3 ex-top cops implicated in immigration scandal

SUSPENDED Zimbabwe Immigration workers revealed in Parliament yesterday that three former Zimbabwe Republic Police assistant commissioners now deployed to head Immigration Department were allegedly corrupt, taking bribes and engaged in sexual harassment of female workers.


The three — Givemore Charamba (now director of operations in Immigration), Steven Museki (director administration) and Clemence Masango (principal director) — were described by the workers as “having joined Immigration from the police wearing sun-scorched suits and residing at Chikurubi Police Camp, but now own mansions in the affluent suburbs of Waterfalls, Damofalls and the Grange”.

The workers, who were suspended since 2013 for standing up against the three, had appeared before the Magna Mudyiwa-led Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Public Service, where they told MPs they had resorted to reporting their case to Parliament after then Home Affairs ministers, Kembo Mohadi (now Vice-President), Ignatius Chombo and now Obert Mpofu failed to address it.

“All our efforts to report the corrupt activities by the three came to naught, and before the coming in of Mpofu as Home Affairs minister we sought the help of former First Lady Grace Mugabe through her secretary, but nothing materialised, as we hoped that Grace would take up the matter to former President Robert Mugabe,” Immigration workers’ representative Nkosana Mthunzi narrated to MPs.

“The major stumbling block was Home Affairs secretary Melusi Matshiya, who gets hypnotised by his subordinates, and inferences are that he is very much part of the gravy train,” Mthunzi said.

Serious allegations were levelled against the three to the effect that they were taking up to $10 000 bribes per week to protect illegal immigrants of Pakistani, Nigerian, and Chinese origin. The committee was told that some of the affected foreign nationals were even willing to appear before Parliament to testify.

The three bosses were said to be well-connected to top politicians and whenever their corrupt activities were reported, they just went scot free.

Two females, Sheila Moyo and Emily Mupeti, who also appeared before the committee broke down in tears as they narrated how Museki sexually harassed them, and after they rejected his advances, they were suspended since 2017. There were other serious allegations that two water tanks donated for border posts were instead taken by Museki and mounted at his two houses owned by his two wives.

The committee heard that there were several cases of female workers impregnated by the Immigration bosses, and other bosses fingered for corruption were Admire Makani, Godfrey Kondo, Prosper Kambarami, Francis Mabika and Evans Siziba.

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  1. tendai chaminuka

    The committee heard that there were several cases of female workers impregnated by the Immigration bosses.In the first instance menge mawana basa nekuziva basa here or nekuziva boss.Coz if you have the right qualifications why being abused.If ED could tell his boss a President for that matter to square up what of a director kana kaGeneral Manager.Know your rights

  2. The rot is so deep it cannot be uprooted at this peace.

  3. Sivukile Mlambo

    Immigration Rot Should be Investigated

    The case of the 3 Senior Operatives at the Immigration Department who are allegedly being accused of corruption and female sexual harassment can not go un-investigated and the accused if found guilty, unpunished.

    That the 3 are former Police assistant commissioners means that they are aware of the consequences of their actions when it comes to the long arm of the law.

    If the new Government is Serious about tackling corruption and sweeping the chaff of the old system that they replaced, then corrective measures should be taken and the accused suspended to pave way for investigations.

    Issues of bribe taking and sexual harassment need not be swept under the carpet, for this erodes not only the public but also investor confidence. This is fundamental for our country to start developing and for the International Community to realize that, the new dispensation surely means business when it comes to not tolerating corruption, theft and abuse of office.

    Parliamentary Portfolio Committees should be taken seriously and this can only happen if action is taken against those fingered in reports to these Committees. That employees can be suspended since 2013 without bringing finality to their cases speaks volume of a system that is both dysfunctional and rotten to the core.

    The Presidency and Cabinet should be seized with this issue and they should not only be seen to be doing something but should make sure that justice is served.

    By looking the other way, the Executive will be giving a thumps up sign to a system that they are purporting to have replaced. For it is said “the only thing necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.

    Thank you

  4. It is simply too hard to believe that a convicted for theft criminal Godfrey Kondo has found his way into the department of immigration and , with full knowledge of his superiors, continued his criminal activities. Is the immigration not part of the ministry of home affairs? How can we expect foreigners to abide by our laws when convicted criminals employed by the very ministry which supposed to be enforcing the laws of the land.

  5. This is Ken Sharpe here. I am an executive chairman of West Property Company and Augur investments situated in Harare. My companies have built an amaising and high quality airport road in Harare. It is fantastic. We are currently building the wonderful Mall of Zimbabwe in Borrowdale.
    The accusations against my good friends Evans Siziba, Godfrey Kondo and Prosper Kambarami are totally without any merit. I have known them for a long time and they are my “go to” contacts at the department of immigration. They have helped me and my colleagues with various immigration related matters numerous times , all totally legal and above the board, of course.

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