$1m up for grabs in Magaya talent show

PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries founder, Walter Magaya and his company Planet Africa have put up $1 million for the top prize in a new talent search show.


The auditions for the inaugural African Talent Show, to be run through Magaya’s Yadah Television, are set for this Saturday from 7am to 12 midnight at his hotel in Waterfalls, Harare.

The auditions will then spread to other parts of the country and beyond the borders.

“African Talent Show seeks to identify and promote hidden African talent. We must start with singing and dancing, then we go to other talents. It must not only be for Zimbabwean participants, it is supposed to be African participants,” Magaya says in a promotional video.

“It is not my money that I will be using. The partners that I have secured said whoever wins the competition will get a million.”

According to a promotional video of the talent show, auditions for the first season of the show will later be beamed live on Yadah Television and DStv channel 281 every Tuesday and Thursday starting in June.


  1. If money abused by churches is put into investment drive with corrupt free society we will catch up with Rwanda in one year. I have no problem with dancing and singing but seriously do we a grow an economy by singing and dancing, i know dancers will be after me but this is a fact.

    1. Tsvaga yako mari woita zvaunoda nayo.Kana wakuti mari yaabuzwa nemachurch unorevei iwe munhu ?Arts its an industry ine potential to generate millions,saka usafunge zvakapusa kudaro.

      1. @Jethro kunyange ini handizivi asi izvi zvikuitwa naMagaya hazviszvo according to the Bible. Magaya is not working and its obvious mari idzi imari dzeChurch dzakataurwa mu Bible kuti ngadzipiwe chirikadzi nenherera uye kuvaka imba yamwari izvi zvikuitwa he is turning mari yechurch for personal use because hazvisi zvechurch look machurch vana Rome vane mari vakavaka mamission schools zvipatara Zaoga ine Univeristy ine ma churches etc ndozvinofana kuitwa nemachurch not kuti Magaya otora mari yechurch kuita mabhizimisi. Kusangongwarao hedu kwedu isu vanhu vatema asi mabatirwe anoitwa basa nanaMagaya anotaura zvakawanda kumnhu anoverenga Bible

  2. ZIMRA must tell us how much are they collecting from Magaya because this abuse of tithing and offerings must be stopped.

  3. this is wonderful promoting African talent

  4. I have nothing against singing and dancing but what l think PHD could have done was setting up a million dollar fund to help innovative startup companies.We have innovative ideas here in Zimbabwe which can help grow the economy but we are lacking funding.You should seriously look into that.

  5. for what ,hauzvizive kuty nyika ikatora ma earnings ekuchurch its illegal here

  6. # vembuya.
    Dancing & singing is not a sin or a crime..These dancers & singers are needed in the society,because
    that is what it is the whole world..The bible mentions dancing & singing saveral times
    Miriam sang after crossing the red sea..David sang to calm Souls madnesss,, David was also a dancer.. we can go on and on..but for now we can just start to sing for you
    Vembuya to calm your madness.

  7. Mind PHD is not a church its a ministry open ur eyes and dont waste ur time tsvagai mwari achawanikwa not miracles

  8. And after all it is Magaya’s right to put his money in any feiled he desires , so i don’t see any problem here.

    1. its not his money imari yechurch Magaya anoshanda kupi? Kana achiita zvamwari mari yezvagumi haisi yemuporofita ndeyechurch saka handizivi mari yamunoti yaMagaya kuti ndeipi

      1. iwe wabaiwa neyi

  9. I heard that the PHD leader is running businesses and recently one of our cabinet ministers visited one of the mineral processing plant set up by VaMagaya surely it can’t be all about church money let us be rational guys and not use feelings always.

  10. Magaya you are a star help the talent.Hazvidi mafeelings paitwa chakanaka lets just learn to appreciate.He is giving back to the community with is very good.Dont hate Magaya for nothing.Zimbabwe has got Talent and its hidden Magaya ita basa rako.People are always they to talk since talk is cheap.

  11. Thanks Mukoma Walter

  12. Chirikadzi nenherera dzapera here even in the PHD itself??? Kunamata kwazvokwadi ndiko kufambira chirikadzi nenherera nevari mutirongo and meet their needs kwete kupambadza mari kune vanoda havo zvekutamba. We hev Jairos Jiri and other charity homes who are in dire need of a hand. Wake up!!!!!

  13. Tasha Ruponeso

    Mucharamba muchingorwadziwa> Magaya will stop at nothing. You can talk until you choke

  14. Tasha Ruponeso

    Thanks Prophet for promoting talent. Next time its $5 million
    Hazvirambidzwe. Asina ndeyekwake

  15. Magaya is a smart thief.Even akapa Mari kunherera so long iri Mari yekutora muvanhu in the name of Jesus that robbery

  16. Comment…magaya like others like bushiri ;;ubert ;; makandiwa ; and many other false prophets they are just cunning conman traditional healers in designer suits who use feigned words to merchandise the naive they build empires through diabolic powers they get from Bermuda triangle via Ghana through the fetish priest Nana kwakwa botsam

    the man is not cheap he sacrificed his soul to Satan to acquire world possession


    1. You seem to know a lot,, I guess you are part of the crew

  17. Zvenyuzvakohazvirehwimaivepi Mazivazvangumhakayakora

    Comment…Ndivanaani mashare holder ePlanet Africa. Mari yechegumi imari yechegumi, uye inofanirwa kushanda zvechegumi. Kana arikuita zvakachena, aiwaka, Jehovah ndivo vanoziva. Isu venyama tomboringa nemeso nekuti, ZVIUYA ZVIRIMBERI.

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