for the past 37 years and I think people have a right to be skeptical about his trajectory given this background. But then on the other hand, it is difficult to really judge someone’s capacity who has been under the armpit of one domineering, dictatorial, self-centered and self opinionated autocratic ruler such as Robert Mugabe. Personally, I would give him a chance to be his own man and see whether he has the capacity to lead the Zimbabwean dream. One of his costly mistakes has been to appoint one Obert Mpofu, who is widely viewed, rightly or wrongly, as corrupt and kleptomaniac. he has to come clean on that.

    Regarding Chamisa…he is young and hardworking fellow who has recently made himself into a lawyer and pastor. He has been in the thick of things for a very long time and he has potential for youth appeal. However, his main problem is that he is still rooted in student politics mode, very good at throwing hilarious jibes at opponents that make Mukadota green with envy, but when all the dust is settled he is just hollow on policy and national strategy. I just saw his video on ED’s 100 days in office, it was all critical but with no solution or alternative development trajectory being proffered. His only suggestion on what he will do when he gets into power is “we will recognize ZANU PF as the official opposition”. Period. I think for Chamisa and his party to win fence sitters ( and there are lots of them) they need more depth when it comes to policy issues. he also needs to sanitise his appointment which is perceived by opponents as a power grab (just like ED) by going for an elective congress. If he wine, Bingo, he has a clean image. He should also desist from hiring tribalist goons to intimidate his opponents who express different views. The issue is MDC T cannot go to an election with an Acting President, they need a substantive one and hence the need for an elective congress.

    I haven’t made up my mind, but whoever addresses the above shortcomings will have me on his side of the fence

  37. Comment…Well spoken guys,just be holy n righteous and pray for all leadership,pray for Zimbabwe n all it’s ppl,NAVATUNGAMIRI VAVE NENDURAMO(righteousness),dnt scold each other,jus drive yo point home,love yu all.

  38. @middlemen point taken that’s the only solution to Zimbabwe’s problems

  39. 100 days cannotbe successfull if Mudede(73) is still a civil servant.

  40. #NELSONHASmyvote

    Avo vonongoti Khupe kupe kupe kupenga here, kukupa dhamu rinengwena here?Isu tongoziva Chamisa chete chete

  41. Chamisa yes you need Thoko for continuity sake

  42. The truth of the matter is all Ndebele Leaders in whichever part in Zimbabwe you are being used. even appointed to a deputy president post these shona people will not accept being by any Ndebele person. You better form a strong United regional part with no sellouts. shonas are too tribalist to be ruled by a Ndebele person. unite in Mthwakazi part and say your things in one voice.

  43. Comment…anonymous and wezhira makangofanana nehuku kana gudo engaging. that’s why vanhu vachizorohwa manhi unenge wakunzwa hasha kuti munhu uyu anofunga nemukosho here or njere hamutorina zvamo. for the past 37 years plus hundred days uchingorohwa ne1 style. zanu pf is there to protect what they stole period. imbavha, they have farms business buildings and they know if they lose audit will prove they stole a lot. that’s what u are supporting. let Chamisa and mdc get their chance it’s just 5 years. we have had 37 years of suffering zvichinzi rambai makashinga and u and people like you support that. pliz dnt show your insensitivity in public or is it stupidity. Or u are not stupid u are benefiting too. right now u can’t be comparing munangagwa and Chamisa because whatever happed to th mdc for th past 100 days does not affect you at all but what munangagwa did will and is affecting u coz he is president of the country. whatever he does affects th who country and so far it’s nothing. obert mpofu is stil minister and zbc is still a zanu pf propaganda machine. do u want them to chop off your hand to show you that these guys are old devils and they dnt give a fat about anybody but themselves. havakudii vanhu ava. all they care about is sending their kids abroad for medication and education.

  44. Chamisa uses primitive, vindictive and violent strategies when dealing with rivals. When he grabbed power he barred Mudzuri from entering Harvest House and he further unleashed violence on Khupe, Mwonzora and Bhebe using same barbaric strategies of unleashing rogue youths to instill fear into opponents (1990’s primitive student political strategies) during Save’s burial. As a pastor and preacher Chamisa loves to hear sound of his own empty words and lies ($15 billion US rescue package saga) and never wants to hear any other ideas other than his and thinks he is the fountain of everything when it comes MDC T leadership and direction, in fact he thinks MDC T is now his personal project. Like what he did in 2013 when he was organizing secretary,he will impose his puppets who will hero worship him like a semi- God for parliamentary elections. This will be high risk for MDC T and alliance partners, losing 2018 elections will be inevitable. MDC Alliance need realistic sustainable national programmes which can convince the electorate going forward and not cheap lies and hate name calling being peddled to the literate and intelligent (18-40 age group which constitute 60% of registered voters) electorate by this so called most popular MDC alliance Presidential candidate. MDC T strategies used 20 years ago are completely irrelevant and sunk now, the landscape has changed.

    1. guys a lot has happened since 2014 ,chamisa rose to be a rubble rouser.lets not base facts with who won elections in 2014,2018 is chamisa’s year.Panhamo dzaTsvangirai 750 000 pple attended and you expect chamisa to be accountable for everyone at the funeral?The regime has a history of infiltrating on such mdc gatherings.Khupe is a mature politician who should have tabled her grieviances at Harvest house.

  45. Comment…Madhara edu madzimbo kumaruva vanotaura zvakaora kuty Chamisa haana kurwa hondo.. vanoda munhu akarwa hondo shit dzevanhu ndebvu dzachena sembava dze hwai kufarira mota dzamakapihwa mahara vechidiki tichitambura …Zanu PF Yakakonewa kare tibvirei pamberi na Chamisa mkomana wechidiki…

  46. Comment..we want acountry with good democracy,MR CHAMISA .

  47. Comment…zanu pf is a group of people who through corruption have gained ‘gains of independence ‘ multiple farms, buildings, companies etc while the rest of us safer. when they compain they are asking you to help them keep their ill gotten wealth. they dnt give a fart about any of us. to them we are just means to an end. so if someone like Chamisa wins there will be an aaudit kuti how many farms do u have, how did u come to have this tall building etc they dnt want that, and will do their best not to let that happen. pliz dnt help these thieves. we are suffering because of them. vote them out and Zimbabwe not zanu pf will move forward.

  48. Comment…model 2008 iripofuthi ukangovhotera chamisa tokumamisa tikutsvaga vanoti chamisa ivavo torova hatidi ngochani

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